Husbands of others!800 photos record the whole process of wife pregnancy

800 photos record the entire process of pregnancy!


A daddy in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province

Fixed animation became popular on the Internet.

He was during pregnancy,

Persist in taking a picture of her every day,

Record a little bit of change.

After her daughter is born,

He also edited a series of photos and videos into a fixed animation,

Attracted a lot of netizens to watch,

Someone commented:

"very nice,

This child was born in expectations."

Yoyo Dad told reporters that the fixed animation seemed to be interesting and amazing. "I will ask the child in the future," Where do I come from Dad? "I will show her this video and tell her ‘you are magic." Hahaha."

At present, the videos he posted on station B have appeared on the popular rankings and received nearly 300,000 playback volume.In the video, Yuyou’s mother gradually became larger from a girl wearing a strap pants and a thin body until she became a mother who could only wear a maternal dress every day and she was born.It was empty, and then filled with various infant supplies.

"My wife’s pregnancy process is very difficult. It should be said that she is hard. She is pregnant and vomiting. She does not want to eat this. She can’t eat that. The belly becomes bigger every day and her body is uncomfortable." Yoyou’s father said that he was so hard to see his wife’s pregnancy.Thinking, I plan to record this "great process". "At first we only took photos, and later I wanted to be more fun, so I took it into a fixed animation."

The reporter learned that Youyou’s parents fell in love. In 2016, the two joined hands to enter the marriage hall. In January last year, they ushered in the first little life in the family -her daughter Youyou.He works for new media, and he is very busy every day, but he insists on shooting videos and photos. In his opinion, the process of shooting is not very difficult. The process of pregnancy is the most difficult.When I get home, we will take the time to complete the shooting, and we cannot make my wife feel uncomfortable. "

Yongyou’s father said that her daughter is now 1 and a half years old, and she hasn’t seen her video yet. "I feel that the time is not mature enough. I want to wait for her to get older, and wait for her to ask me, where did I come from?Let me show her again, tell her ‘you changed from magic, you see, we have videos to prove.’

In addition, he also revealed to reporters that in fact, at the beginning, he didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl. He prepared two sets of infant supplies as a background. "Many netizens asked us how to know that it was a girl. I think it is intuitive, and I especially want my daughter, But we also prepared the boy’s clothes, so the problem is not big. "

Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu News Profile reporter Sun Qingyun

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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