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Gu Yan reunited.

On the day of my classmate party, I fainted. The story is purely fictional and has no bad guides.I smiled and explained to drink too much.The classmates retracted their eyes and asked me if my ex -husband ’s college needs to introduce my girlfriend?The ex -husband stared at me, and his wife was dizzy.I can be jealous.Three years of graduate squad leader organized a class of classmates, and those who stayed in the capital must participate.I have always sneered at this kind of compulsive and voluntary group activities, and I couldn’t hold the squad leader to benefit me a lot when I was in college.He came forward to invite me in person, and I was not good at him.There was no way that I was forced to reunite with my ex -husband after the flash marriage and divorce.

That’s right, my ex -husband is my college classmate, and also the grass that our school is fascinated by countless girls.I didn’t say nothing when I was in college, but I didn’t say more than 10 sentences.So no one could think of we graduated from college and went to the west, and even unexpectedly married.Today, three years have passed since we got married, and just two months ago we just received a divorce certificate, ending this marriage like classmates.

In fact, the moment I promised the class leader to attend the classmate gathering, I did not think that I would meet the intention. After all, when I was in college, I was famous for the high -necked Chinese.People dare to approach at will.No one thinks it will appear at the classmate gathering.So when he pushed open the box door, he laughed and apologized to everyone that the whole world was quiet when he was late.I sat in the corner and fell on the figure that deliberately calmed down.

With a little doubt, how could he come to a classmate party?In the new year, he will also start new people.Like me, they are shocked and happy to surround the same people as me.

The sensation caused by the school’s flowers in the flowers of the Gaoling flowers is more enthusiastic than what I think.But just right, it is convenient for me to reduce my sense of existence.After all, I haven’t done well yet. I was ready to meet my ex -husband as soon as I divorced. I deliberately surrounded the crowd and found a place to sit down.I drank a glass of grape juice and curled myself in the shadow.The night is really late, and it is almost midnight, and the classmates have actually entered the end.I silently calculated the time in my heart, and when the time came, the crowd disappeared, and I would never discover my trace.

And what does Murphy say, what are you afraid of?Although I shrink outside the crowd because of intentional arrival, the box itself is not large, and it has fallen clearly into my ears.

I heard someone deliberately ridiculed the grass, and deliberately seemed to laugh gently. I could not help but concentrate and listen to his answer.The accident was caught off guard.I just heard a word of my word when I heard it. I suddenly felt a while in the stomach, and I stood up without preparing.

In the eyes of everyone’s surprised eyes, they ran into the bathroom with their mouths flying their mouths, and picked up my hand washing the pool and vomiting for a long time. I suddenly remembered that it seemed two months ago when I came to my aunt.The first night, he seemed to have become a personal paranoia.But that day we took measures that day. After that, I was busy dealing with divorce. I changed my job in various things, and my physical condition was hard to achieve that time I won the bid.Put your right hand unconsciously on your belly.I looked at my figure in the mirror a little blankly. No wonder I always have no appetite recently, especially the water.What should I do?I looked at the panic in my heart and washed my face calmly out of the bathroom. The eyes of my classmates fell on me, including intentional.Even if I want to hide my existence now, I can’t hide it.I received the eyes of everyone’s worries and smiled generously at them.It’s a bit uncomfortable to drink too much wine, don’t care about me, you continue.The village chief confirmed my physical condition a few times, and I repeatedly said that it was much more comfortable.Then he took the grape juice in front of me and turned back to the lively chat.This time, in addition to Bai Shui, even if Bai Shui was gone, I sighed helplessly, and I forced myself to ignore the intentional burning eyes.Raise my hand and pour my cup of hot water.I just worked for a while, and it seemed to have been familiar with them. I knew it for 3 years with him for 3 years.It is indeed an old age, but if he wants to chat with you, he can make you more comfortable than anyone.Just like a few boys now patted his shoulders in a deliberately rest.What’s wrong with the grass.If your girlfriend really doesn’t want you, you can’t really get a lifetime?I laughed intentionally, and my eyes were still locked on me.I heard my eyes down and I heard that he couldn’t speak, and my wife began to faint.I will be jealous when I hear this.The scene was silent for 2 seconds.The box was exploded after 2 seconds.I raised my head scattered and hit the deliberate eyes in the bottom of my eyes. There was a little less obvious smile on the corner of my mouth, cope with the various shocks and interests from the surroundings.

Instantly panic: As soon as the fingers of the cup shook, the tea spilled on my skirt.I also slightly discussed the tea, and touched my chaotic thoughts back to reality.I stood up suddenly from my seat, a little panicked to take the paper towels to wipe the water stains.The squad leader hurried to me.I worry about helping me correct the cup. What’s wrong with you?Does it matter?Is it hot to Mo?I opened my mouth and found that my voice was shaking, and I quickly kissed my throat twice.This is okay to calm down.

I was a bit tired to work overtime today. I wiped my body with paper, my fingers pinched my ring unconsciously, holding a smile, and I was embarrassed to everyone.It’s fun to get together next time.

After speaking, I couldn’t care about everyone in a round of greetings, picked up the bag I brought today, and hurriedly left.It wasn’t until I left the hotel and came to the street. The cool night breeze brushed my hot cheeks, and I felt a little calm.Tonight starts from the intention of suddenly appearing in classmates, things will develop in the direction of something.I deliberately acknowledged that I had been married in public once, and he looked at my eyes. I stood a little blankly on the side of the road and subconsciously supported my belly.I’m not sure where is there really a new life, but deep in my heart, I can’t ignore, there is a very hidden look.I stood quietly on the side of the road. I seemed to have thought a lot in my head for a while, and I seemed to have nothing to think about it for a while.I don’t know how long it has been, a smooth footsteps came behind me, and I subconsciously turned my head just to deliberately sink. He wore a lightweight jacket today.EssenceI opened my mouth and looked at him.However, until he walked in front of me quickly, I didn’t find a word that could be said, and deliberately stared slightly. On the handsome face, there was no guest in the box.The ex -husband.When we came to the side of the road face to face, no one could speak to break the silence. Just when I felt that I could no longer stand this atmosphere, I finally spoke.He seemed helplessly sighed, took out a car key from his pocket, and looked at me calmly. Let me take you home.I took a step back subconsciously, shook my head and refused to use it. I just took a taxi and went back.He seemed to be uncomfortable with my rejection, and slightly surprised his lips.I reached out and grabbed the bag on my shoulder and lowered my head to look at his eyes.After graduating from the intention of intentional universities, I have interspersed because of some things. In a sense, he is my benefactor.So after getting married, I followed him most of the time. I deliberately was a lawyer. His job was very busy, and we did n’t have much time to get along after marriage. Including divorce later, he just signed a name and hurriedly walked away.It’s right.I want to come and feel that his behavior tonight is particularly abnormal. It seems that I was watching me intentionally. I didn’t look up, and I didn’t know what he thought. I took a sigh of breath, and I pressed my complicated emotions.If my mother is okay, I leave first. Do n’t drive to find a driving on behalf of the driving.After speaking, I don’t want to see him, and turn around and plan to go.However, I suddenly pulled my arm intentionally. I stopped and felt that my heartbeat seemed to show a row. His low voice carried the night breeze and gently passed into my ears.Infected.I almost heard a gentle taste in his voice.I did n’t drink and drink grape juice today.I was slightly frustrated, but I didn’t expect him to notice this, and he deliberately pulled my arm and didn’t put it.I didn’t hold back my head to look at him, but I didn’t expect to see an accident on his face.He seems to be considering the sentence. Senior lawyers who can argue in the court will also have hesitation when he is hesitant to speak. I watched his familiar face, and he felt that he was very abnormal today.I have never seen the side.If the truth is to be deepened, I am afraid that it is inseparable from this not know why?My ex -husband is different from the usual side.This idea appeared, and deliberately tightened my strength.He was tangled for a while, and in the end, he just said a word softly and asked me to send you home.I looked at him a little unexpectedly, I don’t know if it was my illusion.I seemed to hear a trace of mercy from his tone. I hesitated how to speak my lower lip, and I can see it from the box upstairs.If we pull it for too long, they will doubt it, and they will say my concerns at once.I gently farewell to my hair, hiding the complexity of my eyes through the cover of gestures.It was really the intention that was always calm and calm. I just thought he was showing weakness, and it was really ridiculous.I still took my arm intentionally, looking at me quietly, I worshiped in his eyes, and helplessly sighed and let go of me.After deliberately hearing that the muscles were obviously relaxed, squatting behind him went to the parking lot, it was easy to see the SUV I was extremely familiar with.I deliberately opened the door of the co -pilot. I sat up in the light car, and the co -pilot was on the things I put here before. I went to the mountains that I asked him to get in and out of the safe sac.Strive in case of various fragmented small pieces.I had already started the car on the driver’s seat. I tied my seat belt and led my lips. I couldn’t help asking what he meant.When he looked like this, the divorce certificate in my family was actually fake, and I didn’t ask me the address, but it was very accurate to the direction of my house.I was puzzled, but at the same time, I felt that there was no need to go to asks too much, and I always looked at what he looked like now.You told me that divorce is just a dream of mine. I have to believe it lightly. I simply don’t look at those familiar things.When I was just on the side of the road, I felt like there were a lot of words to tell me, but when he really got on the car, he pursed his lips and said nothing.Seeing that there was still a distance from my house, I started to be a little bit drowsy. When my upper eyelids were about to stick to the lower eyelids, I was silent all the way. He finally spoke all the way.The throat seemed to be a bit dumb because of dryness, but what I said made me awaken the whole person. Are you pregnant? I stunned, and then opened my eyes fiercely.He didn’t look at me intentionally, and his sight was still staring seriously at the road conditions in front.This sentence caught a weird silence in the car.

In this silence, my brain rotated quickly, thinking about how to deal with it.The hand that deliberately held the steering wheel seemed a little tight. After half a sound, he said that if you are pregnant, I will be responsible. I can satisfy you if you have any needs.I subconsciously put my two hands on the lower abdomen. I heard the intention in the meaning. I didn’t know if I was pregnant, maybe I was a little uncomfortable, I paused.Then the pretending to be easily divorced. Even if you really have children, you do n’t have to be so nervous. If you want to raise your fees, you will give it a little bit. If you do n’t want to give it, I wo n’t sue you.I deliberately said naturally and calm, but I didn’t speak intentionally. He suddenly hit the steering wheel, and the car was stopped steadily on the side of the road. I heard his aggravated breathing sound.The chest.I can see that he is angry, but I really don’t know why he was angry because I said that he had asked him to raise a support fee, or he actually didn’t want this child.He deliberately took out the bottle of water from the car next to him, and he didn’t even look at it.First unscrew the bottle cap and drink. The bottle of ice water seems to calm him a little bit. When a bottle of water meets the bottom, the intentional expression also restores calmness.Drived on the road.I quietly observed him beside me, and determined that he seemed to be calm now, so I carefully asked that if you really don’t want this child, I can also fight, we can discuss it.After hearing the intentional fist, a loud noise was held. He didn’t stop the car this time, but I obviously felt that he was more angry than just now. I closed my mouth and decided not to continue challenging and touchingIntentional thunder areas.He has always been like this. I can’t understand or understand. For 3 years of marriage, I don’t feel how much knowing about him than when he was in college. When he has now, I still don’t know why he is angry., Deliberately breathing is much heavy, but his car is still driving very stable.I didn’t make me feel any discomfort at all.He didn’t speak for a long time, and I didn’t dare to stimulate him anymore.We just went downstairs in my house so quietly.I unbuttoned the seat belt and said to him well, and then prepared to get off.At the moment I got out of the car to close the door, I suddenly opened my mouth, and my voice was somewhat depressed.

Tomorrow I will pick you up to the hospital. What will be determined in advance if you are pregnant?When he reacted to refuse, he had scalded his body over the co -pilot, and he closed the door.Then I saw that the deliberate car was proud of it in the night, leaving only I stunned there with a stunned my mouth.Until the dark night, I couldn’t hear the sound of the car engine.I slowly converged all the look on my face, and my brain was confused.I looked back upstairs with some expression.The mechanical undressing washed, until I sorted myself numbly and prepared to go to bed to rest.Sweeping the bedside unconsciously, where there was a bright picture of the starry sky.I suddenly stopped the heavy steps, and looked at the photo a little bit.

That was the second year after I was just a deliberate marriage. He took me to travel when he took me to travel.I have a brief contact with several times when I was in college. It seems to be related to photography.I was in the same class of class in college. I read the corresponding legal major, but just compared with the youngest senior lawyer in the country.I learned the law purely because of my parents’ meaning. My dad himself is a lawyer. He and my mother have judged the future of the future with my mother.And in these three, I have no interest in interest, I naturally choose the same legal major as my dad.In this way, I was not impatient all the way, and I was admitted to the Capital University of Political and Law, and I did not have a particular interest in anything.

In my ideas, I should also be immersed in the examinations of class examinations every day. Everyone said that the unemployment rate of lawyers was 99%, of which 90%were.At the moment you choose to read this major, it is already determined.There is no ideal of hosting human justice in my own.At that time, my attitude towards the career of the lawyer was able to do it. However, by chance, I came into contact with the photography in the university community, and I started to be fascinated by this activity without controlling it.I like to watch those beautiful scenery, be completely recorded under my hands, and prefer to watch those things that are not perfect, and I find it sparkling value.It’s as if I have always hoped that someone can come to rescue me, from the occupation I don’t like to I don’t like it.

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