How long should I love love when I plan to prepare for pregnancy?

For most people, it seems a very simple thing for children.Excessive analysis of such a natural event is almost in violation of intuition.After all, 250 babies are born every day in this world.

In people’s lives, it is an exciting and hopeful thing to decide to be parents.This is a perfect opportunity to strengthen happiness and contact with the loved one.

However, pregnancy is not what you want to conceive as you want.Moreover, if you want to make the road of pregnancy smoother, there are some factors that need to be considered:

The fact is that men and women have began to have fertility after their adolescence.Another fact is that the decrease in menopause or menstrual cycle means the end of women’s fertility.

The best fertility age of women is in their twenties, and the fertility ability between 35 and 40 has gradually begun to decline.For men, fertility can be extended to more than 60 years old, even at that time, this may not become a problem.

Today, especially in developed countries, people have to wait longer to have children.In Japan, women’s first childbirth age is about 30 years old, almost 10 years.The same is true of Greece, Australia and Switzerland.

So, how long should you have sex when you want to get pregnant? When you plan to ask your child, this is an inevitable question you want to ask yourself.One of the most important parts of pregnancy is the menstrual cycle.The most important point is of course ovulation.

Ovulation usually occurs around the 12th or 13th day of the women’s menstrual cycle, but it may also be different, ranging from the 10th to the 19th or 20th day.The fertility window usually appears a few days before women’s ovulation.That time period is the most likely time to get pregnant.If a woman’s menstrual cycle is very irregular, or often miss the best pregnancy period, it is equivalent to no ovulation.

This is one of the most successful ways to increase pregnancy.There are several ways to record your ovulation.

A simple calendar can be an effective tracking tool, but if the menstrual cycle is irregular, things will become a bit complicated.

A more reliable method is to measure the base temperature (BBT).This means that even before you get up in the morning, you should measure your body temperature and record it.This should be done every day throughout the menstrual cycle.Rise of body temperature indicates ovulation.

Of course, there are many applications and digital calendars to help track ovulation.They cannot always be the most reliable, but in some cases, it is quite convenient to use.

During pregnancy, the lifestyle also needs to be prepared.Not only that, choosing a healthier diet can make it easier for you to get pregnant. Women should avoid smoking and drinking.

Regular exercise can increase the chance of pregnancy.Keep healthy weight and eat foods rich in folic acid, calcium and iron.In addition, minimize the pressure of life as much as possible, although the pressure of life is great.You can also meditate, or go to bed early for an hour every day.

Maybe when you decide to be a parent, turning the pregnancy plan into clinical research is not what you imagine.

When you want to get pregnant, ask "How long should you love love" does not need to become a mathematical formula.Most fertility experts believe that compared with every other day of love, love and love will only produce very small differences every day.

Women should always pay attention to their physical changes, and these changes will tell them when they can have a child.

Women sometimes pay attention to the clues on their bodies, such as breast tenderness, slight pelvic pain, changes in sexual desire, etc. These changes can tell them when they should try to want children.

I conceive my baby after love, which is also possible.At the right time, things can be so simple.And you can also get pregnant at any other time in the menstrual cycle, or even your menstrual period.

If you are fully prepared in tracking ovulation, you are also familiar with the time of ovulation.For a healthy couple at the age of fertility, every day (likely a week) every day of sex is a wise and strategic way to try to get pregnant.

If you are in your 20s or 30s, you may not worry too much about fertility.Although age is not the only important factor during pregnancy, it is often an inevitable restriction.

The genes and lifestyles play an important role in all aspects of humans and medicine. They must be the same when they plan to get pregnant.However, general guidelines are still suitable for everyone.

Whether pregnancy is a surprise or an adventure planned in advance, it is always an incident to change life.For pregnant women, this means that her body is making adjustments to adapt to growing babies.

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