I am a married man, but I fall in love with another woman. What should I do?

I, a Leo man in 1989, has been married for more than 2 years, and his son is just 2 years old.

Explain the background of the next story. Before marrying my wife, I have been in love with a girl who has grown up since childhood. It can be described as a hard work. Later, the girl was taken off by college classmates in a long distance, leaving me alone.I met my current wife around a week. At that time, I only felt that this girl grew well and did not feel special. After contacting her, there was no particularly great love. Maybe I wanted to forget her ex -girlfriend to me through her.After experiencing betrayal, I also wanted to find someone who loved me more. I tried to contact her slowly. She was particularly good to me. Later, she lived together. She was pregnant in an accident.Then get married …

Life after marriage is still the same. It may not be particularly loved by her, so it can be said that her concern is very low, there is no common topic, and the opinions on many things are on the left, but I know that she loves me very much.And I don’t love her so much.

Recently, I met a little girl. Her smile made me move. I felt very happy with her. I liked her in front of me and laughed.I like her holding my hand tightly, I love her, and I have a strong impulse to protect her. I have a very high degree of fit with this girl, but the reality is that I am a married man … I have a 2 -year -old son … I don’tI know what I should do … Please enlighten.

In the end, I know I am a scumbag, but I also want to seek my own love.

Although you may feel that he is very happy to be with Primary Three, and even feel that she will not marry in this life, but I only see the crisis of you together.

You have a private meeting and have a car accident. In addition to the emotional bonuses in the emotional bonus, there are other positive bonuses?

Secondly, you betrayed your wife now, this feels like your ex -girlfriend betrayed you.If your wife knows this, then your yesterday is her tomorrow. Although you don’t care so much, you care so much about you.

Even if you divorce, her loss is not big, she lost a person who does not love you, and you lose a person in the world who loves you. In this world, everyone is loved by everyone.Are you sure you really love with Xiao San, or just a passion and unable to be together forever. In the face of the dull days of chai oil and salt, will you still love it as always?

If you have agreed, you think you can do it, you will show up with your wife, and then compensate her more.

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