How long is it more appropriate to get pregnant after abortion?

1. It should not be dragged for too long for pregnancy time again

For re -reinforcement, doctors’ suggestions are more in line with the psychology of abortion women.Although the current medical community has not concluded how long the interval is after abortion, it is advisable to reduce the short interval as soon as possible under the condition of being able to withstand the body.

First of all, two psychology may have two psychology after natural abortion. One is that the abortion is caused by their own carelessness, which disappoints the family and has a certain self -blame for psychology.powerful.Over time, this psychological burden will become heavier, and in severe cases, negative emotions such as negative, despair and even irritability will be produced.This negative emotion can adversely affect the function of sexy glands.

Data show that if you have not been pregnant within 8 months after natural abortion, the confidence of pregnancy will decline.Although the abortion rate of pregnancy within 3 months after natural miscarriage is 16%-20%, compared with women with a pregnancy interval over 1 year, the incidence of abortion is significantly higher than those of pregnancy within 1 year.It can be seen that it is more suitable for pregnancy as soon as possible after abortion.

2. regular menstruation, the indicators can be pregnant normally

How can I know that the timing of pregnancy has arrived again? Generally, for women with mild symptoms and women who have not performed clearance, in fact, the trauma of her uterine endometrium is relatively small.The impact is not great. Therefore, after the recuperation, there has been a regular menstrual cycle, and without other abnormal indicators, the second month can be prepared again.

What preparations do I need to do after abortion?

1. Find the source of abortion and do a good job of reducing pre -pregnancy

After miscarriage, it is very important, but it seems more important to understand why the root cause of miscarriage.Studies have shown that at the moment when the fertilized eggs develop into embryos, chromosomal abnormalities may occur, which is equivalent to buried an irregular bomb of abortion; and some people are induced by their own conditioning during pregnancy;Some people are also habitual abortion, and there are many possibilities for the cause, such as the mental state, uterine lesions, and chronic diseases such as diabetes, diabetes, and thyroid secretion disorders.Therefore, it is necessary to find the root source to be treated for treatment and prepare for the next birth.

2. Do a good pre -pregnancy examination before pregnancy

Women after abortion first need to rest a certain rest.Genital tubes such as uterus and ovaries after abortion must be restored to normal, and it takes a period of time to perform appropriate recuperation and repair.Therefore, a certain nutritional supplement should be made on the basis of paying attention to rest, but it should not be excessive, because the body can be self -sufficient at this time.At the same time, pay attention to small details in life, such as avoiding excessive fatigue and cold water stimulus.After the body is well recuperated, you need to go to the hospital for various indicators, including reproductive endocrine function, cervical cervical factors, infection factors, immune factors, etc. Of course, the man’s pre -pregnancy examination cannot be ignored.As a result, after no abnormalities, you can prepare for pregnancy with peace of mind.

Women who have been aborted, don’t worry too much, adjust the mentality to prepare for the next baby’s arrival.After abortion, you should not be too early or too late. After looking for the cause, active treatment, you can actively prepare for pregnancy again after restoring your body.

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