How to judge boys and women?There are so many rumors, the only one is the only one?

When you appear with a big belly, it is definitely a C position, and relatives and friends will also have a passionate question: (Huai) How many months?When is the due date?Boy and girl?

Emmmm ~ The first two questions are simple, but the third question, in fact, you also want to know too!

Then, you are likely to talk about several methods widely circulated in the folk to distinguish between boys and women. Passing by, let’s take a look at it first?

Sour girl?Are you afraid of the dragon and phoenix?

Live sour son, spicy daughter?

Does some people love sour and spicy food?

Some people like sour at first, and they suddenly like spicy afterwards. Will the baby become gender?

Therefore, this method is of course inaccurate to judge boys and girls!

After pregnancy, the fluffy gonadotropin secreted by the placenta will inhibit gastric acid secretion, thereby reducing the activity of digestive enzymes and affecting appetite and digestive function, so most expectant mothers will have a bad appetite.

The hot and sour food can stimulate appetite. Therefore, expectant mothers like to eat, and have nothing to do with the half dysteritious money for boys and women.

Female beautiful mother, male ugly mother?The stars have to have a daughter, no problem


It is rumored that if the skin becomes worse after pregnancy, the spots and acne on the face will become more, and most of them are boys; otherwise, girls.



It is said that this is because if the boy is pregnant, there will be more androgens, which will make the skin worse. If you are pregnant with a girl, more estrogen will produce more, and it will become beautiful.


In fact, this statement is not reliable!

The most typical example is the star mothers. Every time they are pregnant, they look better and look good?There are also a lot of Lin’er at the end.

In fact, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone in your body will increase significantly, and melanin will increase.Therefore, many expectant mothers will become rough and prone to acne. These are normal phenomena, and they generally recover slowly after childbirth.

However, due to the difference in skin quality, and the age of pregnancy, diet and living habits are different, some mothers will get better after pregnancy, but they are not necessarily born with daughters!

Belly woman, belly man?Thirty years of professional belly round

The same pregnant woman, a different belly.Some people think that the belly is a girl, and the belly tip is a boy …

I really think too much!

Because the shape of the expectant mother’s belly depends on three factors: fetal position, mother’s body shape, pelvic size.


Fetal position: The normal fetal position is the front position of the pillow, that is, the back of the head and the back, and the back of the mother is close to the mother’s belly. At this time, the belly will generally look round;, Small hands and small feet are easy to appear sharp when you move.



Body type: If the expectant mother is thin, when the fetus grows up, and the belly develops horizontally without space, she can only go forward, so a pointed belly will form.



Pelvis: Some expectant mothers are wide and deep in pelvis, and the shape of the belly looks relatively flat; the pregnant mother with a narrow pelvis, the belly is easy to look sharp.


You see, none of these factors are related to the gender of the baby.

Is the fetal movement, the fetal heart is fast?What if it is a female man?

Some people say that boys are lively and active, so they have a lot of fetal movements and fast fetal hearts; girls are relatively quiet, so there is less fetal movement and slow fetal heart.

After seeing the domineering "female man" and a quiet beautiful man, you should know that this statement is not credible!

The normal fetal heart is 110 to 170 times per minute, and boys and girls are the same.When the fetal heart is abnormally increased or decreased, don’t care about it, it may indicate that the fetal treasure is dangerous, and you should take a doctor in time.

The navel is born with a male, and the female is born?Because male treasures are more located?

Some people say that if the belly button is protruding, it will give birth to a boy, if the girl is flat.

wake up!Highlighting the navel is not a boy, this is obviously a kind of hernia!Well, the kind of slight.

Why is it prominent?

Let’s throw it to the abdominal cavity.Some pregnant mothers are relatively thin at the skin of the navel. If the abdominal pressure is high, the skin in the navel will blow up like a balloon, which looks prominent.

If it is a little bit, there is no problem; but if the belly button is severe, it is likely that the intestine is squeezed, and you need to consult a doctors’ professional advice.

Not reliable?Why are some people accurately?

Yes, because no matter how reliable it is, there is always a 50%probability of guessing right ~

If you want to see that your baby is a man or a woman, the most reliable way is -B Super.

but!yes!B -ultrasound is an important means for monitoring fetal development to ensure that the health of the fetus is healthy.

Therefore, you can still hold your curiosity and wait for the mystery during childbirth. The process of longing and expectation during pregnancy is also beautiful, isn’t it?

Whether it’s male treasure or female treasure, health is good!In any case, TA will definitely be your favorite baby!

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