How to judge what symptoms of pregnancy?

For girls who are pregnant for the first time, sometimes they may be pregnant without knowing themselves.What should I do at this time?Of course, it is the knowledge of reserving a little to judge the symptoms of pregnancy ~ Let’s take a look at how to judge pregnancy together?See what symptoms can judge pregnancy?

Early symptoms: This is discovered by women’s own feelings or according to their own physiology.

1. Menstruation stops: This is the most commonly noticed pregnancy signs of the average person. As long as it is a woman who is usually a fertility age, menstruation is normal, and after two weeks after sexual behavior, it may be pregnant.However, it is not that the menstruation is not coming or pregnant. There are many reasons for menstruation. It may be because the ovarian function is not good. It may be because the hormone secretion is abnormal, the work is busy, the exam is tight, etc. So it is best to pass the doctor’s diagnosis.That’s the safest.

2. The breasts have tingling, expansion and itching: breast tingling, swelling, and itching sensation. This is the physiological phenomenon of early pregnancy. In addition, there will be darkest color of areola, obvious veins under breast skin, obvious nipples, etc.Variety.

3. There is often a feeling of nausea and vomiting: almost a lot of pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy often have the feeling of nausea and vomiting, especially at the beginning of the day.These symptoms are different from person to person. Some people are very mild, and some are very serious.Unless nausea and vomiting are very powerful, you need to seek medical treatment. These are normal phenomena in the early stages of pregnancy.

4. Skin color changes: The skin pigmentation may be produced or stretch marks produced by the abdominal wall, especially in the late pregnancy.

5. Change vaginal mucosa: In the early stages of pregnancy, the vaginal mucosa may show darker colors due to congestion, which are judged by the physician.

6. Tiredness: It is easy to get tired in the early stages of pregnancy and often want to sleep.

7. Integrating: In the third month of pregnancy, because the bladder was oppressed by the increasingly expanding uterus, the capacity of the bladder became smaller, and frequent urination often occurred.

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