I always feel stomach pain in early pregnancy?Don’t think it is a normal response, it may be the baby’s "ask for help"

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My classmate, prepared for a second child some time ago, but had a miscarriage before two months.When I went to see her, her eyes were crying and swollen, and said, "I blame me, and I often hurt my stomach when I was thinking about my boss.Lying on the bed. I didn’t expect that after a few days of lying, I suddenly saw red. The doctor said that when I came to the hospital for too late, the gestational sac flowed out, and the fetal was too late. "

I understand the mood of my classmates. She has been blocked by the falling egg tube. After seeing the illness for a few years, I finally got pregnant with the second child, but the child was gone.Also blame her, after all, her current age and physical condition are different from Huai Dabao, and she can no longer experience older experience.This also wakes up the pregnant mother. If you always feel stomachache in the early pregnancy, don’t think it is a normal reaction. It may be the baby as a baby for help.

When I was pregnant, I always felt my stomach pain. I started thinking about the normal reaction after pregnancy, but because I didn’t dare to care about the first child, I went to the hospital for examination.At that time, I was pregnant for three months. The doctor said that the fetus developed well, but the placenta was a bit low, but it was not serious.But she saw that my complexion was not good, and she looked tired, so she told me to strengthen nutrition and rest.In fact, at that time, I had to open a shop alone, and I was tired every day.Coupled with my pregnancy reaction is a bit big, I ca n’t eat it, and I ca n’t keep up with nutrition.The doctor said: "This is the baby’s" ask for help "from you. Now you should pay attention to it in time to avoid the situation of the post -fetus."

After listening to the doctor, I closed the shop, and I lay down at home for a month, and forced myself to strengthen the nutrition of meals.Later, the placenta grew a little, and the symptoms of stomach pain gradually relieved.Therefore, pregnant mothers have no stomach pain for no reason, and they cannot be careless. It is important to pay attention to checking in early pregnancy.

Some time ago, a friend of me who was pregnant for more than two months said: "When I was pregnant, my chest was swollen, but I didn’t feel much recently, and my small stomach still hurt.I can bear it, I don’t know if there is any problem. "After listening to her, I suggested that she thinks about it alone at home. It is best to go to the hospital for a check.Later, she went to the hospital to check it. The doctor said that the progesterone value was too low, and it was a sign of warning. It was suggested that she had tires for treatment.She was frightened enough, but fortunately, the examination was timely, and now she was smooth.Therefore, when the pregnant mother feels that the reaction during pregnancy is not so great, the stomach also hurts. It may be that the symptoms of threatened abortion appear in the lower progesterone, which can save the baby in time.

Other pregnant mothers, in the early stages of pregnancy, they are as careless as before pregnancy, and even walking.This is actually very dangerous, especially for three months of pregnancy, the fetus is still unstable and must not be careless.There is a pregnant mother around me, especially diligent, and often sweep the floor, wipe the table, and even dry my feet to dry clothes.Once, she accidentally flickered her waist when she was doing housework, and then her stomach was a little uncomfortable.She said it was the faint pain and didn’t care too much.As a result, it was red at night, and she had a fetal treatment in the hospital for half a month to get out of danger.Therefore, if the pregnant mother is a stomach caused by "external force", it may be hurting the fetus, and you must not be careless.

Therefore, pregnant mothers always feel stomachache in the early pregnancy. Don’t just think that it is normal, and it may be that the baby is "asking for help" from you.


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