How to take antipyretic medicine and cough medicine?Suggestions for rehabilitation of home re -recharge, please collect it!

December 12

Beijing Pharmaceutical Quality Control Center

Release suggestions for rehabilitation of new home home

Do I need to take medicine in advance to prevent infection?

When do I need to take antipyretics?

There are pregnant women, lactating women and children in the family

What should I pay attention to?

Look down and understand together


If there is no new crown infection related symptoms, do you need to prevent the use of some drugs in advance?


unnecessary.At present, there is no evidence to support drugs to prevent new coronary virus infections. Without diagnosis of new coronal virus infections, we do not need to prevent the drug in advance.

At the same time, taking a variety of drugs can make me faster?


Won’t.It is not recommended to take a variety of drugs that treat the same symptoms at the same time, and choose one.Taking a variety of drugs at the same symptoms at the same time cannot speed up the disease, but it may cause excessive drugs.

If you have a fever, which heating drugs can we choose?


For people with general diseases without basic diseases, the safer antidote includes acetaminol and ibuprofen, you can choose one of them, you can refer to the table information below.The common compound "cold medicine" (such as white, black, Tyno, etc.) on other markets, their names contain "aminopicol" or "phenol", that is, the acetaminophen component can also play a fever.It should be noted that do not superimposed a variety of antipyretics.

Table 1 How to use heating drugs

When is the antipyretic medicine taken?I want to eat a little more, can I eat a few more tablets?


When the body temperature is between 37.5 and 38.5 ° C, it is preferably physical cooling. When the body temperature rises to above 38.5 ° C, heating drugs can be used.For some elderly people with basic diseases or heating patients with severe symptoms but have not rising their body temperature to 38.5 ° C, if you have mental deficiency or symptoms of other systems, you can also take the fever with caution.The use of antipyretics should not exceed 3 days. If the symptoms are still not alleviated, it is recommended to see a doctor.

The more heated medicine is not eating the more faster the body temperature. If you take or superimposed multiple antipyretics, the liver or or other organs may be damaged. ThereforeEssencePatients with liver and renal dysfunction and gastrointestinal diseases need to consult a physician or pharmacist.

Can I take cough and sputum symptoms during the rehabilitation of the home, can I take cough and phlegm drugs all the time?


When severe cough and sputum symptoms and affect normal rest, some cough and phlegm drugs can be selected appropriately for symptomatic treatment.Dry cough can be chosen Format, right Mishafen, etc. If there are too many sputum, phlegm can be used, such as bromine new, amproxyl, more gly gly glycerin, acetylcysteine, etc.There are many choices on the market. You can choose one.Drugs take a certain time, do not "use cough".

If there is a cold, nasal congestion and other cold symptoms, can you buy ordinary cold medicine for treatment?


The new crown infection is similar to some symptoms of ordinary colds or influenza. Some anti -allergic drugs can effectively alleviate the symptoms of runny nose, such as chlorophenicamin, dectorizine, Sidalizine, etc., but such drugs may cause itAdverse reactions of drowsiness, you need to pay special attention during the medication.

The common "cold medicine" on the market also has anti -allergies (the drug name contains "sensitivity"), alleviates nasal congestion (the drug name contains "pseudo", "hemp"), cough (the drug name contains the word "beauty",) The role.According to the symptoms that occur, choose the symptomatic treatment of drugs, and do not blindly superimposed the use of a variety of "cold medicines" to avoid repetitive medication and excessive risk of drugs.

Do you need to take other antiviral drugs or antibiotics at the same time during home recovery?


Anti -influenza virus drugs have no effect on the treatment of new coronary viruses and do not need to take it.If the bacterial infection is not combined, antibacterial drugs are not recommended.If you suspect that you may have bacterial infections, you should consult a doctor and decide whether to take antibacterial drugs.

After the symptoms related to the new coronal virus infection are relieved, should I continue to eat and consolidate the effect?


Most of the drugs treated with new crowns are symptomatic medicines (such as fever, cough, phlegm, alleviating runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, dry throat, diarrhea, etc.).If the uncomfortable symptoms are relieved, the use of these drugs should be stopped in time without "consolidation".

There are pregnant women, lactating women and children at home. Can they also take these medicines?


The medication of special groups such as pregnant women, lactating women, and children need to be careful. We have compiled related drug information based on the drug instructions and other information for your reference.It is important to note that when pregnant women, children, the elderly, the high -risk people, and the obvious increase in the condition, the patient should go to the medical institution in a timely manner to avoid delay treatment.

Emphasis: Oral solution/drops of acetaminophenophenol are suitable for children with more than 3 months; ibuprofen mixed suspension/drops, suitable for children over 6 months.

It is important to emphasize that when using a compound preparation, you need to pay attention to composition to avoid repeated medication. If necessary, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.When the two or more drugs are used, the combination of proprietary Chinese medicine and western medicine may increase the risk of potential interaction.For other matters, please refer to the drug manual.

Chinese patent medicine can refer to the "Guidelines for Home Treatment of the New Crown Virus infection" and use it reasonably.


Scientific selection and correct use of medicines

Avoid adverse reactions caused by drugs

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