How did the crazy canned yellow peach "sealed the gods" in the Northeast?

China News Service, December 12th. Recently, with the further optimization of the epidemic prevention and control policy, the demand for antipyretic drugs, N95 masks, and new coronal virus antigen kits has risen, and even out of stock has occurred.However, in a lot of epidemic prevention supplies, the unexpected redness of canned yellow head is incredible.

"Children in Northeast China, which is a child in childhood, you must not eat a can of cans, just eat canned diseases."

Even the manufacturers deliberately rumored that there was no drug effect and persuaded netizens to rationally hoard the yellow peach canned heads of the "artifacts" for the treatment of colds and fever in the eyes of Northeast people?

Products under the Age of Materials Scarce

"When I was sick when I was young, my family would feed me some canned yellow peaches to eat, cool, sweet, and it would be much more comfortable after eating." For many Northeast people, canned yellow peaches can be eaten when fever and cold.Become a part of the treatment of the disease, and it can even be nicknamed "Northeast Metaphysics".

The fruit shelves of the fruit on the social platform, the canned yellow peach can be sold out.Screenshots are from a social platform.

However, in fact, cold and fever to eat canned food is just the helpless move of the Northeast people in the age of supplies.In the early days of yellow peach, it was just the "younger brother" of many canned canned food.

"When I was a kid, I had a fever and a cold. In addition to the normal prescribing medicine, the doctor would also instructed to eat canned fruit. In fact, it was because of the sugar in the can." Ms. Qiu, who lives in Liaoning, told China New Finance.Recovery, but at that time, the sugar was very expensive, so it was used to replace it with canned fruit. "

In addition to alternative sugar, canned fruit is the "stand -in" of fresh fruits.In the past, the fruits in the Northeast were rare, and almost only apples, pears, and peaches, and it was difficult to transport and store.Therefore, it is convenient to store, taste sweet but not greasy, and can also replenish canned fruit, sugar and vitamin C, and become the preferred nutritional products for the Northeast people in the sick.

Canned Huang Tao’s "turn over" in the northeast

According to Ms. Qiu, the earliest canned fruit on the market includes canned orange, canned apple, canned pineapple, canned yellow peach, and so on. Among them, the most popular are canned orange and apple cans.

"Orange is rare in the northeast, so there are many people who like to buy canned oranges; the production of Apple in the Northeast is the cheapest price, and there are many people who buy it." In contrast, canned yellow peach is actually not easy to sell.

This situation changed in the 1990s.At that time, the merchant played the "Tu Gei" killer in the propaganda."Peach wood wicked evil,‘ peach ’is a homophonic with‘ escape ’. Eating yellow peaches can‘ escape the calamity ’, so it spreads.”

Since then, the canned Huang Tao has forced a lot of fruits to become a veritable "King of Canned Fruit" in the Northeast.The canned yellow peach is not only a nutrition product purchased when a fever and a cold.Festive.

From the early canned food, to the establishment of the brand after the "Trademark Law" was promulgated, the Northeast people who liked canned yellow peach also brought a lot of fruit manufacturers in Northeast China, such as Linjiapu, sincerity, etc.Yellow Tao’s Liaoning Dalian.

Experts and manufacturers remind: There are no drugs and rational stocking

Today, in the development of the Internet era, the Northeast people’s enthusiasm for canned yellow peach also infected the current southerners.After the canned Huang Tao can become popular, many southern netizens also emotioned: "I am also panicked. After 30 years, I never know that canned yellow peach can have this effect.

But can canned yellow peach can really treat a fever and cold?

According to media reports, Gao Xiaoling, deputy director of the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, reminded that the canned yellow peach can be a special effect of fever and cough. It is more a sweet "placebo".Especially when coughing symptoms, sweets such as canned yellow peach can increase cough.

The canned company Linjiapu recently issued a statement saying that the canned Huang Tao can have no medicinal effects.

The Lin Jiapu also recently issued a statement saying that the canned Huang Tao has no effect effect, but it can relieve discomfort when he is sick and not appetizing.It is also said that the current yellow peach cans are sufficient. It is recommended that netizens rationally stock up and do not follow blindly.

However, for many Northeasters, canned yellow peach is still the mind comfort when he is sick. "Canned yellow peach can bless every Northeast child."

Source: China News Network

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