How is mold vaginitis caused?Mainly these bad habits are making strange, please pay attention

Bacteria vaginitis is also the gynecological disease caused by the gynecological disease caused by the rosary invasion of Candida.Its main symptoms are vulvar itching, leucorrhea is tofu -like, accompanied by frequent urination, dysuria, and sexual intercourse pain, which is related to what factors.

1. Wear tight chemical fiber underwear

Many beautiful women like to wear tight -fitting chemical panties, which are really sexy and beautiful, but they will increase the local humidity and temperature of the vagina, and it will be suitable for mold growth.So try to wear loose all -cotton underwear, not over tight jeans.

2. Use public utensils

It is inevitable to use public utensils, such as toilet, bathtub or hotel beds, which may hide the mold that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Female -resistant women may have mold vaginitis after contacting.To cultivate good sanitary habits, try to choose the hotel as much as possible, and you cannot sleep naked in the hotel’s bed.Put a circle of toilet paper in front of the toilet.

3. Diabetes

Diabetic resistance has poor resistance, vaginal glycogen is high, and the pH is biased towards acidity, so it is easily damaged by mold.It is necessary to actively control blood sugar, and inject insulin or hypoglycemic drugs in strict accordance with the doctor’s instructions to avoid taking high sugar foods.Wash the vulva with soda water every two days, which can increase the vaginal pH value and inhibit the growth of mold.

4. Abuse antibiotics

Antibiotics can indeed kill pathogenic bacteria, but it will also inhibit some beneficial bacteria.If the abuse of broad -spectrum antibiotics will cause unbridled and drug -resistant bacteria in large quantities, which will cause mold vaginitis.Be careful with antibiotics and take medicine reasonably. Do not take antibiotics directly as soon as he is sick.

5. Excessive cleaning

Improper cleaning or excessive cleaning is also the main cause of mold vaginitis.Some women will frequently use disinfection agents or disinfection pads due to advertising misleading, which will destroy the vaginal micro -loop, lead to balanced imbalance, reduce vaginal antibacterial ability, and allows mold to take advantage of it.Under normal circumstances, use water to clean the vagina and wash it once a day.

6. Abuse of contraceptives

The estrogen contained in contraceptives will promote fungal mycelium and increase the probability of suffering from fungal vaginitis.Try not to use contraceptives and contraception, you may choose a condom.

7. Pregnancy

After pregnancy, the immunity decreases, the level of estrogen is high, and the original sugar in the vaginal tissue increases and is acidic. This environment is suitable for mold reproduction.In addition, the increase in sex hormones after pregnancy can also promote the generated mycelium, thereby cleaning and guiding tissue.Pay attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy, and try not to take medicine orally to avoid affecting fetal development.

Kind tips

The above is the main cause of mold vaginitis. Usually, preventive work is needed.In addition, wash the underwear as much as possible, and place it under the sun after washing.

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