How should I make up for pregnancy?These five types of nutrients must be necessary during pregnancy, and they can’t make up for mistakes

The Chinese Institute of Nutrition believes that 800mg of calcium is required per day in early pregnancy, 1000mg is required in the middle of pregnancy, and 1000 ~ 1200mg is required in the late pregnancy.

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After pregnancy, expectant mothers have a brand new little life in their bodies. Each "entry" food may be related to the physical development of the little guy, and it is sloppy.

However, in terms of nutritional supplementation, many pregnant mothers do not know how to replenish them. Eat sugar and fat more. Not only is it not good for the baby’s development, but it may also bring greater problems.

Yue Yan was pregnant for more than 5 months, and his stomach was particularly obvious. He was almost catching up with others for seven months. Yueyan’s weight was also very "given to face".

A few days ago, the doctor looked at the checklist and carefully counted Yue Yanzai: "Eat it as soon as you are pregnant! Many pregnant women are like you, and the fetus is too big.

Although I know that the doctor is also good for himself, Yue Yan still wondered: "Do you have to eat two people if you are not pregnant?"

The doctor helplessly explained: "The baby in your stomach is not big yet. You eat two bowls of rice, and whom the meat grows?"

Although the body shoulders the growth of two lives after pregnancy, after all, the baby in the stomach is still small, and the nutrition is not much. How to make up for the pregnant mother is also available.

The nutrition of pregnant moms requires the operation of two lives, but this does not mean that pregnant mothers need double nutrition.

According to the suggestions of the Chinese Nutrition Society, the expectant mothers during pregnancy need to supplement 0.4 mg folic acid daily, and expectant mothers during pregnancy need to supplement 0.6 mg folic acid daily. The two are not twice the relationship between the two.

The same is true of calcium intake. Early pregnancy intake 800mg/day. When the baby really needs a lot of calcium in the middle of pregnancy, the calcium intake of pregnant moms only needs to be 200 mg/day.Essence

This method of "one person to eat two people" can be learned from the spirit, but in actual life, pregnant mothers still need to be balanced and only make up.

Here are several kinds of nutrients that are necessary for pregnant mothers to have a nutrient that must be used during pregnancy.

Calcium: The source of bones

The baby’s bone development is inseparable from the supplement of calcium. During the pregnancy, if the quasi -mummy does not accumulate excess calcium, the bone calcium will flow to the baby with the placenta, causing the pregnant mother’s body to lack calcium.

In order to support this greedy little guy in the body, pregnant mothers need to fully supplement calcium, especially after entering the middle of pregnancy, you need to add 1000mg of calcium every day. It is recommended to consume 400 ~ 550ml milk, and eat more lean meat, soy products, green vegetables, etc.Calcium food.

Iron: Blood Body

After pregnancy, the blood circulation in the expectant mother will increase by about 40%to support the metabolic needs brought by new life.

In order to prevent problems such as anemia during pregnancy, the supplementation of iron elements also needs to mention the agenda. It is recommended to consume 1-2 meals of animal liver or animal blood per week.

Among the plant -based ingredients such as laver, kelp, kelp, the iron contained in non -heme iron, the absorption rate is only about 3%(20%of the absorption rate of hemotin iron). Therefore, iron supplementation is not enough.Class, liver foods.

DHA: Brain Gold

DHA is commonly known as brain gold. It is not an artificial substance, but a common unsaturated fatty acid in natural foods.

DHA has a huge impact on the development of the baby’s brain and visual nerves, and also acts on retinal light cells. Therefore, there is a certain basis for "pregnant women to eat more fish and the baby’s eyes are bright".

Researchers first discovered that DHA was in breast milk. In fact, fish, vegetable oil, and nuts were rich in DHA. Pregnant mothers and new mothers during breastfeeding should remember appropriate intake.

Folic acid: Nervous Ancestor

As a member of the vitamin family (vitamin B9), folic acid has a vital role in the growth of cells, the synthesis of nucleic acid and protein.

Fully supplement folic acid in the early pregnancy, which is conducive to the development of neural tube development of the embryo.Essence

Vitamin K: Coagulation Assist

Don’t underestimate this strange guy. Vitamin K not only involves bone metabolism, but also locks free calcium in the blood, helps calcium more effectively on bone development, enhances the absorption of calcium, and is very good for the baby’s physical development.

Vitamin K also exists in green vegetables. Not only pregnant mothers, but also vitamin K also need vitamin K because it is also related to coagulation factors.Do n’t forget to eat more vegetables before you have a medical treatment!

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