How do you find that you are pregnant?Answer a strange thing hahahahahahaha

It is said that it is stupid for three years

you do not say

Some girls have been stupid since they were pregnant

” How do you find that you are pregnant?” “

01. Who said the dog is stupid?Smart than others!

@Anonymous User:

There is a silly white sweet dog at home. The dog loves to do it. It does not do a lot. Every day, my husband and I have to be poured by the door to the door to enter the door.

However, suddenly from one day, it just rushed to my husband every time. It is estimated that it was a mistake that it made a mistake a few days ago. This guy revenge!

But then, it began to accompany me squatting the toilet …

You know, every time it takes a bath, it is a battle, but the toilet is hate not close to half a step.

But at that time, I accompanied the mobile phone for half an hour on the toilet.

What’s even more interesting is that the old public joke took me a little, and the dog roared him for several minutes.

Husband is joking and said that you won’t be pregnant, you see it protects you so tightly.

Then we remembered buying a pregnancy test stick to test, but the result was really pregnant!

02. Women do not have reasonableness, maybe it is not necessarily confusing


Suddenly, from a certain day, how did I think my husband was not pleasing to the eye?

Drag the ground without cleaning, wash a bowl of a bowl, do not wipe, a little garbage and not poured in time … Even the water that was poured to me was a little bit hot, I felt that he was annoying, and I wanted to quarrel with him if I was okay…. …

Now that I think about it, I am very unreasonable, but I was particularly angry at the time!

When he was getting angry, his husband suddenly grabbed my wrist, saying "Mrs. Mo was angry! Be careful with the fetal gas!"

I was amused by him, and now I lost my temper and made a group with him, but I felt a little wrong in my heart.

Then the two of us ran to the hospital for blood to test the blood, but the result was really pregnant!

Later, her husband was proud. He always said that he knew the arrival of our baby in advance, and I believed him a ghost!

03. Orthopedician did a gynecologist


For a while, I have always burst into sleep. I have a special function of sleeping for the first time. I can’t sleep well at night. I always feel that I feel uncomfortable to sleep.

Nothing is the long -term office desk work that has led to serious cervical spine problems.

So, I made the biggest "dead" so far, and ran to the hospital to take a X -rays to check the cervical spine without any protection.

Fortunately, I went to a cervical hospital for a Chinese medicine hospital.

At that time, the doctor’s doctor saw that there was no problem with me, and listened to me and said that she couldn’t sleep well at night. She suddenly flashed, pulled my hand, and gave me a pulse.

Then the wrist was caught, and the joy was out.

At that time, the atmosphere was a little panicked, because pregnant women should avoid radiation, and I just took two photos as dead.

The doctor who took the consultation asked another orthopedist next to me to confirm the pulse again. The two orthopedics doctors both said that my pulse was really slippery (joy).Let me go back and go to the hospital to see the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Then the cervical spine is no longer important. Quickly go to the gynecological check, really getting pregnant!

Fortunately, the doctor at the Women’s Institute confirmed that the trace radiation in the early days did not affect it, and then I ate Xinxin Pill and started my pregnancy journey.

I can only say that I would like to thank Chinese medicine and thank our traditional medicine!

If you find that you are pregnant, you can’t do it, but you can’t think of it!

but!At the critical moment, we really can’t be confused, girls!

In case the baby is coming, and you are stupid and don’t know what you have done, wouldn’t it be …

This is not possible!Hurry up and see what can let us discover pregnancy as soon as possible!

How long does it take to combine sperm and eggs

The first step is to review the process and time of fertilization.

After the husband and wife are in the same room, men’s semen will enter the female vagina. The fastest time for sperm to reach the fallopian tube is several minutes, the latest reaching time is 4-6 hours, and the time for normal situation is 1-1.5 hours.

Next, it takes at least 7-13 days for sperm and eggs.

After the sperm and egg are combined as fertilized eggs: After 36 hours of fertilized eggs divide into 2 cells; after 72 hours, mulberry embryos split into 16 cells; on the 4th day after fertilization, mulberry embryos have been split into 48 embryos, positive, and positive.Ready to enter the endometrium of the uterine; on the 6th to 7th day after fertilization, the bubbles began to bed and started to form a placenta.

This is the real beginning of pregnancy.

Therefore, it takes about 8 days to start from the same room to pregnancy, and then after 3 days of pregnancy, the body and urine will change to a certain amount.

At this time, we must find a way to seize the clues of this change to find out the evidence of our pregnancy!

The first move: menstrual inspection method

Time: 35 days or even longer

This is a long time, but it is also a more commonly used way to know if you are pregnant.

Generally speaking, healthy women with a history of sexual life in childcare periods, usually the rules of menstrual cycle, should consider whether to get pregnant once menstruation is delayed.Menstruation is delayed for more than 10 days, and the possibility of pregnancy should be highly suspected.

Important reminder

It should be noted that delayed menstruation is the earliest sign of pregnancy, but it is not the unique symptoms of pregnancy. The causes of delayed menstruation are gynecological diseases, mental factors, excessive weight loss, and drug impact.

Therefore, when menopause, if you want to diagnose whether you are pregnant, it is recommended to go to the hospital for detailed examination.

Second trick: B -ultrasound

Time: 5 weeks of pregnancy

Accuracy: 99%

The main purpose of B -ultrasound in early pregnancy is to determine intrauterine pregnancy, eliminate ectopic pregnancy and nourish cell diseases, estimate the pregnancy age, and eliminate pelvic lumps or uterine abnormalities.

Generally, the pregnancy sac can be seen in the uterine cavity at 35 days; at 6 weeks of pregnancy, the germ and primitive heart tube can be seen.

Diagnosis of early pregnancy with B -ultrasound is the most correct and reliable method.On the type B ultrasonic screen, there is a circular aura in the uterus, also known as the pregnancy ring, and the dark region in the ring is amniotic fluid. It can also be seen that the rhythmic fetal heart beats.

The third trick: early pregnancy test strip test

Time: Two weeks in the same room

Accuracy: 55%-90%

The pregnancy test stick is judged by detecting the HCG value of the urine. This hormone is manufactured by the placenta. Generally, it will appear in the urine after a few days of pregnancy, but at the beginningIt may be inaccurate. If you want to test whether you are pregnant, the results will not be obvious when 10 to 14 days after pregnancy.

Therefore, early pregnancy test strip testing is generally detected after two weeks in the same room, and the detection urine is best for morning urine. After 5-10 days of menstruation, the test will be tested after 5-10 days. The results will be more accurate.The test may be inaccurate.

Important reminder

Early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks can only be used as a preliminary judgment of pregnancy screening, and cannot be used as a diagnosis method.In order to avoid ectopic pregnancy and the healthy development of the fetus, they must go to the hospital for further examination.

The fourth trick: blood HCG examination

Time: 8-10 days after the same room

Accuracy: 99%

Under normal circumstances, blood HCG can be done 8-10 days after the same room to determine whether you are pregnant.Check the HCG value through the blood "quantitative" of the blood, and detect urine than the ordinary early pregnancy test strip. It can respond more sensitive and accurately to whether pregnancy is more than 99%.

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