How to drink honey for the baby’s cough?How much do you drink at a time?Which honey is good to drink?

When the child coughs with honey, we have suggested many times, but many parents still don’t understand, how old can children drink?How much do you have to drink every time?Which honey is good for drinking?Let’s make it clear today.

1. How old can children drink honey?What are the cases that can’t be drunk?

First of all, parents must know that honey can not relieve cough, but can relieve the baby’s cough symptoms and make the baby more comfortable.

As early as 2013, the American Children’s Science Society suggested that children over 1 year old cough because of a cold because of a cold. Drinking 1 spoon of honey before going to bed can play a good alleviating effect and reduce the risk of using other cough drugs.

Another study shows that coughs caused by the upper respiratory tract infection, drinking a spoonful of honey before going to bed can reduce the symptoms of cough at night and help improve sleep.The effect of honey relieve the symptoms of cough is comparable to the effects of some common cough drugs.

"Guide to the Clinical Practice of Cough Diagnosis and Treatment (2021)" also explained that the effect of honey alleviating the symptoms of cough and the effect of antitussive drugs is comparable.

Honey has a relief effect on cough because honey contains a lot of sugar.A large amount of sugar can promote a large amount of saliva and respiratory mucus secretion. The secretion of mucus forming a film in the respiratory tract to protect the symptoms of cough.

The effect of honey to relieve the symptoms of cough, but not all babies can take it.

Babies under 1 year cannot drink honey, because the intestines under the age of one year have not yet developed, and honey contains a kind of botulinum and spores. It is risk of poisoning after use, which may cause respiratory hemiplegia and neuromusculus disorders.very serious.

It is not recommended to drink for babies allergic to pollen.

If you are not sure if your baby will be allergic, you can try a small amount, and then pay attention to observing the child.See if the baby appears: the symptoms of allergies such as redness, rash, vomiting, etc.Allergies caused by food will appear in several minutes to 2 hours.If there is no response after two hours, you can rest assured to continue eating.

2. Drink directly or drink water?How much do you drink at a time?How many times a day?

According to the advice of the American Children’s Science Society, honey is effective, and the experiments of the experts above are directly drank for children, without water.

If the baby feels sticky or difficult to drink directly, it can be drunk with water, but it cannot be diluted into honey water. The proportion is 1 to 1 according to warm water and honey.

It should be noted that after drinking honey for half an hour, drink other water or milk.

Specific suggestions are as follows:

The 1 -year -old -5 -year -old baby has a recommended dosage of 2.5 ml and about half a spoon. Drink 1 to 3 times a day. You need to drink for more than three consecutive days.

Children from 6 to 11 years old have a recommended dosage of 5 ml and about 1 spoon. Drink 1 to 3 times a day. You need to drink for more than three consecutive days.

Children over 12 years old are recommended to be 10 ml each time, about 2 spoons, and drink 1 to 3 times a day. They need to drink for more than three consecutive days.

When to drink it, it depends on which time the child coughs more seriously.

For example: The baby does not cough very much during the day, but if you have a serious cough before going to bed, you can eat it once before going to bed.

If the baby coughs seriously throughout the day, you can eat it three times a day.

Generally, it is better to eat for more than three days in a row. If you cough after three days, you will be eaten.

Eat before meals before meals. If you worry that eating before meals will affect the child’s appetite and cause a reduction in the amount of rice, then eat after meals.

Although honey can alleviate cough, parents are also recommended not to use frequently.

Cough is a way to protect, a way to discharge the respiratory tract foreign objects.Parents don’t want to stop coughing as soon as they hear their children’s cough, which is likely to cause hidden condition, but it is not good.

3. Drinking honey can cause cavities and obesity?

Everyone knows that eating high -sugar food can affect children’s teeth health and may also cause obesity.So why is it recommended to drink honey for your child?

First of all, drinking honey to relieve cough is a short -term method. Emergency methods do not need to change the child’s eating habits. After the symptoms are relieved, you can stop drinking.

Secondly, if the child thinks that honey wants to drink every day, parents can tell the child that this is a way to treat cough. It is different from us who eat fruits and candy. They ca n’t eat them.

Finally, it is recommended that parents rinse their children and brush their teeth with water after drinking honey to clean their mouth hygiene in time.Because honey is thick, carefully and seriously take care of each teeth when cleaning up, so as to greatly reduce the risk of the baby’s tooth decay.

4. Which honey is the best effect?

So which honey is best to choose?

According to relevant reports, regardless of the effect of alleviating cough, no matter what kind of honey, it is very different and not comparable.The difference is that the taste and color are different.

Therefore, parents should not entangle the variety of honey, but pay attention to the purchase channels and quality of honey.Choose qualified products in regular merchants.

Finally, parents are reminded that honey is a role in alleviating cough and cannot treat the disease that causes cough. Children have serious cough and should go to the hospital in time.

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