God 14 was successfully launched, what should I do with menstruation?Will the space environment affect fertility

On June 5, 2022, Shenzhou No. 14 manned spacecraft launched a launch. The 6 -month -old astronauts who went to space for 6 months were Chen Dong, Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe.

Liu Yang’s name must be no stranger to everyone. She is the first female astronaut in China. She stayed in space with Shenzhou 9 in space for 14 days in 2012.This time she entered space again and got everyone’s encouragement and blessings, but many people were worried about her: this time I will live in space for so long. What should I do during this period?

Throughout the history of world aerospace, you will find that the number of male astronauts is much more than the number of female astronauts. Until now, the proportion of female astronauts occupy is only one -tenth.Female astronauts boarded space and had experienced a long process in space for a long time.

At the beginning, astronauts around the world are basically men. One of the reasons is that men’s strength and physical fitness are better than girls, but the main reason is that the level of science and technology at that time could not guarantee that women were in the level of science and technology at that time.No danger occurs during the holiday.At that time, American scientists believed that once the menstrual period could not be discharged or inverse, it would enter the pelvic and abdominal cavity, causing various inflammation.These inflammation on the planet is nothing to do, but in space, this is fatal in space.

Female uterus

The first female astronaut in the world was Valo Jingna Gleshko from the former Soviet Union. In 1963, she performed a 3 -day task in space.However, even with "the first person to eat crabs", the number of female astronauts has not increased significantly.From the perspective of scientists at that time, the problem of women’s holidays was still not resolved. The short -term space mission could be delayed to postpone the regular vacation through oral contraceptives, but the long -term task could not help.Moreover, cultivating a astronaut is very difficult for the country. It takes a lot of time and money after layer selection. If it delays the menstrual damage to the astronaut’s body due to the delay in taking contraceptives, it will be worth it.

The world’s first female astronaut

But later, people discovered in the process of training a large number of female astronauts that the impact of menstruation on the astronauts was not great, because the endometrium of women’s menstrual hemorrhagic uterine was falling off and and some other hormones with the process of discharging the body with some other hormones.It is part of the blood circulation.And even in the heavy space, the blood circulation system in the astronaut’s body will not be affected.Therefore, menstrual blood can be discharged normally, and there is no return problem at all.

After this problem was resolved, a large number of female astronauts appeared on space to realize their dreams.In 1983, American astronaut Sally Ride entered space and had a holiday in space.At that time, she carried 100 sanitary cotton strips, and in the end, half left.Sally used actual actions to prove to the world that women can work normally in space when menstruation is still in space.

Sanitary cotton strip

Even if the blood can be discharged normally, menstruation has been proven, and menstruation will still have some impact on female astronauts.

First of all, the resources in space are very limited, and water must be recycled, including urine.Human urine will be re -used into "pure water" after special treatment, and when the female astronauts come to the toilet, the urine will bring blood in the urine, so that there is no way to recycle it.Therefore, the female astronauts cannot use the special toilets in the space during the holidays of the women’s astronauts to go to the toilet, and they can only wear diapers.

Secondly, women are not suitable for walking in space when menstruation comes, so they can only try to avoid "space stroll."In general, women astronauts can be said to have made a great sacrifice in order to enter space.

In order to ensure the successful completion of the mission of women’s astronauts, my country Aerospace Administration prepared enough personal products for them, set up separate bathrooms to ensure privacy, and even brought foods such as red dates.This made the female astronauts feel very warm and expressed that they must successfully complete the task and live up to the expectations of the country and the people.

Symbols in space

In the early days of the women’s astronauts, there is always a saying that radiation in space will affect the level of people’s ovarian and hormone levels. After the female astronauts enter the space, they may not be able to get pregnant again. This is really true.?

In fact, this statement is completely nonsense. The former Soviet Union’s first female astronauts, Valley Jingna Grees, mentioned above.I gave birth to a healthy baby.Liu Yang, who is about to perform the task this time, was also married and had children after "Space Travel" in 2012. She once told the outside world that her children were very healthy.

Space causes radiation to genes

In fact, even on the earth, people will be affected by different doses of radiation every day. Various electronic products and sun have radiation, CT and other medical examinations such as more radiation, but no people can see a few people who cannot have fertility because of radiation.EssenceMoreover, the material of the spacecraft is very special and can be radiated across the vast majority, so we don’t have to worry about it.

Some people may say that female astronauts are so troublesome to work in space and face so many problems, so why do they have to be women?Isn’t it all men?

Of course, women have advantages in many aspects of work in space.The estrogen content in women is much higher than that of men, and the metabolism of trace elements is better, which is more suitable for long -term space survival than men.

Moreover, even on the ground, it pays attention to a "men’s and women’s matching, not tired of work".Task.In the process of space lectures in the past, the importance of female astronauts also reflected.They have good ability to express their ability to introduce various scientific knowledge to children more vividly. They are vivid and interesting to let the children happy to listen.

Therefore, female astronauts are indispensable.As the great leader, Chairman Mao once said, "Women can top half of the sky", one more respectful and less prejudice is what we should do.

Liu Yang once said a word: "Space will not reduce its threshold because of the arrival of women, and the space environment will not take special care of you because you are a woman." It is also this sentence that supports her to walk through one and againA difficult training, through rounds of selection, eventually became the first female astronaut in the history of Chinese space, showing the powerful power of women.

Of course, whether it is male or female, every astronaut is competing for glory for the country, and it deserves our 100 % respect.

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Author: Yu Wen Audit: Lao Yang School Manuscript Editor: Li Zi

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