Human -awarded / test -tube processes and patients with common questions about patients

Human grant/test tube process

Human awarding process: Check — Create files — Promotion-Feeefitting surgery — pregnancy test

Trial process: Check-Create files — Promotion-Egg Take/Equipment — Cultivation — Transplantation — pregnancy test

Check item

Women’s inspection: Women are mainly two parts: blood testing and gynecological examination.

Blood test

Six sex hormones, blood routine, blood type, liver and kidney function, four items of coagulation, HIV antibody, syphilis serum examination, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B and a half, four eugenic students, poverty -stricken screening, three articles, anti -Miaole, anti -MiaoleTube hormone (amh).

Gynecological examination

Raspies, mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonococci, cervical scraping, uterine and dual attachment B -ultrasound, electrocardiogram, chest tape.

Note: If you do artificial insemination, you must check the smoothness of the fallopian tube, so it will involve the uterine fallopian tubal angiography or the diameter test of the hysteroscopy. This needs to be judged by the doctor according to the doctor.If you need a test tube baby, you need to do chromosomal examination when necessary.

check the time:

1. Six items of sex hormones need to be carried out on an empty stomach on the second to fifth day of menstruation.

2. Projects that must be checked during non -menstrual periods are: leucorrhea routine, mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonococci, cervical scrape, uterine and double attachment B -ultrasound, urine routine.

3. The examination of uterine fallopian tubal angiography needs to be performed within 3-7 days after menstruation.

4. If you need hysteroscopy and laparoscopic examination, 3-7 days after menstruation are the most suitable

5. The remaining inspection items may not consider menstruation.

Men’s inspection: The men’s inspection items are mainly semen examination and blood drawing.

Blood test

Blood routine, land poverty screening, ASAB anti -sperm antibody, HIV antibody, syphilis serum examination, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis B half a half, liver and kidney function, and blood type.


Routine semen, semen morphology, gonococcus culture, chlamydia.

check the time:

Men’s semen examination needs to be brief ascending for 3-7 days, and the empty stomach is required when drawing blood. There are no special requirements for the remaining inspection items

Examination report Validity period

Women: Six results of sex hormones are valid within three months, but medication will often be reviewed after entering the week; the result of the results of the radiography is always valid without pregnancy; the results of blood type and chromosomal examination will be effective for life;The test results are valid within one year; the remaining inspection results are valid within half a year.

Men: Lifetime of blood types and chromosomal examinations are valid; semen routines, mycoplasma, and chlamydia are valid in hospitals preparing to receive IVF pregnancy. The remaining examinations are valid within half a year as long as the test reports were inspected by Tanjia Hospital.

Check the patient’s concern

1. Patients who have been retracted: I have done XX examination, do I still need to do other examinations?When is it better to go to the hospital?

Answer: There are certain standards for test tube examination items. Before entering the cycle, the doctor will let the patient go back to see if the test form is complete and normal.In addition, different projects have their own validity period. During the validity period, no need to do it. The lack of projects need to be made up.Female friends should arrange for the hospital twice for medical examinations: 1 Blood drawing is best performed on an empty stomach within the second to fifth day of menstruation. The examination of 2 secretions needs to be cleaned after menstruation.

Male friends need semen check for 3-7 days for a short period of time, and empty stomachs when blood drawing.

2. The patient for the first time: Why do the doctor conduct so many examinations?What is the significance of the inspection?

Answer: The routine examination before surgery is to evaluate the basic physical condition of both men and women, screening in infectious diseases, whether the physical condition is suitable for pregnancy at this stage, and comprehensively evaluate the germ power of the two sides, and then guide the formulation of the formulation of schemes.And the promotion of the startup dose.

3. So many inspections, where do I go to check?When will the results come out?How long does it take to finish all the inspection?How many times do I go to the hospital because of the examination?How can I complete all inspections faster?

Answer: All the examinations are completed in the hospital. The results of the results of the tests are not uniform, but they can return to the hospital to check together after all the results come out to avoid multiple times.


1. Both men and women must be present, bring two ID cards and marriage certificates on both sides, and sign the commitment (the reproductive center has prepared a model)

2. The time for the establishment of the file is notified by the nurse, and it is not recommended to go to the request to build files without authorization.If the inspection report needs to be re -examined and treated, the file can be built after the results are determined.

Ovulation -promoting/monitoring ovulation

Patient concern

1. What are the precautions during the promotion?(Is it possible to do the same room?)

Answer: Relax during the promotion period, normal life, regular work, and appropriate exercise.During the follicle near maturity and after egg retrieval, we need to wear condoms in the same room to avoid possibility of multiple pregnancy.

2. During the promotion period, what do I eat or do or use the most conducive to the best state of the follicular endometrium?

Answer: During the promotion period, composite vitamin tablets can be appropriately supplemented to strengthen high -quality protein such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, shrimp intake.

3. My follicles/endometrium doctors say that the effect is not good. What should I do?

Answer: 1. If you find that the amount of follicles is too small or the quality of the eggs is not good, doctors may advise the cancellation cycle to avoid greater economic losses or bring more psychological trauma to patients. It is recommended to obey the professional opinions of the doctor.

2. Doctors consider endometrial thickness, morphology and tolerance, which leads to a decline in the success rate of fresh embryo transplantation. It is recommended to change to embryo nourishing and frozen storage, and then transplantation for the next cycle.

Fertilization surgery

Patient concern

1. What are the precautions before and after insemination surgery?

Answer: Pay attention to personal hygiene before surgery, relax after surgery, relax after surgery, normal life, and regular work.

2. Is the insemination surgery pain?Is it painful?

Answer: There is no pain in the whole process, just like the usual feeling of gynecological examination.

3. What can I improve the success rate of pregnancy?

Answer: The mood after surgery is relaxed, normal life, and regular work.


Patient concern

1. Is the egg retrieval process pain?

Answer: The egg retrieval process will feel pain, but it is a tolerance range. For female friends who are sensitive to pain, you can choose intravenous anesthesia down egg retrieval surgery.

2. Are there any precautions before and after egg retrieval?

Answer: Pay attention to personal hygiene before and after egg removal, try to avoid strenuous exercise, strengthen high -quality protein such as fish, meat, eggs, milk, shrimp intake.

3. How many eggs did I take?Is it so little that I have less egg retrieval?

Answer: For the specific number of eggs, doctors generally inform patients after egg treatment.

For those with less eggs (less than 3), doctors will recommend that the next or several cycles will be promoted to take more or several times to save the number of embryos, and then slowly freeze the embryo transplantation.

4. What should I do if I can’t take it out?

Answer: You can take the same room of the dedicated condom for wearing a non -killing agent to take the same room. If you are still ejaculating the loser, you can consider surgery.

5. What should I do if the sperm is not enough?Is there any way to get me sperm quality better when taking sperm

Answer: Before use, semen needs to be optimized for semen before use.

Male friends recommend quit smoking and alcohol, regular work, appropriate exercise, and supplementing composite vitamins to help improve the quality of semen.


Patient concern

1. Don’t know how many embryos I can cultivate?

Answer: Generally, the laboratory will recall patients to return to the hospital 3 days after egg retrieval.

2. Why do you need to raise a bag?

Answer: In order to improve the success rate of transplantation, the fresh embryo on the third day will continue to cultivate the fifth day or even the sixth day or more.Essence

3. When will the transplant be notified?

Answer: Fresh embryo transplantation is generally two types: the third day after egg removal, the natural cycle of the frozen embryo transplantation and the manual alternative cycle.The endometrium ≥8mm, and the fourth or sixth day of the muscle injection of the muscle injection of the ectophylans of the E2 is transplanted.


Patient concern

1. Does transplantation hurt?What are the precautions?

Answer: It is generally not painful, it feels similar to being a women’s examination.

2. Is there any way to increase the conception after transplantation?

Answer: The mood after surgery is relaxed, normal life, and regular work.

3. Do you want to lie down all the time after transplantation?

Answer: After lying in bed for half an hour to one hour after surgery.

Pregnancy test

Patient concern

1. When is pregnancy test?

Answer: On the 14th after transplantation.

2. Is there no hope for the panel to test the whiteboard?

Answer: Urine HCG (-) can be reviewed again in two days. If the results you want to determine can return to the hospital to draw HCG, E2, P.

3. What did I fail for?Can you succeed next time?

Answer: The success of transplantation is affected by many factors, such as embryonic quality, endometrium tolerance, and even female psychological pressure. One transplant failure does not represent future transplantation. Female friends should adjust their mentality and physical condition for their physical condition for their physical conditions for their physical condition.The next transplantation is positive.

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