How to clean the mouth during pregnancy?16 major disadvantages taboos are the most complete summary

During pregnancy, some hormones in the body will increase. Among them, the increase in progesterone’s content is extremely obvious. The progesterone flowing to the gums will cause the gums to become sensitive and fragile.Causes frequent oral diseases during pregnancy.According to the latest data related to oral health, Chinese people lack the awareness of oral care, 97%of adults in my country have oral problems to varying degrees, and pregnant women are a special group of people. Therefore, women who are pregnant should pay special attention to oral health.

During pregnancy is the high incidence of female oral diseases. For more effectively avoiding the problem of oral diseases, today I have a 5 -year -old oral blogger. I will take everyone to pay attention to what oral care at the pregnancy during pregnancy.

1. It is necessary to make a comprehensive oral examination before pregnancy.In conventional pre -pregnancy examinations, there is no oral examination, but this does not mean that oral examination is not important.If women with dental caries and periodontitis themselves themselves should be performed in comprehensive treatment according to the instructions of the legacy after examination to thoroughly treat oral diseases and ensure the health of the oral cavity in the state of pregnancy.

2. Twilm should be rinsed in time.Frequent pregnancy vomiting reactions will occur in the early pregnancy. Anti -inflowing gastric acid and other acidic substances will corrode the teeth, resulting in thinner enamel and weakening the protection of the teeth. Therefore, remember to rinse your mouth in time after pregnancy.

3. Pregnant women should use a soft brush head to brush their teeth.The use of bristles with soft toothbrushes can avoid the effect of friction during brushing. At the same time, the oral cavity of pregnant women is fragile. The use of soft brush can avoid the stimulation of the oral cavity, and it feels more comfortable.And when the soft brush is cleaning the gums, it can play the role of massage the gums and promote the flow of blood in the gums.

4. The frequency of brushing should not be too low.After the second trimester, the pregnant mother needs to increase the number of fetuses due to a large amount of nutritional supply. Food residues accumulate fermentation in the mouth. If they cannot brush their teeth in time, dental bacteria will grow in large quantities and constantly erode their mouths, resulting in various oral diseases in pregnant women.Therefore, brush your teeth in time after meals, and don’t reduce the frequency of brushing.

5. Avoid using drug toothpaste.Although drug -type toothpaste has a certain prevention effect on oral inflammatory inflammatory, it is not suitable for pregnant women. For long -term use of drug -type toothpaste, the drug component enters the body through the oral cavity to affect the health of the fetus.So what toothpaste is good for pregnant women? Of course, you need to choose a special toothpaste for pregnant women without drugs and fluorine ingredients.

6. Avoid the use of whitening pen and teeth whitening instrument.The degree of tolerance of gums and teeth during pregnancy is relatively low. Perform oral cleaning normally. Do not use teeth whitening products because of beauty. Most of these products temporarily add white teeth with bleach and oxidation.The side effects of damage must be used with caution.

7. Avoid using emerging net red products blindly, such as the dental device on the Internet, although the dental calculus cleaning is necessary, and the risk of using this product is very high.Because this kind of product has just been developed, there are not many mass foundations and clinical experiments, whether there are side effects or another thing, it is better to use it for pregnant women.

8. Pregnant women should supplement vitamin B2 to avoid oral ulcers.Although women and supplements have a lot of food and supplements during pregnancy, sometimes it is difficult to ensure that various vitamins in pregnant women are complete, such as vitamin B2. Once lack ofWhen the situation occurs, vitamin B2 needs to be supplemented. Dairy products, soy products, liver, and kidneys are rich in vitamin B2, which can be eaten appropriately.

9. Pregnant women can supplement some calcium -rich foods, such as fresh vegetables, tofu, or milk. These substances can help us supplement calcium. At the same time, calcium ions react with material reactions in the mouth, which can strengthen teeth and benefit teeth health.At the same time, calcium supplementation can also promote adverse symptoms such as fetal bone development and avoid abnormal spine curvature and abnormal bone density changes.

10. Use the cleansing effect more effective way to brush the teeth, such as the Pakistani brushing method.The Papa brushing method is also known as the gingival ditch cleaning method or horizontal tremor. Many dentists recommend the method of effectively removing the plaque near the gingival edge and the gingival gums.Essence

11. Pregnant women should use a toothner and electric toothbrush to clean the mouth more effectively.

In order to improve the cleanliness of many details inside the oral cavity, such as the high incidence of dental diseases such as teeth, dental ditch, and dental nests, dental plaque fungi is thoroughly removed, and gingivitis and periodontal diseases such as gingivation are avoided during pregnancy.However, it is difficult for the traditional way to brush the teeth to clean the dead corner of the mouth. Therefore, many dentists respect the tools with strong cleaning effects such as electric toothbrushes and leachrs, and they can also whiten their teeth and fresh breath to taste bad!

Keeping oral clearing can avoid oral diseases to a great extent. According to the survey, according to the survey report of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, the periodontal health of adults of Chinese people is only 9.1%, and most of them are due to oral cleaning and care tools.It is very important for the lack of causing, so it is very important to buy a tool with powerful cleaning effect, so professional dentists generally recommend the use of tooth rushing vessels and electric toothbrushes.

However, the choice of electric toothbrushes and tooth flusher is also skillful. Those who choose to be uniform, strong span, and not hurting their teeth should be selected. Blindly believes that net reds and cross -border big names will not only hurt the frequency of teeth and chronic teeth!

We should choose professional brands with uniform shocks, large frequency spans, and no harm to teeth, such as the large -scale manufacturers such as Kaile Filix, Philips, Jiebi and other well -known manufacturers.It is difficult to take care of all kinds of cleaning people.Professional dentist recommends that there are many Filix. It specializes in "not hurting the teeth" technology. It is the only professional gingival tooth care brand in China. It has many years of shock frequency adjustment of cleaning power without hurting the teeth, which can reduce the damage of 80%.In addition, the proper vibration frequency, cleaning strength, and brushing type have been formulated for pregnant women. It is very professional to consider the cleaning of the oral cavity of the pregnant woman.It never advertises, nor does it engage in online celebrity live broadcasts and goods. The main dentists are recommended!

12. Dental floss plays a good auxiliary role.The dental floss can easily play the effect of cleaning the oral cavity. The narrow teeth that are difficult to reach by rinsing and teeth are difficult to reach, effectively remove the food residues, plaque and soft teeth between the gaps, completely clean the teeth, and it can not damage without damage.Gum, this is what pregnant women must know.Among the dental floors, the two brands of Watsons and Little Deer are good and are recommended to use.

13. Tongue coating is also a bacterial deposition area. It is a place to pay attention to cleaning. Pregnant women have to take it seriously.At present, there is a tongue coating brush specially cleaned on the market. It is very cheap and convenient to clean the tongue coating.But remember that it cannot be used too much, because frequent use can make the tongue flavor fail.It is recommended to choose the brush of the half -family tongue.

14. Avoid a large amount of sweets.Facing the temptation of sweets, women are basically irresistible. Pregnant women will be spoiled during pregnancy and are in arbitrarily enjoying.After a large amount of sweets, it will adversely affect the teeth. If the sweet dregs are not removed in time, it will become a nutrient for dental bacteria. When the dental team grows, it will easily cause dental caries.

15. Eat less sour food during pregnant women to prevent sensitive symptoms of gums.Cold foods during pregnancy should also be eaten appropriately. In the summer, eating ice food and drinking sour drinks can really make people feel comfortable. Calm foods can stimulate the gums and easily cause symptoms such as teeth sensitivity.Pregnant women need to pay more attention.

16. Don’t use chewing gum instead of brushing your teeth.Chewing gum after meals can effectively stimulate saliva secretion to more than three times, which is conducive to oral acidity neutrality.But it cannot replace the brushing, because it cannot clean the mouth at all, especially the position of the gingival gums!

Women are pregnant in October, and they will have a hard work. If the occurrence of various oral diseases is caused by not paying attention to oral health, the pregnancy process will be more painful. I hope that all expectant mothers pay more attention to their own oral health status and have a healthy oral environment.After the baby is born, he still has a healthy and white teeth!

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