How to do "itch" during pregnancy?It is important to do these details

Last week Lele, I went to a ten -year -old classmates. Many female classmates have upgraded their mothers.The words box is not here. A classmate who has played well with me is 8 months pregnant. Sitting next to me said quietly that she recently felt itching in her private parts, especially when she was sleeping before going to bed, she was often uncomfortable.Pulling … it collapsed.

In fact, the vulvar itching during pregnancy is actually one of the common diseases during pregnancy. There is nothing difficult to enlighten. For the health of the mother and fetus, we should not care about these external things. Prevention and diagnosis and treatment are the most important. ThenWhat should I do if itching in the pussy during pregnancy?Let’s first understand why itching in the vulva.

A fungal infection is the main cause

The most common cause of itching in women’s pussy is fungal infection, followed by eczema, folliculitis, trichomonas and pubic lice.

① fungal infection: sweating+impermeable clothing, in a long stuffy and humid environment, can cause fungal breeding.For example, pregnant women in office workers wear tight jeans or non -cotton underwear, and in the office for a long time, it is easy to cause fungal breeding.

② Pregnancy Impact during pregnancy: During pregnancy, pregnant women are affected by hormones and become prone to sweating and increased secretions, and then the vulva environment becomes susceptible to humidity, and the uterine becomes larger during the growth and development of fetal baby to compress the pelvic cavity, resulting in bloodPoor cycle, aggravating the secretion and color, or evil odor or itching.

③ Eczema: If pregnant women often sweat, sweat is not easy to evaporate, it can easily cause the skin to have eczema.

How to prevent itching in the pussy?

① Control the number of clean times

The number of times of cleaning the pussy daily, do not exceed 2 times a day, and rinse it gently with warm water in the vulva.

② Wipe in the toilet

After the toilet is completed, try to wipe it as much as possible to avoid bringing bacteria from the anus into the pussy.

③ Keep the genitals dry

During a lot of secretions, do not put on underwear immediately after bathing, dry the genitals, keep it dry and then wear underwear to avoid aggravating the wetness of the genitals.

④ Delivery of underwear

Wash the underwear separately from other clothes, wash it with soap as much as possible, and dry it completely after washing. You can use drying or drying in the sun.For women, we must develop the habit of changing to wash underwear. It is recommended to replace it twice a day.When buying underwear, you also need to pay attention to whether the fabric is breathable and comfortable. The color does not need to be too bright. The elegant monochrome is the best.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers also need to pay attention to the infection of the urinary system

① If frequent urination during pregnancy causes the genitals to keep dry in time, it can easily cause bacteria or other infections and cause inflammation.

② If the mother of the office workers has been urinating for a long time due to working reasons, it is also easy to cause bladder inflammation and affect kidney function. If not treated in time, it may cause premature birth of the baby, which endangers the health of expectant mothers and baby.

③ If the smell of the secretion is heavier, fishy, or yellowish green, the vulva can still feel red, swelling, pain and itching, etc., you should seek medical treatment in time.


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