Gulf actresses have frequently reported the news of divorce recently. What’s wrong?

Recently, the news of divorce frequently in the Taiwan performing arts circle has frequently reported the news of divorce. In addition to those scandals that have caused uproar, there are also a variety of little Martian coming to "help out". Among them, the most eye -catching divorce incidentEssence

As Simal S was continuously pushed to the cusp and frequently became a hot spot, Lan Zhenglong, one of the ex -boyfriends of the big S, was revealed to the news of divorce and ended 9 years of marriage with Zhou Youting. The reason was unknown, but Lan Zhenglong said that the two were still friends.

In fact, 46 -year -old Zhou Youting is also an actor. After marriage, he has made many sacrifices for the family.So regardless of the reason for the divorce, this is also an opportunity for her to start a new life.

Recently, Melody, a well -known guest of "Kangxi", announced divorce without warning, ending 17 years of marriage.Ms. Liu Hushu also specifically issued a statement that the cause of divorce was too different from the personality and concepts of both parties, and she lost the balance of the relationship.

Before she, she often publicized her husband’s careful consideration, but we may not be a big problem for men by default. She also believes that she has the right to express dissatisfaction and will not become a stumbling block of the relationship.So no one expected at the time that this marriage would eventually come to an end.

Now it seems that after the accumulation of "complaints of small topics", it has really become the last straw that crushes Melody.It seems that those seemingly trivial things will have an indelible negative effect in the long river of time.

Recently, Taiwanese artist Makiyo also joined the divorce army.As a member of the Seven Fairy, she has a close relationship with s.Makiyo’s marriage is like my style, and can be summarized in the word "unreliable".

Makiyo is a coffee, and her marriage also reveals the taste of children’s play everywhere:

I was proposed for 5 months of pregnancy; I was still photographed during pregnancy; the first day of the confinement center quarreled the Cold War, accused each other on the Internet, and so on.

Everything is like a popular screen plot. First, he was blindly loved, and then he was hurt by the other party’s improper behavior. He finally broke up.Such a stroke, this marriage can survive for a year, it is already a miracle.Just like netizens commented: both accidents and expected.

In contrast, Lin Ketong’s divorce is easier to resonate with the public.

Lin Ketong, born in 1981, married Wu Guangming, vice president of the bank in 2017. He has not yet divorced, but recently he has issued a long -term hardship of marriage and parenting.

Looking at the full text, it is a woman who is squeezed by the child and her husband. At a moment of stretched moment, she suddenly confessed. While recalling the carefree and longing for marriage before marriage, they collapsed the status quo.Lianlian.She can only get gasping through "posting articles", and she also reveals the desire of being loved. It is a bit like the pain of "sorrow" housewives in the show in the show.

Seeing these beautiful and golden actresses who seem to live well, it is difficult to escape the fate of being dragged by the family and struggling in trivial matters.fate.

Hou Peizen, who has also begun to reflect on marriage, has always been gentle and intellectual.She always smiles, very emotional intelligence, and is called "a model of high emotional intelligence". It is difficult for you to imagine what such a woman looks like a beard and stares, and it is difficult to imagine that she will complain.

But even Hou Peizen also issued a "anti -marriage speech": Sometimes I feel, is marriage suitable for humans?

Don’t be too surprised, you can understand this as a title of new media copy.She did not deeply analyze the anti -human nature of marriage, but just expressed a wish: I hope that she knows that marriage is not the only choice for girls, without marriage and child, nor does it mean that a woman is incomplete and unsuccessful.

These words come from a married woman who has been married for 12 years, and is indeed more convincing.Just like Jing Jing said, those who have not got married should try it. Only when you really enter the marriage, you will understand that getting married is nothing.

However, if they can come back, these artists called "awake women" are likely to choose marriage.

Because no matter whether it is 10 years or 20 years ago, women are still married and have children at a certain age.Women who refuse to marry and give birth will be regarded as heterogeneous.If you do n’t have enough financial ability and do n’t obey the mainstream, it will be regarded as a “alien in the alien”. Most people will not believe that it is her free choice, but a helpless move that no one wants."The hat will be buckled.

Therefore, under the historical conditions at that time, choosing a marriage may still be the "rational" choice of mainstream women.We need to look at their life choices from a wider perspective, rather than simply criticizing them to refuse marriage.

In simple terms, no way is completely smooth, and any life choice needs to pay a price.

When you get married and have children, women will inevitably face the compression of personal space, the problem of in -laws, the burden of childcare, etc.; the single person will also face the pressure, loneliness, and accidental risks of public opinion.

Society cannot eliminate all women’s dilemma in a short time, but as Hou Peizen said, at least it should be selected by women.

You should no longer persuade women to get married with fictional fiction, nor should they intimidate women not to marry with failure.Instead, they should face the reality and make their choices themselves.

We need to create space and rights for women, rather than pushing them to marriage or non -marriage uniformly.Only when women really have the right to choose can they live their best life.

Therefore, these stars’ questioning and "rebellion" of "marriage" are very valuable.

This is not only a complaint on the "forced" marriage, but also the honesty of his own experience.Not as bitterness of marriage like an elder, and continued to urge juniors to get married.This true marriage description can help young girls break the fog and make a more wise choice.

For these female stars, no longer deceive themselves can have a wider life.

Several actresses in the article, except Makiyo, are carefully examining their marriage, and face more or less.When a woman starts thinking, questioning, and rejection, it means that she already has more possibilities.

There is no standard answer in life, but the courage to explore and express is the key to opening the possibility.No matter how these actresses choose in the future, their self -awakening is worthy of praise and respect.

Today’s women’s social activities are becoming more and more wider, and they no longer depend on men in economy. In addition, their ideological and cultural trends are flowing in.

Liu Gong showed that the lady could propose a divorce at this stage, and it is inevitable that the children are getting longer and their careers have become increasingly successful.When the need for cooperation between husband and wife declines, the marriage of marriage is inevitable.

Compared with the Mainland, the divorce in the entertainment industry in Taiwan has come later, but fortunately, it is late.When marriage is no longer an inevitable choice for women, divorce is no longer the restricted area, and women have begun to strive for truly their own life.

Like a modern and feudal stitching monsters, the high -speed growth of high -speed growth is open for a long time, but it is conservative.In the past variety shows, the host liked to be ambiguously encouraged actresses. The actress was willing to marry a good family in the same age, and then show affection.Men’s heavy power, female heavy marriage, their criteria for judging themselves are still traditional concepts.

However, the stubbornness can not escape the impact of the times. In 2023, the general trend of equal progress ultimately leverage the iron plates of power and the shackles of traditional concepts.Women refused to forget and pretend, accused of complaints, "crazy", broke, trying to rebuild their lives.

In any case, please think about everyone present. To this day, is the divorce "shame" for any party?

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