I am pregnant, can I continue to raise cats?

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Many families have pets and treat them as family members.However, once the hostess is pregnant, there will be a controversy.Especially in families with cats, whether the toxoplasma should be harmful to the baby, causing a lot of doubts.Can you raise a cat when you are pregnant?Today we will talk about this topic.

What is Toxoplasma?

Gow -shaped insect disease refers to the common disease caused by a micro parasitic (Toxoplasma).For people with normal immune function, the infection of Toxoplasma may only cause mild symptoms, and even without symptoms.However, for pregnant women, infection of Toxoplasma has a greater risk because parasites can cause different degrees of damage to the fetus through the placenta.

During pregnancy, the injury to the fetus can be light or heavy to the fetus. In severe cases, it can cause dead tires, permanent structure or nerve injury, or even major malformations.It is worth noting that the toxoplasma infected before pregnancy will rarely pass to the fetus, so if it is not new infection, it will not have much impact on the fetus.However, this is not suitable for those who have immunoaged defects or are using immunosuppressants.

Nevertheless, please also ask the cats who love cats don’t have to panic. Let’s focus on how to avoid bow -shaped infections and how to deal with infection.

How high is the chance of infection with Toxoplasma and spread to the baby?

According to statistics from the US Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only about 15 % of the childcare women are currently immunity to Toxoplasma disease.Fortunately, pregnant women infected with toxoplasma during pregnancy are relatively rare, and not all infected pregnant women will spread them to the baby.

The baby’s infection risk is proportional to the mother’s pregnancy.If you are infected with toxoplasma in the early pregnancy (first three months), the baby’s infection is about 15 %; if you are infected in the second trimester, the risk of the baby is increased to about 30 %; and the infection in the third trimester is infected with infection in the third trimester.If, the baby’s infection will be as high as 60 %.However, although the disease has the highest spread in the third trimester, the greatest harm caused by infection is in the early stages of pregnancy.

In addition, if you suffer from toxoplasma infections within a few months before pregnancy, you may also spread to your baby.Therefore, if it is known that there is a possibility of infection in the recently, it is recommended to wait for 6 months before preparing for pregnancy.

How to spread the bow -shaped worm?

According to expert estimates, about 50%of the infection caused by eating raw or cooked meat in eaten raw or cooked meat.In addition, you may also be infected by touched your lips, nose or eyes after treating polluted products that are not cleaned, polluted water, or touched your lips, nose or eyes after treating polluted water, or after dealing with polluted soil, cat sands, or meat.

Under normal circumstances, except for the blood from the mother during pregnancy to the baby, the blood of the infected patients during the blood transfusion, or the organs transplantation, the toxoplasma disease will not spread horizontally between people.

Can pregnant mothers raise cats during pregnancy?

The answer is yes, you can raise it!

You may hear that cat dung is the main source of infection of Toxoplasma, but this does not mean that you can no longer continue to raise cats.You can still take some preventive measures to avoid hormone infections. Below we will explain how cats infected with toxoplasma and how to spread toxoplasma.

Cats are natural hosts of parasites and can be reproduced in their intestine.Cats may be infected with bowls infected with prey, raw meat, or drinking uninterrupted milk, sewage, etc. without high temperature disinfection.The infected Toxoplasma forms a "oval sac" in the cat’s intestine. Cats can excrete millions of oval sacs a day, with a total time of up to three weeks, but these ovation’s naked eyes are invisible.You don’t know that your cat is infected.

Occasion is infectious 24 hours after excretion. Under appropriate conditions, they can survive for 18 months in soil, sand or garbage and maintain contagious.During this period, they may contaminate water, fruits or vegetables, and infection with constant temperature species (including humans) in contact with them.

How can I avoid hormone infections?

Here are some suggestions for cat -raising families. The primary suggestions are to remove insects in the cat on a regular basis.

You can ask your family to help clear the cat’s feces every day; if no one helps, you can wear disposable gloves and masks, and carefully wash your hands after processing.Occupation is not contagious within the first 24 hours, and timely cleaning can help reduce the risk of infection.

In order to ensure that your cat is not infected, at least during your pregnancy, it only feeds its cat food.

Try to let your cat stay indoors so that it will not come into contact with animals with potential infection, such as mice, birds, etc.Of course, even in the room, cats may catch mice, so try not to let it get into the kitchen or enter the table.

Although the possibility of parasites on cat hair is relatively small, it is recommended that you wash your hands carefully after holding it or playing with it, especially before eating.

Do not adopt new cats during pregnancy, or contact stray cats.

What is the chance of eating meat infection with toxoplasma?

Although cats are excreted parasitic through feces, it will also be sent in other tissues in other infectious species for a long time (the so -called "tissue capsule").Among them, pork, mutton, and odors (such as venison) are the main culprits.However, any type of meat may be infected, so all meat should be properly treated.

High temperature can kill the parasites, but if you eat raw meat (or when you contact your lip, nose or eyes after contacting raw meat), you may also be infected by the tissue capsule.

Here is a guidelines for meat consumption safety:

It will refrigerate it for a few days before cooking meat, which will reduce the risk of infection.

Meat needs to be cooked thoroughly, which is the only way to ensure eliminating bow.You can use food thermometers to test the temperature center temperature.Ordinary meat is required to cook to 71 ° C, and the meat of the thigh part is required to cook to 82 ° C.If there is no food temperature meter, it is best to cook the meat until pink meat or blood -colored gravy no longer appears.Make sure not to try before the cooking is completed.

Avoid marinating and smoky meat unless heated it before eating.If they are not cooked completely or heat treatment, they are still risk of infection (such as dry meat).

What can I do to prevent hormone infections?

Please pay attention to the following suggestions:

Do not drink products made of milk (such as some cheese, yogurt), etc., and avoid eating raw eggs.

You must wash the vegetables or peel the fruits before eating.

After dealing with foods, fruits and vegetables, poultry and other foods that are not cleaned, wash the furnace, cutting board, disk and hands with hot soapy water.

Remember to wash your hands before meals.In addition, do not touch your lips, nose or eyes when dealing with food; if you have any wounds in your hand, wear disposable gloves to ensure that the wound is not infected with parasites.

Keep flies and cockroaches away from food.

Avoid water with potential pollution risks.Use bottle water when you are in a camping or travel.

When doing gardening, please wear gloves.Before the fruits and vegetables are not completely cleaned, do not touch your lips, nose or eyes with your hands.

Try to avoid your child from using the public sandbox. When your sandbox is not used, please close the box.Although toxoplasma is unlikely to endanger children, it still needs to stay away from sand soil containing cat dung as much as possible.

How to distinguish me infected with Toxoplasma?

Most healthy people have no symptoms in the infection of Toxoplasma.If you are infected during pregnancy, you may only have painless lymph nodes or other slightly mild symptoms, such as muscle pain, fatigue, headache, fever, sore throat or rash.Few people have severe symptoms.

Can I be screened with toxoplasma antibodies?

The American Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) is not recommended for pregnant women with routine screening of toxoplasma antibodies, unless HIV is positive or highly suspicious infection.

You can discuss with your doctor, and then make a decision after the overall advantages and disadvantages.If you find that your gland is enlarged or suspects that you are infected, please inform the people around you in time.

If you suspect that you are infected with Toxoplasma, you need to go to the hospital for a blood test test, check the "Tox-Igm/IgG" of "Gow-shaped antibody quantitative TOX-Igm/IgG", and review it after 2-3 weeks to ensure the accuracy of the initial result and use it to use it with the initial result and use it to use it with the initial results and use it to use it with the initial results and use it to use it with the accuracy of the initial result and use it to use it with the accuracy of the initial results.This is inferred to your infection time.

What if I get infection of Toxoplasma?

If the blood test of the pregnant mother is positive, the doctor will start using antibiotics to reduce the risk of transmitting to your baby.

Because not all pregnant mothers who are infected with Toxoplasma will transmit the virus to the baby, you may need to perform amniocentesis to detect whether the baby is infected.EssenceIn addition, there is a series of ultrasound monitoring throughout the entire pregnancy test to track whether the fetus is abnormal.

What are the harms of Toxoplasma disease to the baby?

The harm of pregnant mothers infection of Toxoplasma disease can be light or heavy to the baby. In severe cases, they can cause abortion, death or birth to death shortly after birth.

If the results of the amniocentesis of pregnant mothers have shown that the baby has been infected or the ultrasound finds that the baby’s structure is abnormal, then you may be referred to a specialist. You can discuss your baby with your obstetrician or genetic consultant.The risk of infection, then choose to actively end pregnancy or look forward to observation according to the age of the fetus.

If you choose to continue pregnancy, the doctor will start to give antibiotics after three months of pregnancy to reduce the risk of the baby’s infection.

Congenital Toxoplasma disease can affect the baby’s brain, causing the baby to have problems such as mental disorders, slow exercise development, cerebral palsy or epilepsy; it may also affect other organs, the most common of which cause vision damage and even blindness.

If the baby is infected with a bowworm, what symptoms will be when they are born?

In general, babies infected with Toxoplasma may have the following symptoms at birth: including hepatoblasty, jaundice, spleen mysteria, decreased platelet count, rash, heart or lung infection, and lymphadenopathy.However, most babies (especially infected infected in the late pregnancy infection) do not show abnormal symptoms at birth, but only a few months to several years after birth.

If the baby detects the positive of Toxoplasma during birth, even if there is no epigenetic symptoms, it needs to receive one -year antibiotic treatment.At the same time, special hearing screening, vision examination, EEG, and Cat scanning of the brain need to be received.Studies have shown that although the treatment after birth may not reverse all damage that has occurred before birth, it can greatly reduce the risk of new problems in the baby’s period and later.


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