Husbands work abroad to support their families, and their wives derailed netizens and have children.

"What about your child? Great point, take a step back and wide sky, just take the child as a biological?"

Chen Jianming listened to his wife’s destruction, and was so angry for a while.

If it weren’t for a text message at the beginning, he would still be in the drum.

Chen Jianming’s personality is silent, and he has always eager to form his own family.If the matchmaker introduced him to Yu Chunmei, they held a wedding hastily without a complete understanding of each other.

After marriage, Chen Jianming went to run a truck and was not at home all year round.He was honest and honest, he didn’t make much money, so he didn’t pay much money at home.

Seeing that there were no children for many years, the couple went to IVF surgery and successfully gave birth to their eldest son.

After Yu Chunmei gave birth to his eldest son, he raised his son alone.Because Chen Jianming always sent a few money home, Yu Chunmei had to use the dowry and 180,000 gift money when he got married.

Later, she felt dull life and began to surf online and like to chat with different opposite sex netizens.

After a few years, Chen Jianming resigned as a sports car and started working at home.But he found that his wife always ran out and rarely treated the child at home.

Some friends even told him that after dinner, at their house, a man would always wait for Yu Chunmei to go downstairs to take a walk.

When Chen Jianming asked, Yu Chunmei only said that he was an ordinary friend, so that Chen Jianming didn’t think about it.

Later, Yu Chunmei naturally gave birth to a second son.This made Chen Jianming, who was over 40, was very happy. He spent more time and energy on his mother and son.

But this happiness did not last too long. A text message made him pour a pot of cold water: "The child is not yours, but I was born with Yu Chunmei. I will meet with the time together and discuss the child’s support."

Chen Jianming was embarrassed and quickly asked Yu Chunmei.However, Yu Chunmei said that this was a fraud message, and his son was him.

But Chen Jianming did not believe that he insisted on taking his son to do parent -child identification.

However, Yu Chunmei’s words were shocked to Chen Jianming: "Even if the child is not yours, you have to be generous. It’s difficult to marry a daughter -in -law now. You can have two sons, your blessing, you have to be content.Isn’t it enough to raise your own son to raise it? "

Chen Jianming felt very angry: "You must have done something sorry for me, otherwise you won’t say this!"

Yu Chunmei said indifferently: "What is this? I just borrowed wine to dispel the mistakes, and a lot of people made the same mistakes. Their husbands can forgive me, and you can."

Regardless of what Chen Jianming said, Yu Chunmei refused to do parent -child identification, and the preface did not match the postword. I just said that the child was not Chen Jianming. The next second said that the child was naturally conceived by Chen Jianming.After losing weight, you can conceive naturally. "

Chen Jianming is kind, but he is not stupid. He is determined to do parent -child identification.

Yu Chunmei could not stop Chen Jianming, so he had to make this request to Chen Jianming in advance:

First, if Erbao is from Chen Jianming, the two continue to pass, let Chen Jianming take a step back in the sky.

Second, if Erbao is not Chen Jianming, he will transfer the property rights to his eldest son, and he and your younger son have the right to live.Three years later, after Yu Chunmei moved out with his younger son, Chen Jianming could move in to live with his eldest son, but he was not allowed to bring other women back (Chen Jianming remarried).

Facing Yu Chunmei’s unreasonable request, Chen Jianming agreed after Chen Jianming froze.

Chen Jianming, who would take his younger son to be a parent -child identification, got unexpected results -the younger son was not biological.

In the face of this result, Yu Chunmei still did not know how to repent. She said that if Chen Jianming did not do parent -child identification, they could live together.Now she will take the child to live with another man: "He is willing to raise the child."

Chen Jianming was helpless, and could only choose to end his marriage with Yu Chunmei: "I really hate her!"

It is the foreshadowing of this unfortunate marriage without fully understanding the other party.

Happy marriage requires the operation of both parties, and those who betray the marriage will eventually be sanctioned by law!

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