Husky was pregnant for 65 days, and I was scared to take a film and the doctor. Erha are really different.

I raised a Husky, called a lot of, and it was pregnant for a while. It took care of it hard. It was obviously different at 65 days.Without experience, for the sake of insurance, he took it to the pet hospital. The doctor suggested to take a movie first. After shooting, a jump doctor said that there were about ten puppies.

The doctor said that it may not be safe to see the situation, and it was uncomfortable at that time.

It started to produce at night. Sure enough, the first baby came out was a dead fetus. The situation was very dangerous after giving birth. It consumed too much physical strength and made a very smooth progress.The amniotic fluid has been broken, and it is very dangerous for a long time. I agreed, so the doctor immediately prepared the surgery and successfully took out the remaining puppies. What made me very sad was that three cubs had died.

The rest of the puppy cubs are very healthy, but they are weaker and the gynecological gynecological gynecology looks very unrestrained, so they stay in the hospital to continue observation.

Looking at these puppy cubs, I am very happy. Because I was weak, I was taking care of these days, and I took me into double eyelids.Very flattering puppy cubs, peeing on me also likes it.

Duoduo is very insecure. I brought it to toys. It was inseparable. It was always holding toys at all times. Even when the bottle was hanging, it was not loose, and it was a lot of embarrassment.

The most headache. This silly dog does not recognize his child. The one who has just given birth is not willing to feed the other planer. It is fierce.In the past, you need to divert its attention to let these little guys secretly drink milk.

These children should be supplemented with nutrition these days. These children are waiting for you to take care of it, hoping that it will recover as soon as possible, as lively and cute as before.

I do n’t know if you have encountered such a situation. There are good suggestions to tell me, thank you all.

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