I am pregnant, do you have acne on your face?

Recently, I found that Xiaobian’s nose and nose have grown a few fats and acne around the nose, and it has been still there for a long time.Today, I finally couldn’t help squeezing the oil on the tip of my nose. I looked at the mirror and found that there was a hole in my nose.

PS: It is because the oil is squeezed out, and then a small hole stays on my nose, blue thin shiitake mushrooms ~ My face that is not satisfied with my face is pothing and potholes ~ I am pregnant, some skin before pregnancy, some skin before pregnancy, some of the skin are very good.A good mother found that she started to have acne on her face. This was because the body hormone changed after pregnancy, which caused small acne on the face.In fact, after women are pregnant with children, estrogen will inevitably increase, and sebaceous gland secretion will increase. Therefore, some women are prone to acne. This is a normal physiological phenomenon, so there is no need to panic.

In addition to some mothers who have acne during pregnancy, the female compatriots who may have acne after giving birth or children before giving birth. Whenever I stay up late or my aunt will come out in the early stage, I always want toI do n’t understand: Why did I have never had acne when I was a student before, and now as long as I do n’t pay attention to diet, sleep, or other factors, my friends will always answer with me saying: Old!As soon as you come here, Xiaohua Mommy has blue thin shiitake mushrooms ~

Every time I couldn’t help but squeeze, I found a pit after squeezing. Later, someone told me that it was incorrect.Does the mothers know how to deal with acne correctly?Who knows what is crowded in acne?

The following editor will introduce what we usually squeeze out!If the white thing squeezed out in the acne is very long and thin, and it is a bar, it is acne emboltic, and acne emblouts are mainly composed of dandruff, sebum, etc.In addition, some acne is not solid, but white liquid, which is a sebaceous gland secretion, which belongs to fatty acids.If it is a pale yellow solid, it is fat.At this point of view, Xiaobian not only has acne, but also oil. What effective solutions to pregnant mothers can leave a message to Xiaohua!Hurry up and throw me the big skin tricks!I also want to go back to the previous skin and become a member of the hot mom family!

There are many reasons for acne, such as insufficient sleep and too irritating to eat may cause acne. These need to be slowly conditioned for a long time. There are also some people who have long -term large -faced acne.Is an endocrine or hormone problem. This situation needs to be seen.The improvement of the above reasons is more troublesome, and the cycle is long, but if you are acne that does not grow in time due to excessive oil secretion, you can relieve it through various methods.Acne girls should be changed frequently!

[Can acne be squeezed?.

Under normal circumstances, the smaller and familiar acne can be squeezed.This kind of acne is gone, and there is no trace.Don’t die if you are not familiar. If the acne is determined, as long as you press the acne gently to the acne, the pus and blood in the acne will be discharged.If you squeeze for a long time, it means that this is pustules. At this time, you need to use the disinfected acne needle and gently press it on your acne and then squeeze.Remember the two words in the whole process, gentle!Otherwise, there will be acne marks on the face.

[How to clean the acne muscle]

If the acne you squeezed out is fat, and you usually have lucky skin, you must pay attention to the cleaning of the skin, but do not use the facial cleanser with strong soap -based alkali. Although you feel that your face is cleaned, it has been like this for a long time.Cleaning will cause damage to the stratum corneum. Choose the facial cleanser of hydrating oil control, wash your face carefully, clean up the fat and dirt on the face, and the technique should be gentle. The skin of acne is more fragile.Xiaobian is a mixed skin. Because of the skin skin, it is not expected that the facial cleanser will also affect it. Everyone must also choose the facial cleanser that suits your skin!

[Can acne muscle be used to use a mask?.

Acne muscles can use mask, you can use a cleaning mask and hydrating mask. Try not to use nourishing type, because nourishing type masks are rich in nutrients, which will provide nutrients in the bacteria in the acne. Your face will be your face.It will become a bacterial culture medium.However, Xiaobian reminds everyone that when applying a sliced mask, do not exceed 20 minutes, and the mask is not clearly exempted from washing. After applying the mask, be sure to wash your face!I am a negative textbook, applying to tear off, or I feel that the mask paper is still very moist and I always want to apply it for a while. As a result, I feel that it does not have a great effect every time I apply it.No, these two days of the editor has stained a box of hydrating and moisturizing masks suitable for acne muscles. I dare not use moisturizing type, because I am afraid of providing too much nutrition for acne oil.

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