How much do you know about toothache during pregnancy? The real reason is actually this. The pregnant mother should pay attention to it as soon as possible

Most pregnant mothers will have toothache after pregnancy. Sometimes the duration is relatively short, so the pregnant mothers disappear, but sometimes the pain is more powerful and the duration is very long.It is not necessary to control this pain with drugs.It is necessary to know that taking medicine during pregnancy is particularly cautious. It is necessary to consider whether the medicine taken will affect the growth and development of the fetus. If the medication must follow the doctor’s advice, if the situation is not too serious, the pregnant mother must endure the pain gradually.It can be said that it is very tortured.

Women in pregnancy generally have toothache, mainly because the pregnant mother’s body is in a special period, and the operating form of various functions of the body has undergone subtle changes, including hormonal secretion. When the pregnant mother’s body changes, it will affect the mouth cavity.In secretion, saliva will become less, and saliva contains a substance that can maintain the oral environment, which can play a simple disinfection effect. If the saliva is reduced, the oral environment of the pregnant mother will be worse, and the temperature and humidity will be more suitable for microorganisms.In the long run, toothache will occur.

In addition, there is another situation. In order to ensure that daily nutritional nutrition can be sufficient to supply fetal development during pregnancy, pregnant mothers eat more when they eat every day.Dried fruit to supplement nutrition. Because the daily workload of the teeth exceeds the pre -pregnancy, the residue of the tooth surface will also become more. Hidden in small parts that are not often brushed in the usual brushing, these substances will slowly erode the pregnant mother’s teeth of the pregnant mother’s teeth.In the end, it turned into a tooth decay and caused pain.This is why some women’s teeth are particularly good before pregnancy, and toothache during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should be more detailed when cleaning their teeth.

Since there are torture such as torture, is there any way to alleviate or treat it?Many people have heard that chewing a peppercorns during toothache can temporarily paralyze the nerves and reduce the pain, but this method is not cured. Because the taste is too irritating, it is not very suitable for pregnant mothers.So provide 2 methods for pregnant mothers, you can try if you are tortured by toothache.

Ginger plants have high medicinal value, and they are relatively natural than drugs. When pregnant mothers, cut a piece of ginger in the position of toothache and bite the ginger slices.The taste is not very good, but it is very effective for relieving toothache.Pregnant mothers can usually sleep with ginger slices while sleeping at night, and can find that the phenomenon of toothache is significantly reduced the next day.

If you can’t accept the taste of ginger, you can also try saline.Mix a small glass of white wine with the appropriate salt, stir until the salt granules melt, and then heat this cup of liquid. When the temperature is appropriate, it is contained in the mouth. It feels like it has spit out the liquid when the pain has been relieved.This is also a relatively safe and effective skill, but it can only be relieved. It is best to go to the hospital for confirmation and reasonable treatment.

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