How to solve the four types of pregnant women and these four types of fire!

During pregnancy, the leftover of hormones and nutrient distribution during the pregnancy can easily cause fire. The types of pregnant mothers on the fire are also diverse. It should be used for the right medicine. Remember to take the medicine.Xiaobian brings about the type and solution of pregnant mothers to get angry, I hope you can gain something!

Pregnant mother to get angry type 1: Virtual fire

Pregnant mothers are reflected in the five upset fever, red and night sweats, night sweats, no night, yin deficiency and fire. You can eat vegetables, brown sugar, kelp, pig blood, pork liver, pumpkin, and white fungus.Pregnant mothers with qi deficiency and liver can eat chestnuts, lilies, cabbage, Codonopsis, sorghum, black sesame, amaranth, pomegranate, jujube, black plum, cherry and other foods.The symptoms of fire with weak liver and heart and sunburn can be edible peanuts, white fungus, yam, catfish, leeks, mulberry, milk, pigeon eggs, etc.

Pregnant mother to get angry type two: real fire

Most of the pregnant mothers get angry. When the symptoms of dry mouth, poor abdominal distension, dry stools, and short yellow urine, can be used with scutellaria baicalensis, sesame, rhubarb, sea ravioli, white radish, mothers, bananas, celery, etc.Ordinary fire foods may be used for drug mediation.If pregnant mothers have blood in the stool, hematuria, and bleeding gums, you can eat eel, bamboo leaves, fungus, raw land, scutellaria, corn beard, mango, glutinous rice, etc.

Pregnant mother to get angry type three: stomach fire

The symptoms of stomach fire of pregnant mothers: Two types of stomach fire are divided into true and false, virtual fire is mainly reflected in the amount of diet, bloating, red tongue, constipation, slight cough, and less moss; real fire is reflected as dry stools, dry mouth, bitter mouth, bitter mouthAbdominal discomfort and so on.The method of removing stomach fire: the right amount of japonica rice, mung bean, 30g of gypsum powder. The method of eating is to use water to cook gypsum to filter the residue, and then add mung bean and rice porridge to eat.

Pregnant mother to get angry type four: kidney fire

Pregnant mothers have symptoms of kidney fire: tinnitus, deafness, dizziness, soft lumbar muscles, and irritability.How to remove kidney fire: Pork loin wolfberry soup, use a casserole to cook 2 pork waist, 15g of wolfberry and mandarin meat, add the casserole and cook the soup with the pig waist to eat, and the effect of defeating kidney fire is significant.Note: If the pregnant mother gets angry, it is necessary to use Chinese medicine to defeat the fire, and you should consult a doctor before applying to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.If the pregnant mother has a hoarse voice and throat tenderness, you can drink light saline; often eating pear can also prevent throat pain and sores. In addition, with vinegar and equivalent water, it can relieve pain.

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