How harmful to the baby during pregnancy?Pregnant mothers should master the truth

During learning that she is pregnant, expectant mothers generally feel "release stress", and the mental stress during pregnancy can finally temporarily "release stress" to enter the "excitement and worry" October pregnancy period.

For the prospective father, it is no doubt that it is happy and hopeful to become a dad’s information, but it takes a long time and will inevitably be trapped in the "difficult" situation.

After all, after pregnancy, it means that the couple cannot be close to everything, especially at the beginning and end of the pregnancy.The fetus is particularly sensitive and must always maintain pregnant mothers and babies.Therefore, for the prospective father at this stage, it is inevitable that there are some pains.

Not long ago, the cousin accompanied his wife to the pregnancy examination. The doctor saw him seriously and some doubts.But this expectant mother looks familiar. Didn’t you just check the inspection a few days ago?How come?

In response to the doctor’s understanding, the couple also dragged and did not open their mouths, and did not know how to show the situation to the doctor.In the end, his wife blushed to the doctor: Last night, the two of them did not hold back and slammed it. After that, they were very worried about what harm they would lead to the child, so they went to the hospital early in the morning for a medical examination.

After hearing this information, the doctor carefully explained their concerns:

"There is nothing. Under all normal situations, the first three months of pregnancy and the next three months of pregnancy make a reasonable behavior. At other times, in terms of the situation, a moderate marriage can be carried out.Later life: Because the first three months of pregnancy, the growth and development of the fetus have not yet occurred. When the husband and wife are intimate, it is likely to aggravate uterine contraction and even cause small yields. After three months of pregnancy, the fetus slowly grows and develops excessive movement.Very easily leading to the adverse effects of amniotic fluid in pregnant women and even premature fetal babies. "

After listening to the doctor’s expression, the cousin and wife finally relieved.

In fact, except for the beginning of the early and at the end of the pregnancy, the closeness of the intimacy at other times can be carried out at other times.Neglected.

1. Adjust the mentality of pregnant women and improve the relationship between husband and wife

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are generally more anxious and colorful, which will promote her husband and wife to develop inner communication, thereby alleviating the nervousness of pregnant women and adjusting the mentality of pregnant women.

Sometimes, you can also improve the various discomfort during pregnancy. Therefore, it is good for mothers to take moderate personal behavior in the same room within the time range of the doctor’s proposal.

2. Promote natural delivery

In addition, when the couple develops communication, in fact, they will practice their mother’s human body, and they will continue to exercise the theme activities of the bottom muscles and expansion.

In that way, during the whole process of delivery, it was very beneficial to Kai Gongkou and normal delivery, which relieved the pain of pregnant mothers.

3. Improve blood and CO2 supply to promote fetal growth and development

In the end, the Palace Palace is likely to be collected regularly in the same room.This kind of regular collection is likely to increase the supply of blood and CO2 of the palace palace, and virtually promote the growth and development of the fetus, making the fetus more and more healthier.

It can be seen that the moderate room in the same room during pregnancy is good for mothers and fetuses.Pregnant dads and expectant mothers don’t need to worry too much.

In the whole process of husband and wife sex, be sure to pay attention to the following four points:

1. Pay attention to frequency and intensity

First, pay attention to the frequency and category of the same room, and keep in mind that the current stage is already in the stage of pregnancy, and the frequency of life after marriage should be appropriately reduced.Sometimes I can, but don’t have to be too often.In the whole process, keep as gentle as possible, slow down, reduce time and reduce the irritation to the mother’s abdominal cavity.

2. Pay attention to hygiene problems

In addition, everyone must pay attention to hygiene problems.Both sides must do a good job of environmental sanitation and cleaning up to prevent each other from pollution.In addition, even during pregnancy, we must ensure safety and prevent extra inconvenience.

3. Pay attention to the range of time

Try to develop in the middle of pregnancy.It is not recommended to be close to the first three months and the next three months, otherwise it is likely to cause "poor" hazards to the fetus.

4. The health of pregnant mothers

Some pregnant mothers have weak physical fitness, and the growth and development of the fetus are unstable. For example, there are signs of abortion during early pregnancy, abnormal heartbeat in the fetus, and slow language development.At this time, you should pay attention to preventing life after marriage, and the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.If you do carry out, it is best to consult your doctor’s opinions and suggestions.

Although you can pay the same room during pregnancy, you must pay attention to many safety matters.Looking forward to everyone in mind.

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