How long is the shelf life of tea?Can you drink green tea after the shelf life?

As a food, tea is often seen on the shelf life on the back label of the tea tank.Can I still drink after the shelf life?This is a question that many people will be confused.

Today we will explain it comprehensively:

First, tea with shelf life

The shelf life of green tea on the general tea jar will be marked in 12 months to 18 months and black tea for 3-5 years.So after this period, you can’t drink it. Do you want to throw it away?

In fact, it is not that tea has two types of attributes. Roughly processing tea, that is, we commonly known as wool tea. Mao tea appears in the form of loose tea. It belongs to agricultural and sideline products.The tea after refined processing is also called refined tea. After packaging, it belongs to the pre -packaged product. It belongs to the food category. It must be strictly required in accordance with food regulations. There is not only the shelf life, but also detailed backbar information.

Second, can I still drink after the shelf life?

The shelf life of green tea is the shortest of all tea, generally not more than 18 months.A few cans of tea in normal families are allowed to let the shelf life go. Can’t you drink it?In fact, the shelf life is not about to throw away.There is no problem if it is stored.The water content of refined tea is relatively low. Drinking when conventional sealing will not cause harm to the human body.(Open and messy, I do n’t know how much moisture it has absorbed in the air.).

Do you want to put the refrigerator? Generally, it is not fermented tea, fermented tea like green tea, Tieguanyin and other suggestions to put the refrigerator, because it is easier to oxidize, low temperature can effectively delay the oxidation of tea leaves.It will be reduced, and the tea soup will become yellow.No new tea is fresh and good, but you can still drink it.

Third, the better, the better, is the century -old tea too exaggerated?Can you really drink it?

There are really several kinds of tea in the tea, mainly black tea and white tea, which really goes for a hundred years, but I don’t think it is necessary to put it for more than 20 years.Do you dare to drink a century -old tea?I dare not.

Finally, the "shelf life" of tea is actually the most reasonable to use the "best taste period".

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