How to find a refined operation strategy through user stories

In this live broadcast, we invited the former Tencent’s senior product operation@本 本, with 16 years of Internet product operation experience. It is familiar with the large -scale operation model of large manufacturers and is familiar with the breakthrough of the entrepreneurial team.Starting from the perspective of user perspectives, in -depth insight into user needs, and flexible use of products/operations to achieve the core goal of product growth operations as the core goal of the product.This article is organized by the live broadcast content, and the content is deleted.

Hello everyone, I am Yang Jun. I have 16 years of Internet product operation experience. I have been responsible for the planning of the through -traffic community during the time when I was in the office of Tencent, and the paid users increased to 20,000 within 3 months.Large -scale operation mode, and also familiar with the way of breaking the entrepreneurial team.

This sharing is mainly divided into four parts: the first part mainly focuses on the target users; the second part disassembles the target users through the user story; how the third part is better applied to actual combat; the fourth part is the disassembly case.

For example, most people choose to go to work after graduation, and because of the pressure and strength of the work itself, they often ignore personal problems.Boyfriend/girlfriend has become a very core problem. In essence, blind dates are also looking for target users.

Corresponding to the actual operation, such as a survey, the target user is a fan who pays attention to a public account; a group interested in a certain product; interested in something; 20-40 years oldThere are no problems in the target user, but in the process of looking, there will be a big problem, that is, the target users cannot bring guidance to the product.

It’s like the request to meet the matchmaker during the blind date is the opposite sex and live, and the matchmaker can’t get to find it, because I don’t know who to find, and I feel that the opposite sex in the world can be found. If you really find an individual, the parties will feel inappropriate.This is the biggest problem of this type of target users.

The description of the target user of the population includes gender and age. Although it has a certain effect, it is actually difficult to bring actual perception because it is still, so there is not much value.For example, the faceless man, although it has a image but has no face, its face can be adjusted at any time according to the external situation.

The classic beginning of Duras’s "Lover":

I’m already old.

One day, a man walked towards me in a lobby in a public place.

He took the initiative to introduce himself, he said to me:

"I know you, I will always remember you.

At that time, you were still young, and everyone said that you are beautiful.

Now, I’m here to tell you, for me, I think you are more beautiful now than when you are young.

At that time, you were a young woman. Compared with your appearance, I love you more.

From this beginning, you can well understand the core content of the book, that is, the protagonist is beautiful when he was young, but after years of growth and baptism, it can become more beautiful.Read.

The same is true for operations. If it can be transformed into user stories through the daily observation and behavior extraction of users, it will have more guidance on specific operations.

User stories can use the easiest way to operate when going to school -in the sentence, that is, the characters, time, place, and events are required.

First of all, there are characters, such as the age of the target user is 20-30 years old. This is the most basic person. In the process, time, place, and final events will be involved.Target, action, and alive.

Case 1: Aunt A went to buy fruit and came to A fruit stall. Because her fruit categories were relatively complete, the boss asked what kind of fruit A aunt I wanted. Aunt A said that she wanted to buy some plums, because the red and sweet plumsIt belongs to the demand of the public, so the boss pushes the plum -like plum, but after the aunt A tasted it, only the sentence was very sweet but did not buy it.

Aunt A went to the B fruit stall again. The demand was still a plum. The owner of the fruit shop introduced to him a variety of plums in the store, such as large, small, sweet, and sour. When the demand is the sour plum, the boss recommends the sour plum he sold to Aunt A. Aunt A bought 1 catties after taste.

In the process of buying a plum in Aunt A, the owner of the C fruit stall found that others like to buy big and sweet plums, but Aunt A likes to buy sour plums, so she asked Aunt A for the reason, only to know that Aunt A was pregnant because her family was pregnant.If you want to eat sour, you can find that the more core demands behind Aunt A’s back can be found. The sour plum is just a direct product manifestation, but the essential core needs and scenes are pregnant. This is the most important thing.

When the owner of the C fruit stall found Aunt A’s core appeal, more demand can be extended. At this time, it is not only the problem of buying fruit, but also involving the supplementary nutrition such as pregnancy.Aunt A recommends fruit that is more suitable for pregnant women to supplement vitamins, and Aunt A finally paid.

In summary, from the dialogue between the three different fruit stall owners and Aunt A, it can be found that although it is also a scene of buying fruits, during the process of buying a fruit, the sales capabilities reflected by different bosses, as well as the excavation of the needs behind the userThe depth is different.

The first stall owner belongs to a very instinctual habitual vendor. Like many daily behaviors, for example, the needs of most people buying electric vehicles are fast, but for some specific people, it is not their needs. This is thinking.Although most people have this hobby and habit, this is not the case for real users;

The second stall owner went one step further and released all the products that users could think of. They believed that there was always one that meets the needs of the user; the third stall owner was able to dig out the core value behind the user.For example, during the survey of the loss -making users, you will find that many users do not continue to buy products to fill in the money without money, but when a household survey, you will find that the user has purchased a lot of other products, and there is no money to buy products.Excuses, the reasons why they really do not buy products behind them.

The core point of disassembling the target user is to excavate the needs of users and find the operating point. The formula of the above figure can be directly applied to the problems encountered in daily life. Whether it is itself or the user’s problem, you can use it in it.

For example, if users encounter a very unhappy thing in reality, the operation must first describe the specific time, place, characters, and things as much as possible; secondly, it is necessary to tap the real reasons and thinking of the user’s unhappy.It can make users happy; then think about whether this situation will happen often, which is a case or generally occur, because the real productization/scale requires a certain number of groups; if it is a problem that is often occurred, this is a problem, this is a problem, this is a problem that occurs, this is a problem, this is a problem that occurs, this is a problem, this is a problem that occurs, this is a problem that occurs, this is a problem that occurs.From time to time, you need to start your brain to solve this problem.

Can the plan sell money?Who sells to?How much is it worth?

Therefore, the essence of operation has always been emphasized on the Internet sales, because commercialization itself also needs to be thinking, the closer to money indicates that the value is greater.Under extreme conditions, the value of the post will appear less important in the entire company system.

In summary, think about the case of buying a plum in Aunt A: If you are engaged in the Internet furniture industry, will you immediately think of the home improvement guide during pregnancy?If you are engaged in the financial insurance industry, will you immediately think of exclusive insurance during pregnancy?If you are engaged in the education industry, you will immediately think of science of education during pregnancy; if you work at a subway company, you will immediately think of how to provide better operational services for pregnant women.

Case 2: When you return home in the New Year, you will find that there are many left -behind elderly and children. Because the family is working outside, such groups are relatively lonely. The core appeal is that the family’s care and companionship is required.For reasons such as time and cost, the frequency of returning home is very low, and it is better to go home twice a year. If you want to solve this problem, one is to improve the frequency of home home, but dueBig, the second is to solve the problem of family companionship and care through telephone, WeChat and other methods.

At this time, as a operator or a company facing the elderly or children, you can provide free mobile phones and package packages for elderly people over 60 years of age through cooperation.That is, the monthly call/video 5 times and the length of each time is not less than 5 minutes. This is just one of the solutions.

Comparing the solution with the previous plan, its advantage is that it can ensure that the elderly and children can make calls and videos every month. Although this form is a bit contrary to ethics, it can solve the problem to a certain extent. FinallyThe issue of commercialization, although the essence of commercialization is to sell money, but the matter is more inclined to semi -public welfare projects. Although the case looks more difficult to land, many medium and large companies have philanthropy themselves in reality.Future welfare products will be more and more.

Case 3: My wife is pregnant during the decoration of the new house. At this time, if the house is not decorated, the house has to be empty, and I have to pay the mortgage every month.It is also necessary to pay attention to the time and place of people, so it is impossible to eliminate the time to eliminate the time of buying a house. At the same time, it can be found from the overall scale that the group that is decorated in pregnancy is relatively large.

The core of the above problem is that the decoration will affect the health of pregnant women, but stop decoration is accompanied by huge economic pressure. At this time, you can think about whether there is a decoration product that does not affect pregnant women, that is, without affecting the stay, it can reduce expenses and reduce expenses.pressure.

In summary, with the help of cases, you can provide more ideas. You can think about what your user group is doing at this moment, the pain encountered, the solution to the current stage, the final landing of the products and services given.When things are done, when you do the specific operation later, the plan will come up quickly, because you already know who the user has suffered.

In summary, we must bring users into daily scenes in the form of stories to truly understand the pain of users.Therefore, the target user is not the population attribute, but to list the user’s behavior, pain and scene, and provide the corresponding solution.In essence, user operations are to solve these problems, that is, they can gradually solve the problem through content activity and data analysis and other actions based on user operations.

Therefore, any industry can substitute people into it. Most people’s life cycle is born-school-growth youth-marriage-raising-aging-death, which is a very important node, but the most important thing on birth nodes is not children.Instead, it is parents; in addition, marriage is also a very important node. When there is a child in marriage, a closed loop will be formed.

And every important stage in each life can continue to be split down. For example, office workers with children usually split according to 24 hours a day.There are corresponding core actions, and the problems involved in these time points need to be listed one by one, and it is easier to cut in when making a plan.

For example, when I get up in the morning, it will be very painful, but because the child is getting up, he can only get up to take care of the child; for example, it ’s almost 12 o’clock in the evening to return home to wash and rush home.These are common scenarios in daily life. At this time, thinking about these specific scenes can help such people to help such people solve.

In response to the situation of the office workers with children mentioned above, it can be divided into three most: childcare problems, work problems and mental state.

First of all, the problem of parenting will involve the division of labor, family division of labor, whether to find a nanny or a natural breeding. Although there are many problems, it will definitely find a solution, such as choosing to find a nanny, and with the progress and development of society,The more detailed division of labor is particularly important, and nanny is a more refined work derived from social progress.

Secondly, the work problem involves the problem of work pressure, promotion, salary increase, job change or lying, etc. in the process can choose different solutions, but most people will eventually choose to learn and improveGood conditions and more money.

Finally, under the pressure of parenting and work for a long time, especially for novice mothers, it is easy to collapse in the heart. In the process, there will also be a psychological state who wants to see the world and depression dissatisfaction.

From the above problems, it can be found that each specific problem can be split into many different solutions, and each solution will bring different results.

Summary: To better combine people, stories, goals, and operations, you need to connect them in series. First of all, the problem of the person requires a goal.There will be specific things to go to the ground. For example, the goal is to make money, but there are many ways to make money. At this time, you need to make a specific way of making money. For example, after continuously improving yourself through learningInvestment to make money and so on.

On the right side of the figure above is the human environment, and the left side is something that needs to be dealt with at the operation level. First of all, competition will be involved. The essence of operation is to consider the problem of competitors.More plans, and products without competitors do not need to operate; when they have operations, they must eventually need effect. The effect is the lifeblood of the operator. This is a large framework.

People are the core of everything.Sometimes it is overwhelmed and sometimes separated. You need to judge according to the specific situation.

Users are more demanders, that is, the ultimate object of products and services. The user’s attention is whether the demand is met and experience whether it meets/exceeds expectations, because the user will use the product/service after the user has specific needsTherefore, whether the demand is met is the most core. On this basis, whether the capacity can be reached/exceeding expectations, and exceeding expectations can bring more value.

Corresponding attention indicators are satisfaction and NPS, and satisfaction is essentially whether it is satisfied. NPS is a net recommendation value of word of mouth. In short, the proportion of degradation is reduced with the proportion of recommendations, and the net recommendation value is obtained. Corresponding to the operation of operationThe focus is on the grass planting of successful cases. For example, 3 months of graduation cannot be found. After studying business English for 3 months, cross -border e -commerce, with a monthly salary of 10,000;Let you seem to live in a large house of 200 square meters, etc., attract users through comparison and differentiation.

The decision maker refers to the payer, that is, the buyer of the product/service, which needs to decide the overall decision when purchasing, so you need to consider whether the demand is met, whether it is cost -effective, and whether someone is recommended by someone; the indicator of the attention is the conversion rate; the corresponding operationThe point is to transform only the door to the door, and you need to create a sense of oppression and scarcity, such as a 5%of the steady -guaranteed guarantee fund, which is limited to 20,000 per person, only today;A total of 199 yuan letters toys, etc., in January and February, and the purpose of doing activities is to quickly promote the transaction.

The propagators can understand that the fission party, that is, the product/service can fission to generate more value; the focus is that social demand dissemination, interest drive communication, and commercial institution dissemination, social needs are more oriented to human nature.Natural social needs, such as exercise punching or learning punch cards; interest -driven communication, such as old -fashioned activities, etc.; commercial institutions spread refers to the communication of the institutions and KQL for core events.

For the community of propagers, the data that needs to be paid attention to is the rate of communication, and the core of communication is to real and resonate.Essence

Case: Sometimes users and buyers are not the same person. Especially when a product is facing children or elderly people, it will be more obvious. For example, when children’s diapers are transformed, the object -oriented object is parents, not children.The core is to solve its demand as a buyer.

On the basis of human beings, there are goals, and the goals can be divided into basic goals, emotional goals and advanced goals.

Basic goal is to have clear needs, and often need to be just needed. It can be clear and very life -like at a glance. For example, most people have to cook rice; their attention is that the demand itself can be met.Cooking with rice cookers, which represents the development of technology; paying attention to data is satisfaction and NPS; the focus of operation is to reach, such as cooking rice cookers, stable raffle is fund wealth management, entertainment communication is mobile phone.

The emotional goal means that there is no clear demand, and it is more an emotional vent. For example, if someone is very painful, the goal is to reduce pain; at this time, the origin of emotions is needed.; Because the demand is not clear, there are many things that can be done at this time, including sports, entertainment, appointment with friends to complain, travel, etc.; At this time, operations need to strengthen competitiveness.

Advanced goals refer to the lifestyle that is commonly said, more of a spiritual pursuit, such as independent women; the focus is on the creation of human -based products/services, such as Chinese, etiquette, buying, camping, climbing, etc.; Following FollowData is the expansion of the circle; the focus of operation at this time is more circles, with social circles as the core, such as a city’s wealth climbing group.

Because almost every company is doing similar products, and the competition is getting lower and lower, the competition is getting lower and lower, so you need to do more circles on these basis, that is, users can not only solve daily problems through the product, but also can also solve their daily problems, but they can also be able to solve their daily problems, but they can also be able to solve their daily problems, but they can also be able to solve their daily problems.Through the community and circle, it brings more value to your life and business.

The goals and specific things belong to two concepts. The goal refers to the user’s desire. The specific matter refers to the operation plan of the ground. For example, when the age of 30 is a senior operating manager, the annual salary is 500,000.It involves how to improve specific landing solutions.

Although everyone wants to improve, the original purpose of improvement is different. Some people want to make money purely, some people are to gain a sense of accomplishment after improvement, and some people are to expand the circle.

Competition and operation are bound to be binding, mainly involving technical competition, differentiated competition and emotional competition:

Technical competition belongs to the core of the initial stage of the industry. For example, the earliest was burning firewood and cooking.The price is expensive and can only consider To B; pay attention to data and NPS.

In the process, it is more inclined to have a large technical barriers in the early days of the industry. For example, the logic of mobile phones from call-MP3-photo-office is the process of technological development.For the Internet, the focus of operation is to highlight the core function and the value that users can accept.

Differentiated competition will appear after the industry becomes mature. At this time, there is no threshold for technology. For example, when you make an app 10 years ago, many investors will feel very powerful and compete for investment.Weaken, because when the technology is mature, many open source and customized things can be done even if nothing.Therefore, when the industry is relatively mature, differentiated competition is needed, and differentiated value will have more value.

After the industry is mature, there will be differentiated competition. It is mainly at the level of segmented crowd and business model. For example, Ruixing belongs to the level of segmented crowd, and the sharing economy is a business model. At this time, the focus is on whether it is true or false. At the same time, usersPerception is important; paying attention to data is the conversion rate, such as the charging of a mobile phone for 5 minutes and a 2 -hour advertisement for a call.

Another example is the shared office, one person can also have companies that have finance, legal affairs, HR, and logistics. At this time, the core of operation is to highlight and clarify their own advantages.Too many technical or professional things, let users understand.

Emotional competition belongs to the core needs of social development. Because when wealth is more and more, daily needs will become higher, so it will release more people’s diversified and differentiated needs, including pet economy, collection, art, etc.;At this time, the focus is on the expansion of human -based products and circles. For example, it is now an emotional product era, such as pet luxury, funeral, brand -name installation, and many people to climb the Himalayas.The atmosphere and feeling of the circle, a sense of value that looks very vain but full of life.

Case: The first place of Rui Xing is that its own user group is facing people who do not drink coffee, because most Chinese do not like to drink hardships and feel about the same as Chinese medicine.Or milk tea -type flavors, attracting people who love to drink fruit or milk tea, so that Chinese people prefer coffee, and Ruixing sells the best is not American style, but raw coconut latte.

Secondly, in the process of development, in addition to the coffee category to occupy the mentality of drinking or drinking or milk tea, Ruixing also used the target of starbucks to take the lead in the cost -effectiveness and value level.Tea and other tea brand users; Finally, the digitalization is done well, such as the coupon purchased at any third -party purchase at China Merchants Bank and Bank of Communications, which can be used in applets and APPs.The brands can’t do it.

Summary: Ruixing’s first user is a crowd who does not like to drink coffee in the real sense, and then pulls the product price by benchmarking Starbucks, and at the same time harvested the milk tea group instead of Starbucks users.

In the next part, Teacher Yang Jun explained in detail the data effect and listed the three cases to explain how to land in detail.

This week’s new member lesson, Teacher Yang Jun explained in detail how to find out the user story and find a refined operating strategy. I hope everyone can gain something ~

The starting point class membership will focus on the topic of the 12 major e -commerce/B -end/SaaS/operations throughout the year. A new course will be added every week. A total of 48 new courses are included in the year.The latest product industry dynamics, operation gameplay and dry goods knowledge.

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