How to do a cold during pregnancy?The medicine cannot be taken casually, but these two tricks can be used!

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In the cold winter, in addition to concern for new babies, we are also essential for the care of our mother.Due to the weakening of the resistance of expectant mothers, the physical fatigue, and the sudden changes in the weather may trigger the sensitivity of the expectant mothers to temperature, cause physical discomfort, and cause the expectant mother to catch a cold.

For mothers, colds are an extraordinary thing. It will "threaten" the health problems of the baby in the belly at any time. How can this be good?

As the so -called, "the medicine is three -point poison", the expectant mother’s medication should be cautious.In addition to not taking medicine and "dead" with cold germs, let expectant mothers taste the taste in the process of confrontation. In addition to this most primitive method, the best way is "diet therapy"."Supplemented.

Food therapy:

Food therapy is the most commonly used way when the quasi -mothers are sick. To deal with the food therapy of the cold, we can refer to the food that is always prepared at home.

(1) Ginger tea: Ginger as a must -have for the family. In addition to daily cooking, its efficacy cannot be underestimated.Ginger has the effect of promoting blood circulation and accelerating blood circulation.The green onion can sweat and solve the watch, and scatter the cold.Three centimeters long shallot white and a little ginger slices, boil water, then add brown sugar, and take it while it is hot.The vitamins and trace elements contained in brown sugar are necessary for expectant mothers.

(2) Ginger radish soup: radish, in the Chinese folk, has the name of "villain ginseng". It is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin C.Slice the white radish, mix the ginger, add water for 15 minutes, add brown sugar until boiled, drink it while it is hot.This can also have a certain effect on the mother’s cold.

(3) Apple honey water: Apple suitable for all seasons, cut into small pieces, boil water, drip melody of sweet honey, soup is hot while hot, both fresh apple nutrition elements, but also honey sweetnessEssenceThis dietary soup is definitely loved by mothers.

The most important point of dietary tricks is to drink it while hot. When it is cold, it may hurt the body of the expectant mother.

Eating more fruits and fruits is also a good strategy to deal with colds.Friends have a cold during pregnancy. Listen to the doctor’s suggestion "contains a large amount of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables, and vitamin C is a cleaner of harmful substances in the human body.Cold interference.

Of course, diet therapy only plays a certain role of assaulting the role of germs. Specific mothers should truly be infringed by less bacteria. Daily prevention should be noticed.

Pay attention to prevention:

Stick to exercise every day.Pregnant mothers should exercise appropriately during pregnancy, so as to enhance resistance and not be so easy to catch a cold!Specific mothers can take a walk after one hour after meals. Appropriate exercise can also help the baby’s delivery!

Keep indoor ventilation.In winter haze, the advice for pregnant mothers is to put a humidifier in the bedroom.It is best to open the windows on the clear noon and let the fresh air enter the room.

Rinse your mouth with more salt water.Salt has the effect of sterilization.Pregnant mothers can not only kill the oral bacteria to prevent colds with salt water, but also have the effect of protecting their teeth.Note that the salt in the salt water used by pregnant women should not be too much.

Pay attention to zinc supplement elements.In the case of zinc deficiency in the human body, the defense function of the respiratory tract will greatly decrease, and expectant mothers should pay particular attention to it.Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to zinc during pregnancy, and eat more zinc -containing foods such as lean meat, sunflower seeds, and beans.

To prevent colds, pregnant mothers should not drink hot water because they are inconvenient to go to the toilet. As everyone knows, it is the stimulus of drinking water and allows the pregnant mother to respond to the physical function.

At the same time, expectant mothers should also avoid densely crowded public places and wear masks to prevent infection.If the symptoms of the pregnant mother’s cold are too serious, it is still necessary to go to the hospital to see the doctor.

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