How long can I get pregnant after stopping contraception?3 contraceptive methods, waiting for pregnancy time is also different

Many women in life adopt various ways to contraception. Reasonable contraception when there is no fertility plan can prevent accidental pregnancy.

Many women do not know how long to get pregnant after stopping contraceptives. In fact, how long they can be pregnant after stopping contraception, they should be determined according to the means of contraception and physical condition. Let ’s take a look at this in detail.

1. Breakfast ring

How long can women get pregnant after contraception, and should be determined according to specific contraceptive methods.If women use the use of birthplasses to achieve the effect of contraception, they can take out the birth rings when preparing for pregnancy. When the body recovers a good state, sexual life can be performed, so that it is not easy to have an impact.

Generally, after taking out the birth ring, you should check your health again after one month. If the body is recovered as early as the beginning, it is better to maintain a good state, and it is more appropriate to get pregnant after sexual life.

2. contraceptives

If women use contraceptives to contraception, the side effects of the drug may have a certain impact, and after the use of drugs, women’s ovulation will be suppressed, and endometrial growth will be affected.

However, it is best to wait for half a year if you want to get pregnant normally, because contraceptives also have side effects. Many people use contraceptives for a long time may cause damage to their bodies. ThereforeSome side effects are produced.

3, condom

If women are contraceptive in this way, how long can I get pregnant without considering?Because men’s sperm and women’s eggs cannot be combined with each other after use, they will not have pregnancy.This contraceptive method is safe and efficient. After stopping the use of condoms, sexual life can be pregnant normally.

Therefore, women who use contraception in this way do not need to pay attention to the relevant time. Generally, you want to get pregnant. Do not use a condom in the process of sex. After pregnancy, you will not have any impact. This is a comparison of condom contraceptives.Obvious benefit.

It can be seen that how long you can get pregnant after stopping contraception, and you should determine the time of pregnancy according to the method of contraception.If you do not pay attention to these issues, you will be pregnant blindly after contraception, which may have some impact.Therefore, women should pay attention to these problems, choose suitable ways to contracence, and the specific pregnancy time after contraception should also be determined. Pay attention to related issues before preparing for pregnancy.”””””

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