How can a married woman pregnant with a lover, how can I face her husband who loves her?

Netizens come to letter:

For a few years of marriage, my husband and I have a good relationship with my husband, but it is not too bad.Mainly my husband treats me well.However, one thing that makes me tangled, my husband is a little short in that aspect, showing a completely cold and cold, so our husband and wife life is very uncomfortable.I can’t help seduce. I have a lover outside. The lover does not know that I am married, and we are starting to associate as a lover.Until recently, I found that I was pregnant with a lover’s child, and I started to tangled and suffer, and encountered a difficult place for choice.

Lover has always thought that I am single, and I have repeatedly proposed to marry me. I said that the time would not fall. I haven’t considered an excuse to avoid it.In fact, in my heart, I still feel that I am inseparable from my husband. Although we are not in sexual disagreement, I am a happy woman in life.Her husband is old and sincere, with high income and stable income, and the lover and my husband are just the opposite. The personality is very bad and occasionally irritable.I have been angry with me many times. Although I apologize to me every time, I always feel uneasy, have no sense of security, and with him, maybe what I need is just sex.

I was pregnant for the first time, cherished, to be honest, I don’t want to lose this child, although the child is not my husband.This kind of thing dares not to drag again, and I can’t hide it. In the contradiction, I have made the worst plans. As long as I can keep the child, I can confess everything with my husband.What surprised me was that my husband not only did not blame me, but also agreed to give birth to the child, and then treat it as a child to raise it! I am very happy, surprised, but at the same time uneasy.

I am very contradictory now. Although I insist on giving birth to a child, I am afraid that when I grow up, I will ask me why I do n’t look like my father. I will know the truth. I ca n’t face it.Afraid that once there is a contradiction with her husband in the future, he will use this to humiliate me as a handle.Also, when I knew that I was pregnant, I immediately divided my lover, and he didn’t know what I was pregnant now.But I sometimes think of him, I can’t forget it, as if it is addicted, what should I do?

Xiao Pan replied:

I can feel your contradictions, your real heart, and when the child grows up from time to time, you will find his life. Since this child is pregnant and is a lover’s child, it is destined to be special in life. In fact, you have to face it. In factWhat you are in pain is why your husband does not have the enthusiastic passion of the lover, and why the lover does not have the thoughtfulness of her husband.Ask yourself, if these two people have what you want on the other party, your choice is not difficult and will not be tangled again.In fact, if there is such a perfect thing or your heart, maybe, there is no such thing as a lover.Or, a lover is slightly considerate, and you will run towards the lover without hesitation.Although it is not good, but with my judgment and analysis, it should be your true heart.

It is meaningless to discuss these now, and only analyze what you should do next.

First, don’t think about it anymore, spend a good time with her husband. After all, he can tolerate such things. It is not what ordinary men can do. It is because he owns you because of his sexuality.Willing to open one eye and close one eye.However, you ca n’t use the good intentions of the other party as a contempt. You should be moved, and you should have a good time to live a good life. Then, the idea is to help your husband actively treat physiological or psychological coldness.Don’t think of too much concern in the future. After all, there is nothing that happens, and there will be no answers to tell you that it will happen or must not happen.

The second is to divorce her husband and marry a child’s father. In this way, they will face the child in the future, and they will not worry about the child’s question.However, what you have to bear is his bad temper, and what you have to consider is whether the gap in income will affect your quality of life.At the same time, you need to remind you that the lover does not know that you are married, and you don’t know that you are pregnant. If you are married, what will he react, will he mind?Knowing that you are pregnant, will he think it is not his own, and this situation is not impossible.Once it happens, what will you react and how will you choose?

The situation is roughly, and the advantages and disadvantages weigh itself.Calm down and ask yourself, where is it more inclined to your heart.

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