How to treat vaginitis in early pregnancy

What is vaginitis?What’s going on with vaginitis in the early pregnancy?How to treat vaginitis in early pregnancy?What are the symptoms of vaginitis?What’s going on with mold vaginitis?Come and learn with the Pacific parent -child network!

Normal healthy women have natural defense functions for the invasion of pathogens due to the characteristics of anatomy tissue.For example, the vaginal opening is closed, the vaginal front and rear walls are close, and the vaginal epithelial cells are proliferated under the influence of estrogen, and the epidermal cells keratinize, and the vaginal acid and alkali are kept at PH4-5, so that the reproduction of the diseased pathogen such as anaerobic bacteria is affected.Inhibitory, etc.When the natural defense function of the vagina is destroyed, the pathogenic is easy to invade and vaginal inflammation occurs.

What is early pregnancy vaginitis

Vaginitis is an inflammation of vaginal mucosa and sub -linked tissue, and is one of the common diseases of gynecological.During pregnancy, the body’s resistance decreases, and the vaginal sugar is increased, which is prone to vaginitis, especially the mold vaginitis (also known as Candida vaginitis). If you do not dare to take medicine, the inflammation will quickly increase.

Although vaginitis in the early pregnancy occurs in the local area, the symptoms can affect the whole body. Many patients often restless because of vaginal and vulva itching, and even affect work and sleep.Therefore, it is necessary to cure before the baby is born, because Candida in the vagina can surge through the cervix, causing amnioticitis, and premature birth.In addition, when the fetus is naturally delivered by the mother’s vagina, it may also be infected by Candida, which can easily cause local rosary disease such as eyes and oral cavity.

How to treat vaginitis in early pregnancy

Within 12 weeks of pregnancy, 2%-3%soda water, Jieer Yin clean the vulva and vagina, and change the underwear every day, and wash it with the towels and pots.

Mold vaginitis: Washed the vulva with water every night with water, and the vagina was made on the vagina. On the first night, the fourth day was used. Generally speaking, this course of treatment can be cured.If the second film is not on the fourth day, mold vaginitis is easy to recur.

Trichomonas vaginitis: Wash the vulva with potassium permanganate water, and use some antibody infection with external western medicine for treatment. The effect is very good.

Bacterial vaginitis: Oral oral metronidazole is very effective for bacterial vaginitis. Some pregnant women see that pregnant women written on metronidazole drug instructions are disabled and dare not use it. This medicine used to think that pregnant women were disabled.However, research at home and abroad has found that pregnant women have no effect on the fetus in the middle and late pregnancy of pregnant women, so they can be used with confidence under the guidance of a doctor.

Symptoms of vaginitis

The symptoms of vaginitis may include the following 4 types:

1. Itching, irritation, pain, burning sensation and redness of the vagina and labia (sometimes swelling symptoms).

2. The vaginal discharge without odor appears, usually white, sticky, cheese -like secretions, and sometimes green, tofu -like secretions.

3. I feel uncomfortable or painful during sex.

4. There is a burning sensation when urination (when the urine stimulates to the vulva you have become red).

How to prevent vaginitis

Moomal vaginitis is a common vaginitis lesion attributes of the spread of the disease. Mainly in the normal vagina caused by white Candida infection.Inflammation is common in pregnant women; diabetic patients and received a large number of estrogen therapists. In addition, the long -term application of antibiotics causes the vaginal flora disorders to make Candida infection and infection.

1. Pay attention to hygiene and change the underwear.The underwear should be wide. It is best to wear cotton texture underwear, and the patient’s underwear towel should be boiled and disinfected. You can also add a cup of apple cider vinegar to the bath water during the bath to treat vaginitis.

2. Avoid unclean sexual intercourse, use condoms when sexual intercourse to avoid unclean sexual intercourse, and sexual life should be prohibited during treatment.

3. Do not wash the vulva with hot water. Do not wash it with hot water when itching in the vulva to avoid damage to the skin and mucous membranes and cause secondary infections.

4. Use vitamin E capsules, cut vitamin E capsules, and directly apply itching effect to the affected area.

5. Follow the doctor’s advice on time. It is best to wash the vagina and clean the vulva with the soda daily.

6. Husband should also go to the hospital for examination.

What to eat for vaginitis

1. It is advisable to eat more foods rich in vitamin B, such as wheat, sorghum, coriander, honey, tofu, chicken, etc.;

2. It is advisable to be thin and light food. You can choose japonica, glutinous rice, yam, lentils, lotus seeds, coix seeds, lilies, red dates, cinnamon meat, chestnuts, black soybeans, walnuts, animal liver, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggs, eggsWait for the food of the spleen and kidney.Elderly vaginitis can eat more chicken crown, front grass, celery, etc.

3. Avoid spicy food

Eat more spicy foods are easy to grow and heat, stimulate itching, and aggravate vaginitis.

4. Avoid seafood hair

Fishing foods such as fish, shrimp, crab, lamb can make the vulva itching, which is not conducive to the fading of inflammation, so you should avoid eating.

5. Avoid sweet food

Grancoloral foods such as lard, cream, butter, etc., high -sugar foods such as chocolate, desserts, etc. These foods will help wet and increase heat, increase the secretion of leucorrhea, and affect the treatment effect of vaginitis.

The following introduces two dietary recipes for vaginitis:

Huaishan fish lean broth

Cooking: Wash 30 grams of Huai yam; washed 250 grams of lean meat, cut into pieces; 15 grams of fish salamander was soaked in water, washed, and shredded.Put all the ingredients in the pot and add the right amount of water. After the Wuhuo boil, change the fire pot for 2 hours to season.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney, astringent essence tape, treating elderly vaginitis syndrome is liver and kidney yin deficiency.Suitable for postpartum blood deficiency and dizziness.

Horse whip grass pork belly soup

Method: After the whip is washed 30 grams, cut it into a small section; 60-100 grams of pork belly sliced.Boil the water and pour the pork belly and the whip grass.Remove the juice and get the juice once a day.

Efficacy: detoxifying insects, clearing heat and dampness, treating various types of Candida vaginitis.But pregnant women and weak spleen and stomach use them with caution.

Black vegetables, soup

Production: 5 grams of light vegetables and 50 grams of cuttlefish (dried products) are soaked and washed with clear water, and cut into 3-4 segments; washed 20 grams of coriander; washed with 100 grams of lean meat.Put all the ingredients in a casserole together and add an appropriate amount of water. After the Wuhuo is boiled, cook for 2 hours, season, and drink at will.

Efficacy: nourishing yin and clearing heat, converging stop band, treating Candida vaginitis, which belongs to kidney yin deficiency or yin deficiency and heat.Such as paste, or accompanied by hot vaginal feelings, even hot pain, disturbing, restless sleeping, dry stools and dry knots, etc., are also suitable for yin deficiency or fever, menopausal or postmenopausal women.There are those who are sick or inferior.

Vaginitis examination

The examination of vaginitis includes the following aspects:

1. Gynecological examination

The symptoms of vaginal inflammation are preliminarily screened through conventional gynecological examinations, and the possibility disease is initially selected, and the necessary examination is taken as a specimen of secretions.

2. Vaginal secretion examination

Check the pH value and check the cleanliness of the vaginal, whether there are mold, trichomoniasis, bacterial (clue cells, pus cells) infection.

3. Cultivation of vaginal secretions

Test which pathogenic infection is provided with accurate diagnosis basis for doctors.

4. Drug sensitivity test

Testing which drugs are sensitive to the original bacteria can improve the treatment effect for targeted medications.

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