How to conceive is easier to conceive, these points cannot be missed!

The joy in the world is really incompatible. Some people in pregnancy are recruited once, and some hard work is silent for more than half a year.Is it difficult to give birth to a baby, how can you get pregnant more easily? Today, Dahuang talks with everyone.

We know that the first step of having a child is to combine fertilized eggs under the fallopian tube to form fertilized eggs under the fallopian tube, and then develop into embryos in the uterus.So what the husband and wife can do is to complete the fertilization in the same room. Someone will ask. We often have the same room and do not conceive. The same room also depends on the time!Mastering the following three points is easier to conceive ~

1. High -quality small tadpoles, eggs

Everyone is preparing to be a child. Why do men quit smoking and alcohol from the beginning, because we need high -quality small tadpoles. The small tadpoles are active to better combine with the eggs.Destroy, how can you meet the eggs.Therefore, men should strengthen exercise, and then add more zinc, such as oysters, fish, scallops, pork liver.And eating sea cucumber, cuttlefish, yam, peanuts and other argin.You can also have a glass of milk every day.

How do girls raise eggs? The most important thing about cells is protein, which can eat eggs and drink cups of black soy milk every day during ovulation.If you exercise more, you can drink more brown sugar water warm palace with more exercise and cold hands and feet.Everything is ready, just worse the Dongfeng -the same room

Second, the timing of the same room

There will be a small tadpole to shoot in the same room, but not every time there will be eggs.Women’s ovulation is once a menstrual cycle, and then only a mature egg, so it is necessary to grasp the ovulation period.The two common ovulation measurements at home are the basic body temperature and ovulation test paper.The basic body temperature method is to test and record it as soon as possible every day. The day when the highest body temperature is the ovulation day. This will be more accurate to record the two March.The second is to buy egg test strips. The day of the aunt is the first day, the test time is the 12th day, and then the test time is at least five days.(Each person’s menstrual cycle is different, and the test time starts different. For details

The point is to arrange the same room a day or two days before ovulation, and then the same room on the same day.Because we cannot accurately judge when the eggs appear, we must let Xiaoyu (can survive for 2 ~ 3 days) in advance to wait.

In addition, do n’t get up immediately after the same room. You can rest on the bed for half an hour to an hour to let the small tadpole meet the eggs safely.

Three, good mood

In the end, the mood is very important. Do not have pressure, otherwise it will affect the quality of Xiao Yan and eggs.

These are still not pregnant for a long time. It is recommended that both parties can do it.Men’s jing liquid, blood routine, urine routine, etc. The women’s ovarian function, sex hormones, fallopian tubes, uterus, etc. will affect conception.

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