How much do you know about gynecological inflammation, male friends?Don’t hurt women anymore

Gynecological inflammation is a common disease, multiple onset, and more than 80 % of women in our country, but many young women lack their understanding of fertility, coupled with various bad living habits, have caused many misunderstandings for medication to give female patients to female patients.Bring a lot of follow -up problems.Gynecological inflammation should be treated in time, because in addition to affecting physical health, some of the gynecological inflammation can also make women unable to get pregnant and have children, causing life regrets.

So what are the specific gynecological inflammation, let’s take a look together!

1. Trichomonas vaginitis: Trichomonas vaginitis is a relatively common vaginitis, which is caused by trichomoniasis in the vagina. If the appropriate pH value of trichomoniasis is changed, it will cause infection. Generally, infection, infection, infection, infectionThe pathway is sexual intercourse and various baths. Vaginitis infected directly or indirectly in infection has complications, which usually causes diseases such as urethritis cystitis.Because tricles can devour sperm, women are infertility to a certain extent.

2. Pseudoma yeast disease of vulva vaginal vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease is a vulvar vulva infection caused by fake silk yeast infection.Women with weak resistance.Infected with vaginal vaginal fake silk yeast disease, it is easy to cause female infertility. For pregnant women, it is also easy to cause fetal dysplasia, and it can also cause other diseases, such as cervical erosion and cervicitis.

3. Cervicitis

Some patients are asymptomatic. Most of the patients with symptoms increase the vaginal secretions, which are mucus purulent. The stimulation of vaginal secretions can cause itching and burning sensation, and symptoms such as sexual intercourse bleeding.In addition, there are often lower urinary tract symptoms, such as frequent urination, urgency, and pain.Gynecological examinations, cervical congestion and edema, mucous membranes, and purulent secretions flow out of the cervix, cervical tenderness, crispy, and easily bleeding.

4. Annexal inflammation

This is divided into acute and chronic.Acute appendicitis is accompanied by symptoms of abdominal pain and fever.Chronic attachmentitis is accompanied by symptoms of abdominal pain and increased leucorrhea.Chronic attachmentitis is also one of the causes of female infertility.

5, pelvic inflammatory disease

This can be divided into acute and chronic.Acute illness and rapid development.It is manifested as high fever, abdominal pain, bloating, accompanied by nausea and other symptoms.Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease may be asymptomatic or accompanied by hidden pain in the lower abdomen.

Under normal circumstances, the method of treating gynecological inflammation is to take different drugs for internal and external washing, and there are also Chinese medicine treatment.The use of traditional Chinese medicine to raise the body is usually relatively long.Therefore, when you feel that your body is uncomfortable, you must go to the hospital in time. It is not recommended to buy medicine by yourself to avoid delaying the condition.Because there are many types of gynecological diseases, it is difficult for you to distinguish your own disease. When you buy medicine outside, you can easily delay the disease due to irregular treatment.

Prevention measures for gynecological inflammatory diseases

1. To prevent gynecological diseases, we must have a strong sense of personal protection, pay attention to personal hygiene, use warm water to clean the vulva every day, and choose the choice of solution.It is best to consult a gynecologist and not use the liquid to use the liquid, otherwise it is easy to cause infection to the vagina, which is counterproductive.

2. The underwear needs to be cleaned frequently. Change the underwear frequently. Pay attention not to wash with other clothes to avoid infection. Try to clean it with flowing water every time you clean the underwear.Disinfection.

3. Married women or women who live in xing should pay attention to Xing’s life hygiene, and the other half must also ensure the hygiene of private parts to avoid cross -infection of two people.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to xing life should not be too frequent.

4. Eat more vegetables and fruits in daily diet, supplement nutrition and trace elements.

@Zhao Bixiang, I am a old doctor who has been engaged in clinical work of obstetrics and obstetrics. I have accumulated rich clinical experience. I have been well received by patients and is good at treatment of various gynecological diseases and infertility.For women’s gynecological diseases: gynecological inflammation, female reproductive tumors, uterine abnormal bleeding, sexually transmitted diseases, and irregular menstruation caused by endocrine disorders, female sixth phase of female physiological health, endometriosis, pathological pregnancy, due to ovulation disorders, immunity, immunityPrimary and secondary infertility caused by sexuality and fallopian tubes has a high level of diagnosis and treatment.

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