I am pregnant in the rural mother -in -law to take care of me. My mother -in -law puts peppers in the chicken soup. I send a circle of friends with my mobile phone.

My husband and I bought a house in the city as soon as I got married. Of course, the money of buying a house was from my mother’s family, because my husband was in the countryside, but my parents did not agree with this family.Together, my parents couldn’t help but agreed.I am the only daughter at home. My parents do not want me to follow my husband to suffer, so I bought me a house for me, so that my husband and I had at least there was a place to live after marriage.

To be honest, I am also a family who is a little disgusted with my husband in my heart. After all, I grew up in the city since I was a child.I have some disgusted mother -in -law, because I always feel the taste of a chicken and duck on my mother -in -law.Fortunately, we will not live with my mother -in -law after marriage, otherwise I will really collapse. Although my husband and I live in the city, my husband often goes back to visit his in -laws.

But every time my husband goes back by himself, I at most buy something for my husband to take it back, because I really can’t stand the taste of chickens and ducks in that house. I didn’t go back to visit my in -laws.What I said, I really think that my in -laws can be opened. After all, many mother -in -law around me likes to say that my daughter -in -law is not good.I became pregnant for half a year after marriage, and I am not the kind of coquettish person. I also insisted on going to work after pregnancy.

But my husband hurts me. After all, we used to be two of us, so I was very casual in this aspect. Sometimes I ate outside after get off work. Otherwise, I should eat instant noodles., I ca n’t be as casual as before, everything must be considered for the small life in my stomach, but I do n’t work with my husband and my husband, so my husband took the mother -in -law in the countryside to take care of me.I said that my mother -in -law came to take care of me, and I was a little unhappy, because I was worried about the taste of the chicken and duck on my mother -in -law.

But I ca n’t say this on the bright side. After all, this will make my mother -in -law and husband sad. In this way, I am pregnant, and my mother -in -law takes care of me from the countryside.When my mother -in -law came, I saw that she was wearing a new clothes, and her mother -in -law didn’t have the taste of the chicken and duck, so I let my mother -in -law live with it.And her mother -in -law also brought a few native chickens from her home. My mother -in -law said that she was raised by himself. It was much more nutritious than selling in the market, but I couldn’t drink the chicken soup that my mother -in -law gave me.

Because it was too oily, and now I am very pregnant, so my appetite was not as good as before. My mother -in -law couldn’t eat anything. Even if I ate it, I vomited it for a while.This day is the weekend I don’t need to go to work, so I am going to sleep. I wake up at noon. When I came, I saw my mother -in -law stewed chicken soup in the kitchen, and I also saw that my mother -in -law put pepper into the chicken soup.Poly -spicy pickled pepper.

I know that people who are pregnant cannot eat chili. They say that when the pepper is eaten too much, the baby will not be born with the skin, so I will stop my mother -in -law in the past, but my mother -in -law said, silly boy, you have only three months now, you are only three months old.Children have not been formed yet. What does it matter if you eat or not to eat chili? Didn’t I always see you ca n’t eat it?So I just want to add some peppers to this soup. You can have a little appetite. You ca n’t always drag your body for our family.

After listening to my mother -in -law’s words, my eyes were involuntarily red. I heard that my mother -in -law was the most difficult to get along, but I couldn’t think of this mother -in -law I met but thought for me.Then I picked up my mobile phone and sent a circle of friends. I said that not all the mother -in -law and daughter -in -law were difficult to get along. In the future, I have two mothers love me. It feels so happy!After sending the circle of friends, I also drank a little spicy chicken soup that my mother -in -law gave me. As my mother -in -law said, it would have an appetite!My mother -in -law can eat what I can eat, so I smiled happily


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