Headache!The menstruation did not come again, what’s the matter?Read these three points and understand the reasons for delayed menstruation

Xiaoyue, who has just entered the social work, is always inseparable from the discussion of the problem of physiological cycle issues: "Is your aunt here", "I’m not coming to aunt", "I haven’t come to my aunt", "I haven’t come to my auntie"too much".She had to "talk" her menstruation almost every day or two. "Coincidentally" is that friends seem to be more or less experienced or have similar troubles.

Xiaoyue understands that the periodic changes of menstruation are a very important physiological characteristic of the female reproductive system. I have heard that she has heard a lot of stories due to gynecological diseases. She started to be afraid and decided to go to the hospital to check it…. …

For girls who are preparing for pregnancy, delay of menstruation may be a "good news".

In the early pregnancy, most girls’ physical changes are not very obvious, but most of the pregnant women have significant features: menstruation is suspended.Within a week after menstruation "postponed", the use of auxiliary products (early pregnancy test strips) that use early pregnancy testing (early pregnancy test strip) can not get more accurate results.

If you have delayed menstruation during pregnancy or failure to take contraceptive measures, you can go to the hospital for examination after one week.

For girls with sub -health, delay of menstruation is definitely an abnormal physiological phenomenon.

With the development of society, people’s life pressure, work pressure, and learning pressure are getting greater and greater. With them, young people have increasingly unhealthy living habits, eating habits, and great fluctuations in emotions and moods.Because of this, the problem of "aunt" is late to many girls.

The "periodic" of menstruation is its most significant feature. The average date of the starting date of the last menstruation and the beginning of the menstrual period should be about 28 days.The concept of "cycle" is a time range, that is, the normal physiological cycle is generally 21 ~ 35 days.

It should be noted that although the menstrual cycle is normal 1 to 7 days around 28 days, the "normal" here must also meet periodic characteristics.

In addition to the pregnancy and sub -health mentioned above, you must understand these 4 physical factors: hormone disorders

What six items do you know about gynecological examination?

The results of the six tests are: follicle hormones (FSH), progesterone (Prog), proofin (PRL), estradiol (E2) and testosterone (TEST).

Among them, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in women’s body is a direct cause of menstruation and menstrual disorders. When hormone secretion disorders occur in women’s body, they will not only cause delayed menstruation, but also affect women’s health [1].Mental factors

It is often in mental tension and mental stress that indirectly causes women to cause endocrine disorders, which may cause problems such as delayed menstruation.

Disease factors

Gynecological diseases: uterine, ovarian diseases such as endometrium disease, polycystic ovary syndrome [2], etc. can cause menstrual cycle disorders, including delayed menstruation, menstrual suspension, and unstable menstrual cycle.

Chronic diseases: Chronic diseases such as chronic hepatitis, hypothyroidism, severe anemia and other chronic diseases may also cause delay of menstruation.Drugs, surgery factors

Taking hormone -containing drugs, certain gastric drugs or long -term contraceptives and emergency contraceptives may cause delay of menstruation.In addition, if the cervical adhesion is caused after uterine cavity surgery, menstruation will also be delayed.

After further understanding the cause of the "delay of menstruation", Xiaobian reminds everyone not to be too nervous or not. Please judge according to your own situation.


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