How did you find that you are pregnant?I don’t know, some Baoma’s reflex arc is too long

A few days ago, I saw a very warm video on a sound, and a girl gave her husband a gift.The box packaging is exquisite. The boy was originally stunned and didn’t know what it was.Thinking about the New Year, what does this mean?Should I be happy or happy?

I do n’t know if there are any friends who have brushed this, and have n’t seen it yet. Everyone guess what the box was installed in the box?

Well, I won’t sell Guanzi anymore.In fact, there are two pregnancy test sticks in the box, and there are two bars.When the boy saw it, he shocked it, but the radian of the corner of his mouth rose immediately. It can be seen that the prospective father was happy from the heart.Later, he got up and hugged his daughter -in -law to make a circle, so that the bacteria felt full of dog food.

So the bacteria suddenly wondered, thinking about how do you know that he was pregnant at the beginning?I simply collected the Internet answers. I do n’t know how to see it. After seeing it, I know that some Ma Ma is really too long.

Conventional class:

@认 小-: I want to say that folic acid is prepared for pregnancy, consult with my colleagues, buy David’s ovulation test strip, and then delay the menstruation for 5 days.

The bacteria want to say that this Ma Ma is really a good pregnancy, and it is just that it is really happy.

@Will not die: I will come to my aunt in a week, and my husband goes on duty for a day.At that time, I was not prepared to have a child, and I suddenly felt that I was going to test it.

Baby: Surprise?Isn’t it surprising?This may be the so -called inadvertently inserting willow …

The two above are normal. Let’s take a look at the processes you never thought of.

Intuition Super God:

@: Speaking of this is more amazing. One morning, she washed half of her face and washed, and suddenly a thought came out: I was going to be a mother at the end of the year, and then my aunt was postponed for 3 days.

Is it so powerful, can you help the bacteria to buy a lottery ticket?

@糯: There is a kind of intuition that tells me … I seem to be pregnant

… It’s really intuitive.

Suddenly imaginative category:

@: That line is always nauseous, thinking that it is not good to have the spleen, lungs and kidneys.On the same day, her husband’s birthday was suddenly on the way home, and she wanted to buy a pregnancy test stick on the way home. She teased her husband and gave him a birthday gift. As a result, he was really pregnant.

@: Children’s Day was awakened by urine in the morning, a good test, ah, pregnant …

@: It is boring on the birthday. When I urinate, I think that there is still a test stick.Each time I doubted that I had tested for less than 30 times … I really didn’t have any hope, and now I am almost six months pregnant.

According to this probability, it is speculated that one section should be tested at a festival, and you can go to the birthday when you have a birthday?

Crying and laughing do not class:

@ @Sususususan: Three days in a row, you must have meat every meal. If you do n’t eat, you ca n’t live. The colleague reminds you that you will not be pregnant.

@Poisonousdolores: It’s so sleepy to doubt life, so hungry to doubt life, and my aunt didn’t come.

@搭: Take a taxi, the driver said that when I look at my face, I know that I am pregnant. The next day I took a test paper test, and she was pregnant.

I just want to say that the driver’s elder brother is powerful, hidden, and this ability …

After reading these Ma Ma’s experienced and laughing experiences, the bacteria just want to say, "Master, this is really a master."Then I wanted to ask Mom, how did you know that he was pregnant at that time?Did you make any oolong?

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