Her story was filmed by the Oscar director as a documentary, an Internet celebrity entry and exit

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A net celebrity entry and exit


On the 18th day of the interview, my interview target announced the "retreat".Two days later, she deleted all the works on the short video platform.

There are more than two versions I interviewed.

In the first version, Zhou Ling (a pseudonym), a post -95 girl in his early 95th tall, drove a half -hanging truck with a length of 16.5 meters.She was born in Dashan, Yiliang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. At the age of 16, in order to pay off her gambling debt owed by her brother, she was sold to another householder by the parents of the male light and daughter.She encountered three family violence, and the most serious one returned to her mother’s house for half a month. She fled Dashan at the age of two years when her child was two years old and worked alone in the province.When she encountered the later truck driver’s husband Cheng Xing (pseudonym), she drove the truck with her husband to save money for buying a house and the car.But just a few months after the new car was bought, the two had contradictions on the problem of the child in the first marriage of her. The direct fuse was that Zhou Ling bought a 200 yuan child bicycle with Cheng Xing.For the sake of children, Zhou Ling chose to divorce.

This version is Zhou Ling’s narrative.Two years ago, her life story was filmed as a director of the Oscar award.

In September this year, she quickly agreed with my interview invitation.Under normal circumstances, she wants to open a high -speed section of about 700 kilometers from Taizhou, Zhejiang to Taizhou, Zhejiang. After dawn, she changes her class with the master of her partner. She climbed the board in the car to cut the video, live broadcast, and make up.Every time the wheels are crushed through one meter, she gives herself a dowry and the support for her son.She boiled one night and earned 450 yuan.

In more than two weeks of contact with Zhou Ling, she called me "girl", although she was 5 years old and one and a half higher than her.She is more enthusiastic and talkative than I imagined.This is usually an interview target that we can’t meet.I went out overnight with her, singing and eating spicy food on the midnight highway, and she recalled those "important moments and choices" she thought."Life is that parents are born and live."

In the night, she sang the steering wheel and sang "lowered her head, looking forward to the day, and accepting all ridicule. Taking the wind, hugging the rainbow, and going forward bravely …" At that moment, I think she herself than I saw in the video moremoving.

Zhou Ling’s house rented in Taizhou. Except for typhoon, she rarely sleeps in the house for one night.We cook together in her rental house.There were 6 gas tanks in the public kitchen. She dug a large spoon of solidified lard from the aluminum basin and put it in a hot pot, and the mixed aroma of the green onion ginger and garlic was burst.The pool of the washing vegetables was blocked. She asked me to hide from the pipe by herself. She drew off the plastic tube at the connection with her bare hands. The sewage poured over her feet. She turned around and notified me happily.

In the public kitchen with oil fume, Zhou Ling talked about the topic of women’s economic independence, family and marriage life.She was unwilling to take a picture for this moment, because "I feel that the environment is too bad.""Wait for me to buy a house, please be a guest."

"She lives enthusiastically like a little sun." I interviewed her colleagues and me to exchange the first impression of her.Her story is very suitable for shooting.

She can sensitively feel the change in the number of fans, even if we are eating, she also manually monitor the "Internet public opinion" in real time.When the fans suddenly increased a lot, there must be a video of her self -media reprinting her. She had to listen to the other party’s commentary again, and she opened the negative message directly.

"In the appearance of her unhappy appearance, is there anything afraid of? In the cargo industry that men are absolutely dominated, what is she insisting on standing inside? What is she longing for and pursuing?" The interview notebook recordsAt the end of my second interview, I decided to go to the people around her.

She has almost no friends. I can find the person she mentioned in the interview -her father, ex -husband, sister, the media who interviewed her, and a corporate public relations who was "dumb" by herDirector.

Unexpectedly, the story fell into "Luo Shengmen" one after another.

External information overcome another version of the story.

Zhou Ling was not "sold" by his family.Like other early married girls in the village, the matchmaker came to the media to talk about the media. She married the first husband for more than a month, and then went to work with her husband’s family.

Her father told me that she never knew that she had been violently being domestic.Her sister told me that after watching the documentary, she knew "the little girl was beaten by her in -laws."Her ex -husband Cheng Xing told me that they did quarrel because of her child in the first marriage, but the divorce was because the woman committed a principled mistake in marriage.The marriage was not calm. The two had intentionally reunited, and they also sent a video on the short video platform short.

Cheng Xing said that in order to collect more fans to reward, he had cooperated with Zhou Ling’s request to pretend to divorce on the Internet -not entering her live broadcast room, and removed "a certain husband" in the nickname and "others ask you what you asked youYou all say that she is talking about it. "

The two versions are overlapping. She comes from the deep mountains of the poor Yunnan.She is diligent and can endure hardships. She has been a dishwasher and car washing worker, and has assembled parts on the assembly line of the electronics factory.Later, driving a big truck made her pay attention and relatively decent income.

The peripheral interview defeated my trust between me and Zhou Ling at a certain moment.I doubted whether to continue this topic.Before departure, I was attracted by her "story", but life was always outside the story.

I think of what the media Wang Kailing said, sometimes "doing news is to deal with the diseases of this era. We are all patients of the times. Interviews are largely inquiring between patients." "Send a person back to him.Only by the position and starting point of the accident can we understand and understand. Only by not being isolated and expelled from this person can we see the meaning of this incident to the life of the times. "

get away

Zhou Ling was 25 years old, with a goose egg face, a loud voice, and laughter can penetrate a carriage.She was short and could only sit in the front half of the driving chair, and a pillow was stuffed between her waist and the back of the chair.She stepped on the clutch in front of her body, and pushed the manual gear rod with 12 gears in her right hand.Essence

Near 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, I climbed a half -trailer of 4.2 meters high with a backpack.Food pockets containing spicy strips, apples, pears and grapefruit, and big red iron hand -sized sounds have been boarded in advance. In order to facilitate me to shoot the video, she can take a little bit.When the glass was "waved", she could only rub her feet to two -thirds of the glass.Because of my arrival, she went back to the rental house to draw light makeup, painted lipstick, carefully edited her hair, and clamped with a bow with a bow.

The whole city has fallen asleep, Zhou Ling and me, and her card friends set off.She has been on this route for more than half a year. She can accurately remember every fork intersection. The road of about 700 kilometers does not need to be navigated at all, and I can prompt me to sit in the potholes of the road.

Most of the logistics vehicles encountered on the high -speed road are Zhou Ling’s "old acquaintance". She and these card friends occasionally interact under Douyin.See".They greeted their whistle when they overtake, and the "dolphin sound" occasionally scratched the quietness of the night.

"Female truck driver" is not common in this industry.In 2016, the "Cruise Driver’s Police Survey Report" released by the China Logistics and Purchase Federation showed that the proportion of Chinese female drivers was about 1%; the "China Truck Driver Research Project Group" in 2020 was estimated according to the questionnaire, and the female driver accounted for about 4.2%.

Zhou Ling laughed at herself "a high speed is the flight mode.""Speed" is always related to "guts", "technology" and "fuel consumption".Fast speed, semi -hanging trucks with a weight of 40 tons must be "drank fiercely". Drivers are most afraid of braking their sudden brakes. Sometimes they stop the front of the car. The body will rush up by inertia."She didn’t care about these," Quick "is her unique" logo "in Card Friends.

She talked about getting along with "night".She said that the most difficult thing in her life was the period when she was violent, "because I couldn’t see hope."After the last time she was domestic violence, she went to the town to buy a train ticket.She escaped in a night.The two -year -old son was asleep, and she stunned the pillow and quilt and blocked her son.She walked for an hour and a half to the town. The next day, she replaced the newly bought clothes and sneakers in the town, and then took the bus to the train station in the next county to step on the train to Hangzhou.

Every scene and detail in the story, she can tell detailed and full of appeal.The reporter who interviewed her commented that she "talked" and "moved by her vitality."

She is also good at using "image".She wants to buy a truck with a "liberation" brand because "liberation" has special significance to her, "symbolizing herself to gain freedom."I met a small island in the lake on the road. She said, "I’m like that island."

Our car was wrapped in the night.When it comes to these times, it is more than two o’clock in the night. The car on the road has become less. The sleepiness cannot be restrained. The makeup on Zhou Ling’s face is no longer exquisite. She let go of the speaker and sing with the tunes.

"Remember the date of the day of leaving home?" I asked.

"Can not remember."

"I can remember the date of going to the driving school. Why can’t I remember the time in this fate that is very important in this fate? How many months?" I was curious.

"Because there are too many things, one after another." She answered.

Later, I saw another version of her telling the author of the "girl, don’t be afraid": While her husband and mother -in -law went out, she slipped to the town in a set of clothes on her body and hid in a snack bar as a waiter. FirstThe monthly salary is 600 yuan.Afraid of being found, as soon as Qian got his hands, he ran to Hangzhou non -stop.

The only overlap was her destination and results, and she fled the marriage in Dashan.

sense of security

Meet the truck driver Cheng Xing in 2018. She sent a private message to Cheng Xing’s short video account.Video, "In addition to the nuts, this industry is a mother, all of which are public."

Later, Zhou Ling was not ashamed, and said with a smile on the camera, "It’s me chased him."

She worked in Jiaxing at that time and assembled parts in a factory producing Yuba.She flew to Changsha to see Cheng Xing, and Cheng Xing didn’t mind her past, which made her feel safe.She returned to Jiaxing to resign, retired the house, sold items that could change money, and became a "card in high heels" on Cheng Xing’s car.

Cheng Xing was born in the countryside of Zunyi, Guizhou, and graduated from junior high school to go out.He is living.When he knew Zhou Ling, he had been in the transportation industry for nearly 10 years.He found that the technology learned by driving school must be more "actual", which is a "business opportunity".He registered a consulting service company to help novices in a car, and his income was several times when driving.

Zhou Ling was the first girl to confess to him.Cheng Xing saw Zhou Ling for the first time. "The first feeling is that this girl is so short." But he likes Zhou Ling’s outgoing and cheerful character, which is just complementary with his character.

He taught Zhou Ling to drive."Wow, the people passing by said," That’s a female driver ‘, "Zhou Ling never experienced the feeling of attention.Zhou Ling is no longer satisfied with the addiction, and she will drive with a certificate.

This story later added some dramatic plots.She not only told a media that she signed up with Cheng Xing. Cheng Xing only knew after the test, and Cheng Xing was angry and ignored her for a few days.

Later, Cheng Xing told me that he brought Zhou Ling’s driving school in Guizhou. He did not agree at first, because he knew that driving was hard, his shoulders and lumbar spine had a disease.However, Cheng Xing also yearn for the two of them, like the couples on other trucks, with a pot and pans to move her life into the same car. "If she will drive (car), she can occasionally take a handle."

"I don’t want to bring you a doll at home." In the documentary, Zhou Ling mentioned her plan to live after marriage.Netizens praised her that "not to be a housewife, and still maintain women’s independence and society after marriage."During the interview, I learned from her mouth that her "don’t be at home" was to keep her marriage with her husband at all times.

Zhou Ling became a veritable co -driver.From Henan to Guangxi, Chongqing to Shanghai, the couple drove over half of China with their cars.When they ran the route from Chongqing to Shanghai, they did not rent a house. They took water and wash their hair in high -speed service areas in 4 days and once.

Later, she began to drive a car independently to run a different long route from her husband.She went back and forth for two days. Chengxing was a little far away. It took 3 days. The couple could only see it once a week for 6 hours.

Several card friends who have been concerned about Zhou Ling for a long time talked. They said that the story of Zhou Ling and Cheng Xing once passed on the Card circle.They are impressed by a video released by the media: at night, two trucks turn on the lights, the front of the car stops, and the young couples come down from the car and look a little tired.She took into her arms.

"You can marry such a daughter -in -law for a sports car." A card friend left a message under the video.

After driving a truck, Zhou Ling posted a video of her driving on the Internet. Unlike those truck drivers with shaved and dark skin, even in the car, her hair should be changed, wearing a short skirt, wearing a bow knotEssenceShe was decorated with flowers on the edge of the window, potted plants inside the car, and a yellow Pikachu doll sitting on the co -driver’s seat with a seat belt.She hasn’t watched Pikachu’s "Starring" cartoon "Pokémon", but she likes its shape.

Zhou Ling’s fan volume soon exceeded Cheng Xing.She opened the live broadcast and accepted the gifts sent by netizens in the live broadcast room. The gifts could be exchanged for cash. A live broadcast "can earn five or six hundred".She said on the Internet that she was single, "Because there are more people in this way." The couple did not quarrel for this.

"He said that I was married, and he was still saying that he was single, but he was deceiving people’s money." Zhou Ling believed, "You can’t talk about it. It’s willing to brush gifts.I pay, and can he talk about conscience, this money is not spent alone. "

Cheng Xing said that the quarrel between the two usually ended with his compromise.He ended his "Internet invisible person" at the end of 2019. Zhou Ling was angry. As a "element" in the story, Cheng Xing appeared in reports about Zhou Ling.

Become popular

In the "Double 11" in 2019, Zhou Ling became popular on the Internet.

An e -commerce company has made a communication plan, "six dimensions record the vivid, touching, and real" Double 11 "story". Zhou Ling was selected as the dimension of "logistics".At that time, she drove a truck for the carrier of a courier company and occasionally posted a video of her driving on the Internet. There were one or 20,000 fans.

On November 13, the volume of Zhou Ling’s micro -documentary on Weibo reached 6.12 million.Subsequently, many media also noticed that this "small girl driving a big truck" followed the interviews.

Zhou Ling and the public relations department of the Express Company have contacted more.She and I mentioned that this courier company had proposed to sign a contract to pack her, and she was unwilling because "lost freedom when he was signed."The contact information of the other party.

I found Lin Xue (pseudonym), the person in charge of the public relations she mentioned, and the story also appeared different versions.

Lin Xue recalled that Zhou Ling hoped that the company could sign her and pay a certain fee every month."She really wanted to turn herself into an Internet celebrity. She tried to create a person who worked hard and became a strong woman, and then hoped to monetize through such a process," Lin Xue analyzed."We don’t have the strength to spend a lot of money to sign a influencer, but we can help her find such an MCN institution to sign her."

Lin Xue provided me with part of their communication records.Zhou Ling hopes to be the official employee of the courier company.However, the company is a franchise system. The driver comes from the carrier. The company does not sign any courier driver.

Zhou Ling rejected other positions."I’m still driving, because what people are looking at is that I drove a big car with such a small person.Even more loud, I have to listen to me in this aspect. If you have to talk about it, talk about it.

Later, the cooperation was not discussed. Zhou Ling pulled Lin Xue. Zhou Ling explained "the person who hates threats and play with me."

The details of many stories look like "a baby".

After contacting Cheng Xing, I also got a different version of the story from Cheng Xing.Zhou Ling seemed to be calm, "What good can I say after the divorce?" "Let him come up with evidence." Turning the sky, her circle of friends blocked me.

She said she did not want to explain the "lie" about Cheng Xing, "I don’t think it is necessary (response).""The temperature of more than thirty degrees in Chongqing, sleeping in the car. I can imagine that I have eaten a lot with him."

She tried to reconcile with me."I cook for you to eat, not because you are a reporter. Maybe I have no friends and want to make a few more friends. You also know that I am in a big car every day, and few girls are willing to play with me."

Although I was still blocked by her circle of friends, I was also moved by this passage.

Original family

The local place almost forgot this person.

Her ID card and hukou were another name, which was her original name.

Zhou Ling was born in a natural village on the mountains in Yiliang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. She is the fifth child in the family. She has one brother and three sisters.

Not only are the entire village surrounded the mountains, the entire Zhaotong city is in the Wumeng Mountains, and the city’s 96.3%of the region is a mountainous area with serious stone desertification.Zhou Ling’s home is at the foot of the mountain, and at the foot of the mountain on the other side of the mountain, she gets up at 4:30 every morning and walks 3 hours to school.

Like the children in the village, she hit a small farm work. Zhou Ling still had scratches left by scratching when cutting pigs.She is familiar with the things in the crops: the potatoes began to plant potatoes in October, and the potatoes germinated after the Spring Festival. In March, when the corn is growing in the groove next to the potato, the corn grows to dig the potatoes when the corn grows high.Planting into the nest of potatoes.

"Like our hometown, there are many children with many children. Parents have a lot of life for their own lives, so that 15 or six -year -old daughters marry more, not just our family." Zhou Ling’s sister told me.

Regarding her marriage, Zhou Ling’s father and Zhou Ling talked about different versions.My father told me that an accountant in the town came to do a media to give him 2,000 yuan for him and his wife.On another mountain in the town, the man’s family has good family conditions, and his son works on the mine.In her telling, she was sold by her parents. Her brother lost money, and the debt collection was blocked at home.The New Year’s Pig could not be sold, so she told her 15 -year -old family affinity and gave 6,000 yuan in gift money.A reporter who interviewed her told me, "(During the interview), the gift money, she said several different numbers."

For this family, thousands of yuan in 2010 is a small property.Zhou Ling said, "People have washing machines and refrigerators, which are strange. At that time, we still washed clothes in our house." Before the poverty alleviation victory, 10 of the 11 counties in Zhaotong City were national poverty -stricken counties. Among them, of which7 deep poverty counties.

In her narrative, in another mountain, she was the same farm work as before she got married. When the town was lacking in the work site, she took a motorcycle with the migrant cars in the village to work in the construction site.What she did was to move cement upstairs the most, earning 30 yuan a day.

I followed the short video accounts of some local women, and they were similar to Zhou Ling.Some family members worked outside for many years, and they were like migratory birds. When they were leisurely, they flew to Hangzhou, Cixi, Jiaxing, Huzhou and other places in Zhejiang. When they were busy, they rushed home, collect potatoes, and plant sea pepper seedlings.

Those who can tie them are children."If it wasn’t for pregnancy, who would like to stay at home every day, the kind of day when you make money by yourself, isn’t it fragrant?" Even if "I can’t afford to eat Haidilao, I haven’t bought more than 300 yuan clothes", the outside world is still "comfortable".They summarized the days when they brought their baby at home. When they got up early and rushed to the day, they went home to work. "Hold the child with a child with a left hand, holding a mobile phone with a price of less than 1,000 yuan in his right hand, and taking a video that can never be on."

There are always several to dozens of replys under their videos.In addition to being an alien people who are working abroad, there are also some ridicule, confession, and seeking relationships of the opposite sex.

Zhou Ling bid farewell to such a day in 2015.In a new environment, she concealed her experience of getting married and giving birth to a child.She changed her name to herself, and later the nicknames on the Internet plus the attributives such as "driving a truck" and "big truck driver".She obtained a C1 driver’s license in June 2016."Because someone introduced the object to me, I wanted to buy a car." The relationship was endless.

She can earn 13,000 yuan every month, and she has "fully controlling" her income.After divorcing Cheng Xing, she paid the latest Apple mobile phone in installments and drove A2 driving license to reward herself a more than 9,000 yuan Langqin watch.This year’s birthday was on the highway. The three -round gold bracelet on her right wrist was a birthday gift she gave herself.

After leaving the first marriage, Zhou Ling hadn’t returned home for 3 years and had never contacted her children.In May 2018, she and Cheng Xing registered to get married.According to her, she sent a bank card to her father in advance, which deposited 10,000 yuan.Then the father gave her a hukou courier in the town.

She and Cheng Xing’s wedding, 10 trucks were used as weddings.The woman did not have a relative and friend, and Zhou Ling’s parents did not come.

I asked Zhou Ling’s sister, "If you don’t know that she has been violent, then it will be strange when she receives her invitation to get married with Cheng Xing. How can I get married again?"

"I’m not very clear, I don’t know where to start." The other party replied, her contact with the younger sister "has more this year."

When the documentary was filmed, they returned to Dashan.The new house of his brother’s house has been built, and his parents and your brother live.She was coquettish in front of her parents, took them to the town to buy clothes, and kissed her father generously in front of the camera.

The filming team also went to the school where her son was studying.During the class, she called the child to the door of the classroom and hugged the child. "幺, I’m a mother, don’t you recognize me?" The child looked indifferent, without tears flowing down, she repeatedly wiped the corner of the child’s eyes and the corner of the child andFace.

the truth

The sky is gradually lighter, and our car is driving into the city.Zhou Ling took the spirit because the city was more "dangerous" than the highway -accidentally drove into the restricted area. The logistics garden road was easily scraped off by the roof, and there was a narrow head -up area.

"Who is the most important person for you?" We chatted at lunch.She was embarrassed, shook her head and said, no.

After the documentary was broadcast, her fans rose again.When I interviewed her, she already had nearly 240,000 fans.She accepted several interviews, and some netizens privately commented that she was "the mother who abandoned her child."

"I said, which eye you saw me abandoned the child, there was no contact because there was no contact information, and although I had been working to make money, I didn’t save money," she added, "I am afraid of being caught by them."Later, she wrote in the personal data column," No longer accepted media interviews. "

She told me that "many Internet celebrities have teams", and she has only one person, and no one can discuss it.Some card friends told her in the tone of the person who came over, "Find a few people who have experienced these things to sit down and study how to go in the future, I dare not mess up again."

"You know more people and right and wrong." She was afraid of cyber violence.She told me an example of Qiao Renliang’s parents, saying that Lin Shengbin, who had lost his family in the fire, "netizens can dig deep."

In the first interview, we talked about the influence of the media. She bluntly said, "If the People’s Daily comes to interview me."

She asked me if I interviewed a post -95 volunteer, and the other party assisted Wuhan during the epidemic last year, and was later commended.Those honors, like each other’s more than 2 million fans, envy her.

She hopes that I can help introduce a young man who wants to marry a "brother"."Brother soldiers should be very qualified, it is best to be warm men. But I’m afraid that people don’t look at me. I save money first, and the house has been bought. He retired and I can drive him."

Zhou Ling cares about the evaluation of netizens, "I want to make my reputation better."She closed the live broadcast reward function and did not PK with other anchors.She has a good sales of a piece of glasses with goods, selling more than 3,000 pairs.In our chat, "My Fan" replaced "My Friends". After getting A2 driver’s license, she most wanted to "thank 130,000 fans for their support".

Accepting media interviews or live broadcast, she also intentionally or unintentionally shaped Cheng Xing’s image.Her narrative puts together Cheng Xing’s image: stingy, can’t bear to do dozens of pieces of fruit money; he has a strong temper, throwing her on the high -speed road in anger; he is not considerate, because playing mahjong forgot to pick her up, let her have surgery alone in the hospital alone for surgery.Pour your own urine bag.She claims to be Cheng Xing’s "money -making machine"."I live a live broadcast for an hour or two, less than 100 yuan, and more than 1,000 yuan." Earlier we talked about her income of live broadcast rewards.

Last year, she announced to her fans that she had divorced on July 1, 2020 because of "money".The divorce certificate Cheng Xing showed me that they divorced in February 2021.In June this year, after the documentary was broadcast, she changed his mouth "Divorce is because of children." The camera near the film was what they said when they quarreled, and Cheng Xing on his head said, "Then you go with your child.""Cheng Xing cannot accept her child" has become the reason why the audience interpret their marriage.

Cheng Xing said that he has not watched that documentary so far.The card friends who are familiar with the couple questioned Zhou Ling, why do you say that Lao Cheng, how do he live in the future?She explained to Cheng Xing that she didn’t know that there was a few words at the end of the documentary.While continuing to ask the fans, "there is a reason for my divorce in the documentary."

Her video has repeatedly showed her fate.His father is an adoptive father, and he is "not (parent)."Some netizens commented, "When will the performance be performed?", "Her face and her father and her sister are simply carved by a mold."

I found his father and cousin to verify, and they denied her saying, "I don’t know what she is doing."

Facing many of my doubts, she did not answer.

For the last interview, I tried to let go of those "different voices" and talk with her again.I clumsyly hinted that some details are unnecessary, and real life itself has power.

I pointed out that some facts are contradictory with the content before and after her interview."The cause of domestic violence? Location? Also, since domestic violence occurred in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, why did it take a picture of the scars taken in the photo studio in Yunnan Town?" I asked.In my first interview with her, after she mentioned the last family violence, she took pictures of domestic violence in the town, and then fled her hometown in Yunnan.

"It is the first time in Jiaxing, and returning to her hometown is the second time. Is there any way to go?" She seemed straightforward.

"You said yesterday that the three family violence was (occurred) in Jiaxing." I asked not to let go.

"Since I don’t believe it, I don’t need to continue talking with you, thank you." She said.

On September 24th, she announced the "retreat", and she stated in that "retreat" that sharing her story online is to "spread positive energy" – "what you want must rely on her own handsCreate, including female friends facing domestic violence, must be brave (ground) tolerance and refuse domestic violence. "But because he realized that" your own strength is too small "," the Internet is the muddy water"And)."

And I think "real" is the most powerful.My feelings for her also become complicated and difficult to express from "I particularly like" at the beginning.Before submitting the manuscript, I changed her real name to a pseudonym in the article, hoping not to hurt her.Because this is not just a girl’s story, each of us may see our weaknesses from the story.

The circle of her friends silently recovered to me and closed again.I didn’t contact her anymore. The short -term circle of friends "window period", I saw a few garlics planted in a half -cut plastic bottle, and worked hard to grow.

Ma Yuping Source: China Youth Daily

Source: China Youth Daily

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