How many days would it take to ovulation until bed?How long can I detect it?

For unfinished parents who are preparing for pregnancy, you have to close your eyes and read the results three times when you test the results every morning to see the results. I just hope to see two happy marks.In fact, doing so will only make yourself more anxious during the pregnancy, and the loss may be accompanied by a whole day.

Conception is a magical process. When a healthy sperm and egg encounter, the combination of fertilized eggs is successfully bed in the uterine cavity. This process takes about 10 days.The new life began to be in adhesion, and the puffed gonad hormone in the mother’s body will be secreted in large quantities, and the pregnancy test stick can exert its maximum effectiveness.In fact, during the period when the pregnancy test stick appeared two bars, the body had given a signal to the mother through other ways!As long as you are careful enough, these happiness can be captured in advance!

Speaking of pregnancy, the first thing everyone thinks of is pregnancy.[Watch too much TV series, haha!In fact, this will not appear immediately after the conception is successful. Generally speaking, the 5th or 6th week after pregnancy starts, and the expectant mothers will have pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, which is often referred to as "harm".Judging from this aspect, judging pregnancy may be too late for the anxious mothers!

After the successful pregnancy, the easiest to be discovered should be these two signals!

If the mothers have lived a husband and wife during the ovulation during the pregnancy, and then there is an inexplicable tingling in the chest, this tingling sensation may last for about two weeks. First, it should be suspected that the conception is successful.In addition to the tingling sensation of the chest, expectant mothers may also have the phenomenon of mental sleepiness and lethargy, which shows that progesterone has begun to secrete. It affects the endocrine system of expectant mothers, and it is easy to make people feel burnout and weak.

How long can I test the pregnancy test after pregnancy?

After the successful conception, the mother will secrete a kind of glycoprotein hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).And this hormone mainly exists in urine and blood.Early pregnancy test strip is to confirm whether you are pregnant by checking the concentration of HCG in the urine.This hormone can be detected by the concentration of the pregnancy test stick (test strip) for about 14 days after the normal husband and wife live.

When detecting the pregnancy test stick, everyone should pay attention to check the shelf life. If the test strip purchased is stored for too long (more than 1 year), or the test strip is moisture, and it is not noticed at normal room temperature (no refrigerator), then thenIt may be invalid, and false negative test results occur.Don’t be too anxious for unborn mothers. It is the most important thing to maintain a good mood and mental state. Isn’t the bud of new life a healthy environment?

I wish the unborn mothers who are preparing for pregnancy, you will get the signal of love tomorrow morning!

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