Hunan girls are pregnant with a 40 -year -old man. The man claims to have no fertility, and the parent -child identification faces

The current society is getting more and more open, and people’s ideas are getting more and more open.

I used to buy a ticket first and then get on the car, that is, get married first, and the men and women will live together.

But the current society is completely opposite to the love between men and women. Basically, they will live together. Although unmarried cohabitation is accepted by everyone, they still need to pay attention to contraception when they live together, because after all, there is no any between the two people.Legal constraints,

If two people break up after pregnancy, then the child is also very pitiful.

The 23 -year -old Hunan girl, because the conditions in the family are relatively poor, so I didn’t study any.

After adulthood, I went to work outside the country. The life of working is very hard, and there is no way of entertainment.

In the process of working, the girl met a man. This man was 17 years older than the girl, now 40 years old, and there are still some disability. Among them, he was injured before.Turn.

After the two people knew, the man was particularly concerned about the girl and gave her a lot of help in life and work.

The girl is not stupid. Knowing the man’s intentions of herself, she feels that the man knows cold and hot, and really cares about herself, so she talks with the man in love.

After falling in love and love, after a long time, the two lived together. One day after half a year, the girl found that she was not going to the aunt, so she went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick.It,

She was very happy because she was pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, but when she told her boyfriend about the news, the man’s response surprised her.

After the man learned that the girl was pregnant, he was furious. He told the girl that you were definitely not mine.

The girl was surprised and said: After I was with you, I never came into contact with other men. Who can my child not yours?

The man said, I tell you, I have no fertility, and I have been checked in the hospital before.And you go to a rich person to be a nanny some time ago, and sometimes you do n’t come back at night. Who knows what you are going? You suddenly tell me that you are pregnant. This child is not mine.Bar!

The girl did not expect that the man would say such a thing.

But since the man is such a ruthlessness, the woman has left the man and returns to his hometown to raise a tire.

When the girl’s parents discover that the girl is pregnant, she persuaded her to say that since your boyfriend does not want you, what else do your two children stay here?Kill it,

The girl disagreed and forced her to die, and her daughter’s parents couldn’t help it, so she could only promise her to take good care of her. Later, she gave birth to the child.

After the child was born, the girl took the child back to the place of work again. She was looking for her boyfriend to let this boyfriend look at her child.

But after the girl arrived at this place, the man chose to avoid seeing it. The girl could only find one of the simplest hotels to rent a single room, and lived hard with the children, waiting for the man’s mind to turn.

Later, the man kept hiding, and the girl couldn’t ask for help from the media.

Under the coordination of the media, the man finally agreed to see the girl,

But after meeting, the man’s attitude was as affectionate as ever. He said to the girl: You child is not mine. What do you bring to entangle me?

The girl tears, she said to the man, I only have a man in my life, and this child must be yours.

But for girls, men do not believe it,

So the media said, otherwise take a child to a parent -child identification.The man said that the appraisal was identified. The child must not be mine, and the identification is not mine.

So the man went to the appraisal center with the child to make an appraisal, and the identification result was that the man and the child did have a blood relationship.

Faced with such an appraisal result, the man was surprised. He watched the identification certificate and said, is this certificate really accurate?

The media coordinator said to the man that this certificate is of course accurate. This is issued by an authoritative agency and has legal effect, which proves that this child is indeed yours.

Under such circumstances, the child called the man with milk and milk. After the man heard the child’s cry, his heart suddenly softened, and he choked and hugged his child.

In this way, a family who had misunderstood before hugged them again.

As a man, what you do should be responsible,

I really can’t figure out why this man is unwilling to admit that the child is his own, and he is so doubtful for his ability.

It is precisely because of this dislike that the woman and the child have suffered a lot. I do n’t know if the man has a trace of guilt. I just hope that the man will be better to the mother and child in the future to make up for him to make up for them.The mistake.

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