How can the post -90s couple who have been infertility after marriage?

For patients, Ms. Li and her husband were college classmates. After five years of good love, the two got married, but who knew that they had not been pregnant after marriage, and the two were very anxious.

Later, I learned that the woman was pregnant once during college. Due to school reasons, she chose to perform surgery. In the local hospital in my hometown, it was checked that the fallopian tubes were not unable., Repeated fallopian tube liquid, but there is no effect.On the New Year, the couple did not dare to go home, fearing that their parents were disappointed, and they were afraid of their relatives and friends.

Ms. Li’s husband inadvertently heard that students who had been infertility for many years were happy after treatment in our hospital, and came to the hospital

After I did it for her, I found that Ms. Li suffered from ovarian chocolate cysts and bilateral fallopian tubes. Her husband was less spermatic.After finding the cause, the symptomatic treatment was found. The woman gave the palace and laparoscopic surgery for combined treatment. The bilateral ovarian chocolate cysts were removed during the operation, the pelvic adhesion was separated, and the bilateral tubes were dredged.The man gave comprehensive treatment to improve sperm activity.I often encourage couples to establish confidence, reduce stress, and feel at ease.

After 4 months of treatment, Ms. Li was pregnant successfully. When she saw the color Doppler report form reminds her early pregnancy, the couple cried very much.

Infertility is very common. Due to infertility, it has brought huge pain and trouble to many families. Now there are many reasons for infertility.Children, in this case, you may choose various methods for contraception. Some women may cause females in infections in women if they often take contraceptives or use condoms.Symptoms, some men may also cause some infertility, so symptomatic treatment should be performed according to different symptoms, and they can be given normally.

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