How does adenoscles affect pregnancy, Professor Sun Aida will tell you

If you are the sisters who are suffering from adenoscles, I hope that this article will be very helpful to you. Our national adenomy patient exchange group has been opened. I can invite you to join the WeChat group in private messages!

Aginoplasma causes pregnancy difficulty!At present, the prevalence of global infertility is getting higher and higher. Among them, uterine adenomia is also an important factor in female infertility.So why do uterine adenomia cause infertility?Professor Sun Aida from Beijing Oriental Pooda Hospital comes to confuse the sisters!

Uterine adenomyotomy is caused by the intrusion of the endometrium to the growth of the uterine muscle layer. When the lesion in this uterine muscle layer is large or the lesion is scattered, it is possible that this lesion will compress the fallopian tube and cause fertilization to fertilize fertilization.It is difficult to enter the uterine cavity, which hinders the encounter between sperm and eggs, and naturally cannot get pregnant!

In the early stages of adenomy disease, the chance of pregnancy is relatively high!In the initial condition of adenoscles, there is less infertility in patients. This is a general law. At the stage when the disease of adenomy disease is more serious, for example, it has been developed for many years, so such patients are infertile.More.

Of course, due to the rapid work and rest of the current life, some sisters may start to be a bit uncomfortable many years ago, but they couldn’t care about it at that time.Maybe she may be in the early stages of adenomy, and she doesn’t know itself.After a few years, when I was very painful, I went to the hospital for examination. The doctor told her: You are uterine adenomia.Then it may be difficult to get pregnant at this time, because she has been onset for a long time before discovering adenomia.

Professor Sun Aida from Beijing Oriental Pooda Hospital reminds the sisters of adenomy muscles: In the early stages of adenomy muscle disease, the chance of pregnancy will be greater than the chance of pregnancy, so in the middle and late stages, this is relatively prone to infertility.Therefore, for those patients who are in the early stages of onset, if there are still fertility requirements, it is recommended to try pregnancy as soon as possible, the faster the better.

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