Haitao Korea’s weight loss pills contain the "poison" of the city, clinical pharmacist: women with pregnancy and childbearing age, do not take diet pills

Source: Wuhan Evening News

Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Liu Xuan Correspondent Xing Lingling) In order to maintain long -term use of Haitao weight loss pills, unexpectedly adding toxic ingredients that have already been delisted abroad.On the 24th, Guo Yan, the supervisor of the first hospital in Wuhan First Hospital, reminded that the pharmacist of the professional direction of pregnancy and breastfeeding reminded that do not follow the trend to eat Haitao weight loss pills, especially women of childbearing age, for at least half a year to prepare for pregnancy.

A few days ago, Ms. Wang, 37, was glad that she was pregnant, and then she walked into the drug consultation clinic in Wuhan First Hospital.She told the pharmacist that in order to maintain her figure, she has been taking a net red weight loss pill purchased from South Korea for more than a year.She especially wanted to leave her baby, and worried that weight loss pills would affect the health of the fetus.

After checking the information, Guo Yan found that this drug is a pyramia drug, and the previous data shows that the probability of lip cracking in the use of fetus during pregnancy increases.And this kind of weight loss medicine contains 9 compound components, which is more risky in it is Finnonraming.She told Ms. Wang that this is a appetite inhibitor. Due to the toxicity of the severe cardiovascular system, it can easily cause heart valve defects and hypertension of the pulmonary artery, which has long been delisted in many countries.Guo Yan said that the information that this medicine is not used during pregnancy is not safe. If you want to leave your baby, there is a certain risk, you must follow and observe.

Guo Yan revealed that it is not uncommon for accidental pregnancy after taking weight loss pills.Not long ago, she diagnosed an unexpectedly pregnant lady. After taking the Japanese constipation pills who had taken Haitao because of constipation, she accidentally found that she had a weight loss effect. She used the pill as a weight loss pill and took one capsule every few days.Guo Yan’s inquiry found that the main component of this kind of constipation pill is Bighacim, which is a irritating laxative. Similar domestic drug descriptions clearly marked the ban on women during pregnancy.

Guo Yan introduced that my country’s currently approved the auxiliary weight loss medicine Olis, which has strict indications, is not suitable for women, lactating women and other people who are preparing for pregnancy. This ingredient.She reminded that many people mistakenly think that Haitao’s medicine is safe. In fact, some of the prohibited ingredients or even toxic ingredients may also be added. It is not recommended to buy it.

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