I accidentally conceived my second child, and I would never have a birth. What if I was a boy?Sweet burden

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"Boss is a boy, if you regenerate, what if you are a boy?"

Most of them have a boy’s husband and wife. They have such an idea about having a second child. In case of accidental pregnancy, in the face of a sudden small illness, it will hurt the tangled brain!

In 2020, there was a new term called "Baby Extraordinary", and the second treasure of the friend Sasa’s family was one of them.

For her, she was not fully prepared, and saw this sudden "two bars", she was not happy, but cried a lot.

Because Dabao took it by himself, it was difficult to cook until the kindergarten, and now he is pregnant unexpectedly, which means that the life of the chicken feathers is about to come again.

After telling her husband this news, her husband calmly comforted her. "This is a gift from heaven to you, then! In case a girl? You are not satisfied with."

Think about the perfect life, it is perfect, and my heart is a little relieved.

As a family member, Dabao also had the right to know, so she asked her son to want a younger brother or sister before going to bed.

"Don’t, with your brother and sister, you don’t have time to control me." The son’s answer surprised her unexpectedly.

Then she thought about it and said, "With my brother and sister, my mother still loves you, but we can play this game that we can play. I will pass the love to you, and then you pass it to your brother and sister. Is it very interesting?When I heard the game, although the son was still not so happy, he nodded and agreed.

Different children have different personalities and different growth environments. The ideas of younger brothers and sisters are not the same. If they are preparing to have a second child or find a parent who has been pregnant with a second child, they must do a good job of Dabao first, so that he can happily accept the younger brother and sisterEssence

In particular, the boss is more rebellious or a child who is a reorganized family, and he must do a good job of the boss in advance.

One episode in the show "The Word of the Teenagers" is a little girl about her views on her brother, from hate to feeling "Little Fortunately."Because she was a reorganized family, her brother was a baby who was born later, so she hated her brother and even threw away his toy maliciously. She did not admit that she was a younger brother in front of everyone.

But then the younger brother’s cute behavior moved her. No matter how she treats her brother, the brother will still call her sister sweetly, or it depends on her."First Love".

In the end, she said that "I was not sensible before. Now I am very grateful to my mother for bringing my brother. My brother is my little confidence."

Whether you want to like your younger brother and sister, the correct communication and guidance of parents is the most important, not forced, after all, the twisted melon is not sweet.

From pregnancy to Erbao, parents can try these small methods to do the ideological work of Dabao.

▲ Picture book story reading

There are also a lot of such picture books, such as "Mom is going to have a baby", "You are all my favorite", "I am a big sister: the story of my newborn baby", etc.The scene, let Dabao understand that in fact, there is a younger brother and sister.

▲ Bring Dabao to a second child family to play

There are two or three babies’ homes for relatives and friends, let him participate and integrate into it, and experience the fun of multiple children in the family in advance.

▲ Take your children more to play with the children

For example, when you go to the park and community courtyard, find some children who are younger than him to play together, and gradually guide Dabao to experience the happiness and sense of accomplishment of being a brother/sister.

▲ Tell Dabao directly, "With my brother and sister, my parents will still love you as much as they are now"

You can tell Dabao’s change in the family after there is a younger brother and sister, but the love of his parents will not change his love for him, and he will love him more.

For example, the two babies are crying at the same time. Mom can give her younger brother and sister to other family members. First, they can coax Dabao, so that he feels that you have no eccentricity. After a long time, Dabao will slowly give up and let you go to the younger brother and sister.

Another example is that you usually spend more time speaking, playing, etc., buy clothes and toys, and buy both babies.Use practical actions to prove what he said, so that Dabao’s heart is practical.

▲ No need to force Dabao to take care of Erbao

In the early stage, it was based on cultivating the relationship between the two babies. It is not necessary to force Dabao to take care of his younger sister. Moms and dads should not say that "brother and sister are young, you want to let him".

This view, in a show, Cecilia Cheung also shared it, she said, "I will never say, because my younger brother wants to let him, because your brother wants to listen to him. If you are a person, he means that he is right, and there is no one.If you are young, you must let him, because your life is your own. "

Her parenting concept was praised by Su Mang, and she also praised Cecilia Cheung as a treasure girl. Such a childcare concept is worth sharing.

▲ Teach Dabao to learn to share and experience the happiness of it

Some children do not like their younger sisters and sisters, they just think they are "dividers", they will snatch the love of parents and mother, and they will also snatch their snacks and toys.

In fact, everyone has a selfish psychology. On the days of Erbao, the church Bao sharing and experience happiness, including sharing toys, snacks, and interesting things.

Let him feel that this process is like this, full of happiness and sense of accomplishment. This approach also helps Dabao to accept Erbao faster.

In short, the life of the second child is not as terrible as we think. If you decide to have a second child or an accident, you have a second child. In addition to adjusting your mentality in advance, you must also do a good job in Dabao and family planning.

How many babies in your house?Let’s talk about your views on the two baby or Sanwa, and you are welcome to share the joyful sorrow of your home ~

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