How to emergency heat stroke?Learn these 3 processing methods, do not lose the chain at the time of important moments

At the same time, many people will say this mantra: hot death, hot death!Is the weather too hot, will it really be hot?meeting!Really!The media reported that some elderly people were reluctant to turn on the air conditioner in the summer and were hot; some children were fell into the car by their parents and were hot; others were sports outdoors when they were high -temperature weather, and they were hot.The case is due to severe heat stroke.Thermal radiation disease is the most serious stage of heat stroke. Due to the dysfunction of body temperature adjustment function caused by high temperature, the heat in the body continues to rise, causing damage to the body’s nerve organs.

Thermal radiation disease usually occurs in high temperature weather in summer. Continuous sullen heat can reduce people’s skin heat dissipation function. The main symptoms are: dizziness, fainting, confused, dehydration, difficulty in sweating (sweat -free). In severe cases, it will cause damage to the nervous system.In the body’s dysfunction, dysfunction and other problems of life.

Experts said that heat stroke is divided into three categories, heat spasm, heat failure, and fever.The specific treatment methods are as follows:

First, heat spasm is a relatively light situation. After the outdoor activities, a large number of sweats, muscles will twitch and spasm.At this time, you should stop outdoor exercise immediately, replenish sports drinks in a cool place, and apply cold water or ice.

Second, thermal failure is in addition to muscle spasm, it will also experience the symptoms of dizziness, vomiting or even panic, and sweating.At this time, you must stop immediately to rest. In a cool place, you must cool down some cold water and spray to cool the body.In addition, the fan can be blown down to increase the mode of flowing heat dissipation and supplement some sports drinks. This way to avoid him entering a serious stage.

Third, in the stage of fever, patients’ consciousness will become unobstructed, and even severe coma will appear serious.His physical temperature will rise rapidly to more than 40 degrees, which will cause functional failure of multi -organ, and even death. At this time, you can immerse him in the water except his head.We have to be sober, and we should immediately move him to the land.Then, to supplement the drink for it, of course, you also need to call for emergency vehicles to let the first aid vehicle processes further.

1. High temperature and high humidity of more than 30 ° C should pay attention to cooling and ventilation to avoid exposure, especially those with poor physical temperature adjustment ability of the elderly, children, and pregnant women.

2. If due to work, you must work in high environments, except for some heatstroke and cooling supplies.

3. Once the symptoms of thermal ejection disease occur, you should immediately cool down the patient, soak them in the water, or wrap the ice bag with towels or clothing, and then place them in the patient’s neck, armpit, and groin parts.As well as 腘wo, avoid direct contact with the skin, so as to quickly cool down the subcutaneous blood vessels in these parts.Relief 120 first aid immediately, try not to try to wait for the patient to recover, otherwise you may lose the opportunity to rescue.

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