Hell is empty, the devil is in the world!In 50 days, 27 people were killed, and 9 women were gang raped!

Hell is empty, the devil is in the world!Today, I will introduce a case of rape and homicide that occurred in Liaoning in the 1990s.Murder 27 people gang rape 9 people in 50 days!Even the 10 -year -old girl did not let go. Liaoning "Komo" Tang Yanping. The case was a gang. There were two people in total, namely Li Gang and Tang Yanping.In just 50 days, the two killed 27 life -threatenings. Nine young women were gang raped and were only 10 years old.After the case, it was immediately valued by the police. Under the hunting of the night, the two prostitutes finally arrested the two prostitutes.So how did Li Gang and Tang Yanping who committed such a monstrous sin and how did he commit this case?Let’s go back to the 1990s, take a look at the beginning and end of the entire case!

Tang Yanping was born in an ordinary rural family in Qingyuan County, Liaoning Province in 1962.He was slightly short from childhood, but his smart and agile eyes left a deep impression, as if hiding some unknown wisdom.Although Tang Yanping had not done a shocking thing since he was a child, at the age of 19, he was arrested on the spot because of itching and stolen the property of others for a while.Subsequently, Tang Yanping was sentenced to 5 years in prison, and he was very anxious about the length of this time.

In prison, Tang Yanping began to think about how to get freedom as soon as possible.After four months of hard work, he tried to escape, but failed to succeed and was re -captured.To this end, he was sentenced to additional one year of sentence.Nonetheless, Tang Yanping did not succumb. He continued to plan to escape prison plans in prison and patiently waiting for the opportunity to come.After four years of preparation, Tang Yanping finally escaped from the prison.After being freedom, he was full of longing for the outside world, but reality made him feel helpless.He was facing the pressure of living, and had to return to his past wrong road to steal the behavior of stealing property.Unfortunately, he was arrested again on the spot.

Tang Yan was about to be resolved, but because of his escape from prisons and crimes again, his sentence was added for 7 years.This unexpected transformation made him a heavy prisoner, and the prison shifted him to the detention area of a heavy criminal prison.It was Li Gang who had committed the crime with him here. Li Gang was born in 1960. He was tall and sentenced to prison for theft.The two of them really smelly. It didn’t take long for them to become a good friend, and they also met with each other after being released from prison.

After the two were released from prison, because they were out of time with the society for too long, they didn’t want to work honestly to make money, and they disliked it too slowly.At this time, Tang Yanping proposed to earn some fast money, chic and chic, and Li Gang also gladly agreed.

In a cold night in January 1992, a small county in Liaoning Province was bathed in a quiet night.Nie Da (pseudonym) and his wife Xiaoling (pseudonym) were ready to sleep, but Xiaoling was still awake and lay quietly on the bed, her thoughts were flowing.Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and the cold wind quickly poured into the room, making Xiaoling shook his whole body.She sat up in horror and witnessed the two figures quickly broke in.She hurriedly patted her husband, but only touched the empty bed. She was so frightened that she turned around and tried to wake up Nie Da.Nie Da might also be aware of the abnormalities, sitting tremblingly, rubbing his sleeping eyes hazy and asking: "What’s going on?" Xiaoling turned on the lights in a hurry to illuminate the entire room.The face of the two people came into view, one was fat, the other was thin, and her face was fierce, which made her feel a threat and fear.Her heartbeat began to accelerate and tried her best to restrain her inner fear.

"Are you rich? Borrow to us!" The tall man stared at Nie Da in a fierce tone, holding a sharp knife in his hand, revealing a strong threat.

"We have no money." Nie Da replied firmly and was unwilling to yield to them.However, the tall man did not hesitate, raised his knife, and chopped heavily towards Nie Da’s head.

"Don’t hurt him, what do you want to do?" Xiaoling stretched out her arms desperately to try to block the sharp knife.However, her head was immediately hit, and she fell to the ground.Then, the knives chopped to their heads again and again, cruelly smashed on the wall and the ground, and the blood splashed, filled with a terrifying atmosphere.The bloody scene shrouded the entire room, as if the demon that came into the face had completely invaded this peaceful night.

At this time, there was a movement from the room next door. It was Nie Da’s daughter heard the voice of her parents, so they came to check the situation. The daughter was less than 18 years old. Tang Yanping looked at the girl and had a lust.Think of the surprise.So the two controlled the girl again, and after implementing the rape to kill their cruel killing, and after searching for a while in his house, they left.

Two months later, the two came to a village in Yuci City, Shanxi. At this time, Tang Yanping and Li Gang had no money. The two planned to make some money to eat.The two came to the home of a villager at night.At this time, there were only older Xue and Mother Xue at home, 16 -year -old brother and 8 -year -old sister at home. The older brother Xue Da (pseudonym) had not yet returned home.Tang Yanping, holding a steel knife, appeared at home that surprised them at home. When he saw Tang Yanping holding the steel knife, he cut off Xue’s father.Looking at Xue’s injury, Li Gang was also cut on his head. The husband and wife were still unconscious. His brother Xue Er (pseudonym) tightly held his younger sister at a loss.

Li Gang took the knife to control the two brothers and sisters, and Tang Yanping turned the box in the room.At this time, Xue Da outside the house just returned from get off work and found that the door was not locked, and his family was extremely quiet. He faintly heard his sister’s cry.He quickly walked towards the house. As soon as he entered the door, he was resisted on his neck by a knife. At this time, he found that the blood pool in the house was flowing across the house. His parents were lying on the ground without any personnel.People are afraid to move, and my sister is still sobbing.At this time, a man with a knife against his figure said: "Knowing the point and taking out your money, otherwise, you will not see the sun tomorrow!"The sister was still there, but they couldn’t let them happen, so they took out the money at home to the gangsters.

Tang Yanping and Li Gang met Xue Da very well, and fainted the three brothers and sisters, and pushed the bicycle at home and ran away.

I don’t know how long, Xue Da woke up and saw that his parents were still in a pool of blood. He was sorrowful, so he endured the pain to the village chief’s house.Because at that time, the village was poor, and only the village head of the village had a phone call. He had to call the police. If he had to call 120, he could only go to the village head to ask for help.When he walked to the only small sales department in the village, he saw the two bicycles of his family stopped outside the door, and the door was lit out. After the gangster robbed his house, he came to the small sales department, so he speeded up his footsteps to the village.The long family ran.

Wang Dahai (pseudonym), a police officer on duty at the police station, suddenly received the report, saying that there were two gangsters in his village. Now he was robbing. He also took two steel knives. He had hurt people and needed police to arrest the murderer.When Wang Dahai saw the situation, he did not dare to delay. Because of the gangster holding a weapon, he immediately called for assistance to his superiors. He and the three police officers who were still in the office ordered the gun to rush to the village first.

After Wang Dahai arrived, under the leadership of the village chief and Xue Da, they quietly came to the small sales department and saw that the light inside was still on. From time to time, the sound of two people spoke from the room, indicating that the gangsters had not left yet.Wang Dahai began to shout in the house. After waiting for about 5 minutes, no one responded. Wang Dahai immediately noticed that the situation was wrong. When they were about to attack, they suddenly saw two heads and steel knife.People run out of the house."They are both of them," Xue Da shouted excitedly.So Wang Dahai no longer hesitated and chased towards the two.

Li Gang is tall and a little fat, and he is unhappy. He was quickly chased by Wang Dahai, who was chased in front of him. I saw Li Gang stopped, and he was fierce in his heart.When the police saw that Li Gang was about to attack the police, he took a shot without thinking much. In the end, Li Gang was shot and killed.And Tang Yanping ran away quickly because of his shortness and flexible body. Unfortunately, the police force who came to support had touched him.When the police walked into the small sales department, the blood pool was full of blood, a wolf borrowed, and the shop owner Shi Mou was cut 5 knives, and he was dead. His wife Zhang was lying next to the corpse and fainted.She did not cover her body, and she was obviously violent by the gangsters.

Later, after the interrogation, I learned that the two who committed the crime were Tang Yanping and Li Gang, and the dead big man was Li Gang.They are also the murderers of the Great Murder Cases who came from Liaoning.

Three days later, Tang Yanping was sent to the Liaoning police overnight. After a five -hour interrogation, Tang Yanping finally explained all the cases.From January 1992 to March, in just 50 days, Tang Yanping and Li Gang committed more than ten crimes. From Liaoning to Shanxi, 27 people were killed. In order to vent their lust, 9 people were raped.Ruthlessness.

Later, a reporter went to the prison to interview Tang Yanping, and was also suffered from depression by Tang Yanping’s case.Let’s take a look at what they said, right?

Why kill?

I didn’t want to kill them, I just planned to get some money, but who made them not old, and the bones were hard as stones, so I broke their bones.Afterwards, I felt that it was very cool after the killing. There was a feeling of pleasure. The feeling was not to find a woman to vent and vent, which was more irritating than that.When I saw the victim’s choking little by little, I felt despair, until I died, the feeling was unspeakable.

How did you and Li Gang know?

When I was in prison before, I met in the jail. At first sight, we could think about it in many things. After being released from prison, I also prepared a business and worshiped my brothers.You see, Tang Yanping said that there was a tiger -like tattoo in the collar on the left side of his chest.For this reason, we also deliberately tattooed. He was Yun Conglong. I was down the mountain tiger.While talking, he smiled proudly.

Don’t you regret it?Don’t you feel guilty?

Hearing this, Tang Yanping smiled disdainfully, I never regret it. From the age of 19, I have been in jail at the age of 19, and I have been spent in the jail for almost 10 years, so why do I regret it, I have got it, I have got it.What are the benefits?For me, make a day more to earn more days, and one more day to live a day.

As for guilt, let me tell you about my killing!

After the first killing, Li and I were just scared. After all, I did not want to go in from prison after all. I didn’t want to go in again. Later, I was weaker. I killed it. I ca n’t get it in this life.

So the two of us fled all the way, and did not know how long it took me to come to Fushun City. At this time, we had no money, and they had two days to eat, and they were hungry.In the evening, many people have raised fireworks. The scent of the meal seems to be drifting into our nose intentionally. We randomly find a family and go over the wall. Just their family is eating.It happened to be a family of three.So Li Gang stunned the door of the room. The owner of the family was startled. Li Gang and I wore a head cover, holding a steel knife with a steel knife, and cut it directly to the man.The man was too late to resist, and was cut down by Li Gang. I threatened the woman for them to take out all the money. The woman was frightened and her legs were trembling. After a while, she took the money.Come over and send it to my hand in person.

Her hand accidentally touched my hand, her hands were really soft, this is my first idea, and then looking at the woman, it is also good, so I can’t help my desire anymore, so I and Li Gang and Li GangStarting her in front of her child, she raped her.Although she has been resisting, how can she be a weak woman, how could it be my opponent and Li Gang!Afterwards, we also tied them together with a wire, found a wooden stick, and knocked on their heads with sticks.Seeing that they were out of breath, the two of us were afraid that some neighbors would come over, so they took two sips of meals at their dinner table and ran away with money.

Two days later, we ran to a village. When we saw a family in the village, we wanted to eat a bite. As soon as I entered their house, I saw that an old lady was about 60 years old.Miao Ling woman, it is estimated that she is eighteen or nine years old. I don’t know why his family is not at home.At first they saw that I and Li Gang came in. I said that our brother was a disciple of the nearby temples. He passed the groundification of the earth, and they believed it, but they could still see that they were nervous.After seeing the two girls, Li Gang could no longer help himself.So while the woman went to the kitchen gap, I quietly followed, knocked her with a stick from behind, and tied her up.The old lady’s ears were really pointed, and she heard her movement by her. She simply did not do nothing. I fainted this old mother again, but who knew she was so vulnerable and died directly.At this time, the two girls were also controlled by Li Gang, so we raped them one by one, and they were in front of the dazzling woman. In the process, the woman woke up.Stimulate!

Less than 10 days later, Li Gang and I made a case together …

After speaking, Tang Yanping said to the reporter, do you think I feel guilty?After speaking, he stared at the reporter with a smile.

The reporter watched Tang Yanping’s smile like a ghost, and his murderer sounded in his mind. He couldn’t interview again, and he seemed to leave.Soon after, I heard the news of the depression of the reporter.

Tang Yanping was exhausted and repented, refused to apologize in court, and was finally sentenced to executing the gun in July 1992.At this point, the Liaoning Extraordinary Murder Rape, which had a sensation across the country, finally came to an end.

Li Gang and Tang Yanping, two people who have developed bad habits since they were young, embarked on the way back, and eventually ended their lives with a tragic ending.The law will never be softened by the bad guys, and they will bear the punishment they deserve.Their story gives us a deep education course: good education needs to start from childhood, and we cannot let ourselves go to the evil path.

Li Gang and Tang Yanping’s life were full of injustice and sin.They have shown a tendency to danger since childhood, and they have always been interested in illegal activities.However, no one can blame their environment or education of others.The wicked people are inherently evil. Their inner thoughts will not change because of the teachings of others or changes in the external environment.They will only build their happiness on the pain of others, regardless of the lives and happiness of others.

However, there are reincarnation, and everything in the world has causality.Li Gang and Tang Yanping’s crimes will eventually be sanctioned by law.They can’t escape the French Open and will eventually pay for what they do.No one can escape the consequences of their behavior, and the evil act of the wicked will definitely get the return.

This story gives us a lesson: the importance of education and the harm of bad habits.Good education has been cultivated since childhood. We must educate children’s correct values and moral concepts.Only in this way can we cultivate integrity and kindness in the process of their growth, so that they can become the pillars of society, rather than falling into the abyss of crime.

Who did Tiandao spare?The good and evil in the world will eventually be judged fairly.Each of us should alert ourselves, adhere to the bottom line of morality, and be a kind person.Because only through correct education and good behavior can we create a harmonious and happy life in this world.Let us keep this lesson and create a better society together.

Well, the above is all the contents of this article. If you have any ideas for this case, you can leave a message in the comment area. We will discuss each other.Finally, welcome everyone to like the collection!

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