How to prepare for diabetic patients?How to spend pregnancy with your baby safely?

In the age that Mengwa can be seen everywhere, he was deceived to have a doll in minutes, but there are such groups that do not want to give birth, but fear of giving birth, that is, diabetic patients. Everyone knows that diabetes is a genetic disease!

When a marriage check, you need to check blood sugar. If the blood sugar is abnormal, the doctor will ask the family history.Especially type 2 diabetes is related to environmental and genetic factors!However, type 2 diabetes is caused by the interaction of genetic genes and environmental factors. Therefore, even if both men and women are diabetic patients, the children born will not have 100%of diabetes.Higher.Therefore, do not have a lot of psychological burden and pressure for pregnant mothers during pregnancy!

So, how to prepare for patients with diabetes?What should I do after pregnancy?

Patients with diabetes need to control blood sugar reasonably under the guidance of a doctor, and then start pregnancy; in addition, do a related examination.Hanging the endocrinology department to find a professional doctor, and then hang the gynecology to consult the gynecologist’s related precautions for pregnancy.During the period, in addition to doing a comprehensive blood glucose test, urine and renal function need to be checked.If other complications are accompanied by other complications, they are recommended to be pregnant before pregnancy, and obey the doctor’s opinions.In addition, while following the doctor’s advice, you must consciousness in your life so that blood sugar can be controlled within a reasonable range.

Once pregnant, pregnant women with diabetes should monitor blood sugar every day, control it strictly, and consult the doctor if necessary to find a reasonable plan to control blood sugar.If the blood sugar is not controlled during pregnancy, it is likely to affect the growth and development of the embryo, which can easily cause abortion, fetal stop, premature birth and so on.Therefore, after pregnancy, strictly control blood sugar and eat reasonably, it is very important!For the dietary suggestions of diabetic pregnant women, you can drink a cup of skim milk for breakfast, eat 1-2 boiled eggs or whole wheat steamed buns or bread; you can eat some brown rice, lean meat, vegetables, tofu, fruits, etc.!After entering the middle and late pregnancy, according to their nutrition, it will increase energy and protein, including red meat, fish, eggs, milk and beans.And throughout pregnancy, keep good eating habits!

In fact, neither everyone wants to see whether it is hereditary or non -hereditary diseases.Although diabetic pregnant mothers will think more easily than ordinary pregnant mothers, they still hope that pregnant mothers can maintain a good mood during pregnancy, avoid loss, depression, and fear.Only with peaceful mood and stable mood can the fetus grow and develop better.As a family and friends, you must also care about the mood of pregnant women, actively discover and solve the negative emotions of pregnant mothers, and help pregnant women happy throughout pregnancy!

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