How to confirm how you are pregnant

Many JM use ovulation test strips to test the ovulation, and in the same room on ovulation day, but not in the same room on ovulation day, they will definitely get pregnant, because women’s chances of pregnancy per month are about 20%. It is about 30%of IVF.Many JM thinks that as long as they are in the same room on ovulation, they will get pregnant 100%. This idea is wrong.

On the menstrual days, but not menstruation JM

At this time, the JMs took out early pregnancy test strips to test. See if there is any pregnancy. Generally, the early pregnancy test strip is used to test the pregnancy. The time of each JM is not the same.It was measured only about 5 days after menstruation.Reasons for anxiety and pregnancy have affected the delay of menstruation))

Testing the early pregnancy -positive (2 bars) JM. Don’t rush to tell others that you are pregnant, because the test strip also has a false alarm, which generally affects the situation of the fake yang in early pregnancy. One is a drug that is taken.Wait, because the early pregnancy test strip is not 100%accurate, and its accuracy is about 98%, there is also a situation of fake yang without taking medicine or injections. So how can you determine that you are pregnant?

How can I be sure that you are pregnant?

First: Test 2 bars in early pregnancy test paper

Second: The first day of the test is the first day, and then test it every 5 days to see if the color is deepened. If the color is deepened.

The third ovulation test paper is measured to see if you can measure 2 bars. If you can also measure 2 bars if you ovulate test strips. And you can measure 2 bars after 5 days of early pregnancy test strips, and early early, and early early, and earlyThe second line of early pregnancy test strips and ovulation test strips have deepened. Then you must be pregnant.

About ovulation test paper test early pregnancy

The ovulation test strip is ovulation measuring. Some JM thinks that the menstruation has not come to menstruation. Test 2 bars with an ovulation test strip, and it is considered to be pregnant. It seems that I should give a suggestion to the manufacturer. It is recommended that the manufacturer not want to stop the manufacturer.In this one -fold, the early pregnancy test strip has been given.

Because HCG has two chains α and β, the structure of the alpha chain is basically similar to LH and FSH, and it is easy to occur in the*reaction. Therefore, it is generally determined that pregnancy is generally based on β.Because HCG and LH have sex*, sometimes the LH test strip also responds to early pregnancy.

Why are early pregnancy test strips not as early as ovulation test strips?

Because the current early pregnancy test strips are basically testing βHCG, and the β content in HCG is much lower than α. When βHCG is only 50-100, αHCG often has reached about one or two thousand.Early pregnancy test strip is determined by βHCG, and the reaction is determined by αHCG, so ovulation test strips will appear earlier than early pregnancy test strips.

However, it is recommended that you do not use ovulation test strips to test early pregnancy, because that will only increase tension, and the ovulation test strip does not have a weak yang. It does not mean that you are not pregnant, because the response is not necessarily inevitable.LH has not completely retreated, or it may be a reaction with the FSH, not to mention that even if it is really an alphahcg, it does not mean that pregnancy

If αHCG has it, βhcg does not keep up and it doesn’t make sense.

How to know if you are pregnant faster?

Some JMs are anxious to test the early pregnancy test paper because they are anxious.Early pregnancy test box can test pregnancy on the third day of pregnancy (the ninth ovulation).

Can I get pregnant for a few days of pregnancy test strips?

Before bed in bed, there was no connection with the mother, so we couldn’t know its existence.

After bed, the outer layer of the outer layer of the fertilized egg produces a protein decomposition enzyme to dissolve the endometrium that is contacted, and the pregnancy eggs are buried in the function layer of the endometrium of the uterine.Many cells protruding, uniform fluffy, is called fluff.So the hormone it secretes has a very strange name —- Vulcanic gonadotropin (HCG)

If you don’t have fertilized eggs, there will be no such hormone production.

Now, we can accurately calculate the existence of this hormone after how many days after AA!

After the eggs are fertilized, it is 4-5 days from the fallopian tube to the uterus, and stays in the uterine cavity for 3-4 days. This process must be 7-9 days.) Early pregnancy diagnostic box, about 10 days after ovulation day AA; use a general early pregnancy test strip (25 international units) to measure HCG about 15 days after ovulation. It is very normal and reasonable.

Since JMM knows that the fluffy membrane promotes glandular hormones, it will not occur early, so everyone can only wait patiently!

I hope the above knowledge points will be helpful to the sisters who want the baby.whee!

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