How can an elderly young woman be deceived and pregnant?

Today, I will share a case of love and deceive. We must look at the object with the objects to see the other party, otherwise it will be too late after being deceived.Ms. Wang, who lives in Qingjiang Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City, is 38 years old, but has not found a suitable person to get married.Parents watching her daughter is busy working every day, and she was at home after get off work. Ms. Wang’s parents looked in her heart in her eyes and tried her best to let Ms. Wang find the object and live a normal family life they think.

Ms. Wang also felt that her parents worked for her for a lifetime, and it was not easy. She should listen to her parents.Therefore, she is constantly trying to help her find a suitable partner through entrusting friends and classmates.In July last year, Ms. Wang met Mr. Liu, 42, on the Internet. Liu claimed to live in Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, and now works in a logistics company in Shibei District, Qingdao.Divorced in May 2019, gave birth to a daughter after marriage, and now lives with her mother.At present, he lives alone. After understanding the situation, Ms. Wang wants to meet and talk.

In August 2021, the two agreed to meet near Qingdao Taidongli Commercial Building in Qingdao.After the two met, they felt very fate.For a few days in a row, they dated and eaten every day. They talked about life and the future. Ms. Wang held Liu with the purpose of marriage.During the period, Ms. Wang couldn’t stand Liu’s coax, and she had sex with Liu, which led to the pregnancy of Ms. Wang.

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Since then, because Ms. Wang is very unfamiliar with Liu, her understanding of him is only superficial.Who is Liu in the end, Ms. Wang did not know.In order to stabilize, Ms. Wang learned through a trustees investigation and found that Liu did not divorce in his hometown, and there were two children in the family.

After learning about the truth, Ms. Wang was angry and regretted, and regretted that she did not find out Liu’s bottom details in advance and interacted with him.As a result, Ms. Wang also decisively aborted.Attorney Zhang, Ms. Wang now asked, she had a gender relationship with Liu in the wrong cognition, and caused him to be pregnant and aborted. Was Liu infringing his personality rights, whether Liu should compensate her to compensate her for herPsychological damage.

Zhang Zhenhai, president of the Legal Culture Research Association and lawyer of Qingdao City, said: Liu concealed the fact that he had married and had no divorce. He lied that he had a single relationship with Ms. Wang.In the end, after having a gender relationship with Liu, she was pregnant and aborted artificially, causing physical and mental damage to Ms. Wang, and infringing the general personality of Ms. Wang.

Liu’s behavior has a causal relationship with Ms. Wang’s damage. Liu’s behavior is obviously contrary to social morality and public order and good customs. He has disrupted and trustworthy and moral standards. He infringes Ms. Wang’s legitimate civil rights and should bear the liability of infringement.

At the same time, as a full -scale civilian ability, Ms. Wang had a gender relationship with Liu without fully understanding Liu. There was also a certain fault, and she should have a certain responsibility.

According to Article 991 of the "People’s Republic of China", the personality rights of civil subjects are protected by law, and no organization or individual may infringe.Liu infringed Ms. Wang’s physical rights and health rights. She should compensate Ms. Wang’s mental damage to about 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

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