High blood pressure during pregnancy may affect children’s vision … Let’s listen to healthy early smells together!April 21, 2023


"China Children’s Development Report 2023" proposes: promoting high -quality development of rural children in rural areas

The "China Children’s Development Report 2023: Promoting the High -quality Development of Rural Children" released on April 19 pointed out that the current development of rural children in my country has made great progress, and in terms of nutrition and health, education level and quality, protection, etc. Make substantial progress.Although the gap between urban and rural areas has narrowed in some development indicators, the gap is still large.

The development of the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine must crack basic problems

On April 20, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" Chinese Medicine Culture Promotion Project Implementation Plan "and the construction of the construction of traditional Chinese medicine culture.According to reports, the current development of the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine is facing basic problems such as unbalanced regional development and unclear cultural resources.During the "14th Five -Year Plan" period, it will focus on the establishment of the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, solve relevant basic problems, and promote the cause of the Chinese Medicine Museum to move towards the goal of high -quality development.


Jiangsu: Bellying to help areas in weak medical resources in the province

The "Implementation Plan for the Construction Regional Medical Center in the weak regions of the Jiangsu Pedestries in the province" was recently released.The relationship is proposed that by 2025, each supported municipal hospital will strive to build one or two provincial specialized regional medical centers. Each of the county -level hospitals will be established to build a municipal medical center to work hard to achieve "general diseases in cities and counties."

Guizhou: Planning and Construction of 100 County Medical Second Center

According to the Guizhou Provincial Health and Health Commission, Guizhou is currently deploying 100 county medical care centers in Guizhou.The development model of the room (community health service station), accelerate the construction of a close medical community of the county, and improve the rural medical and health service system.

science and technology

High blood pressure during pregnancy may affect children’s vision

A large sample queue of Chinese scholars confirmed that the mother’s hypertension during pregnancy was related to the refractive (myopia, endless vision, and astigmatism); the mother suffered from hypertension during pregnancy.The risk of light increased by 39%.Related research papers have been published in the international academic journal "American Medical Association Magazine · Network Open".

Studies have shown physical and mental connections in the brain

Why do many people pace back and forth when anxious?Why do people who often exercise often have more positive mentality?American researchers have found that the reason may be that the brain structure, that is, the brain area that directly controls the human action is intertwined with the area responsible for thinking and planning, so that the two interact with each other, which is one of the physical and mental integration.Relevant research papers published on the 19th in the British magazine "Nature".


Malburgh virus died in 11 confirmed patients in the equatorial Guinea

According to Xinhua News Agency, the official website of the Equatorial Guinea government issued a public website on the 18th that the country’s recent outbreak of Malburg virus disease has killed 11 diagnosis patients.According to the latest notice of the World Health Organization, the country also reported 23 possible cases, all of which have died.Malburgh virus is a severe viral hemorrhage caused by Malburg virus. Symptoms include high fever, headache, muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding, etc., with an average mortality rate of about 50%.

At least 80 people died in Sana, the capital of Yemen

According to Xinhua News Agency, the charitable material distribution point of the Capital Saaba, the capital of Yemen, trampled on the evening of the 19th, causing at least 80 people to die and 220 people injured.The Massila -controlled Massila TV quoted the Hussean armed spokesperson saying that some merchants did not approve cash in the street without the management department, causing a tragedy.The merchants involved have been arrested.


What is the new type of Bonia virus infection?

The infectious disease caused by the new Benia virus infection, also known as the heating -in -law platelet reduction syndrome, is mainly transmitted by the bitter bite.In the popular areas of the disease, the infection rate of sheep, cattle, dogs, chickens and other animals is high, and domestic animals or wild animals may become a source of infection. Some patients have a clear history of tapeworm biting before the onset.Things are contagious.

After being bitten by tapeworms, fever, platelet decreased, white blood cells, reduced gastrointestinal symptoms, and multiple organ damage. In severe cases, dyingInter -communication.

The disease is currently no different treatment method, mainly for symptomatic support treatment.Therefore, prevention is fundamental.If you are bitten by a tapeworm, don’t panic, you should deal with it in time and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Today’s weather

From 20:00 on April 20th to 20:00, there are small to medium snow or rain in the Henghe region of Inner Mongolia, the eastern part of the northwest region, and the central and northern parts of Shanxi.To Blizzard.The central and eastern parts of the Sichuan Basin, the western Chongqing, the majority of Guizhou, the northeast of Guangxi, and the western parts of Guangdong have medium to heavy rain. Among them, there are heavy rain or heavy rain in the northeast of the Sichuan Basin, central, western Chongqing, and northeast of Guangxi.Essence

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